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  1. Archie

    Help please!

    WOW! I will take a very close look now, thankyou very much for your time in researching this im humbled Thanks
  2. ❤️show abit off LOVE people 💘 yeap I may be cheeky 😝 so may one take the opportunity to SHOUT all across the globe Hit my follow button Pleeeessssseeeee 😁😁😁
  3. Archie

    Help please!

    yes its nice but so is the price and im nervous about this deal but am getting a feeling that ive landed onto something good just wished one had more experience within this field
  4. Archie

    Help please!

    Thankyou very much @sixgun that is a huge help this piece is a large salver 6.2kg im still sat on the fence whether or not to do this deal as normally I do coins, just finding it so difficult to trace the maker im told he was a good one, looking at all the dates and makers has absolutely overwhelmed me in which I have found very interesting. Again @sixgun very much appreciated for your advice. kind Regards Archie …...
  5. Archie

    Help please!

    Can anyone identify these markings I only normally buy coins however I have the chance to buy a item with these markings, would much appreciate if anybody could recognise or have a look as I trying still but so many different dates and makers? "think maybe stick to the coins" I would be so greatful for any advice Thanks Chaps Archie …..
  6. Archie

    1oz coins

    does anyone actually sell anything on here cause it seems to me that people want things for free? any sensible questions will be answered I do not have time for silly offers . you guys all know you don't get 10oz for the likes
  7. Archie

    1oz coins

    opps my bad !!! I shall add photos …. sorry chaps
  8. Archie

    1oz coins

    I have 100s of these if anybody wants to do a little deal?
  9. Hi to all my name is Archie Thanks to Chris for accepting me on here . I look forward to any swaps or other deals on any silver mainly coins and fine old art deco silver I still don't know how this site works or where this msg is going
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