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  1. I imagined the feeling I would have to be debt free and the choice was clear, thanks for the feedback.
  2. Everything on the logical side of my brain tells me not to pay my credit card bill and to go ahead and default. I'm ready for what the reset will bring (ready cash, crypto bags full, plenty of silver, preps ready), but I still have to deal with the world on this side. I can feel that it is near, but not sure whether my silver or XRP will pop in time for me to use the inflated assets to pay off the debt. Is anyone else dealing with this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks CG! Ahoy! Added 0 minutes later... Thank you!
  4. Thank you TRP, I appreciate you! Awesome job with this site!
  5. Silver should be on parity with gold (or better). This beach ball has been held underwater for 150 years, let's let er rip. See what happens...
  6. Hey everybody, I just wanted to thank you for a warm welcome and a great resource! I've been stacking silver since 2011, got into cryptos in 2018 (bags are full), and just started stacking silver again in earnest. I've doubled my modest stack over the past two weeks and I've been looking for deals that will get me as much near or below spot price as possible. My preference are the 10oz bars, for their combination of liquidity, stacking space required, and because i like bricks of shiny stuff. I love Chris Duane designs (great for flipping) and I understand (disappointed) tha
  7. I think probably 3% in the Southeastern Texas area, if the broad range of people I know are used as an example. I have several friends who stack, but we're a bunch of weirdos, so there's that.
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