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  1. I wasn't expecting it so soon either! I haven't been online for a couple of days and already been chosen. @JamesdI will drop you a PM tomorrow evening 😊
  2. I've ordered one. I'd be happy to share the contents when it arrives
  3. What a fantastic collection. I've got a lot of love for pandas.
  4. It was on one of the Facebook groups, though it may have also been on here. I think another guy advertised one around the same time aswell.
  5. I wouldn't worry about using silver as a stepping stone to gold. You needn't have experience in one to get the other. Gold can be bought in 1g bars so cheap enough (although higher premiums at this level). Otherwise look at 1/10th Brits, which fit with the budget you suggested earlier. Sovereigns are also a god bet, but a little more money. Much closer to spot price though. For Β£200, a 1/10 gold britannia and a couple of 1oz silver brits would give you a nice start
  6. Quite an old thread so I wonder if the OP bought any πŸ€” I like fractional coins and have a number of 1/10th oz, but also have a Gairsoppa 1/4 and a 2021 1/4. All of which cost too much but I enjoy collecting them.
  7. Thanks.. Yeah, many pour in to a mould and maybe a quick clean up afterwards or an hour in a tumbler
  8. You can get a very nice finish on poured silver. It all depends on who's making it and what they want it to look like. Here's a couple of poured pieces I've done. The bar is a bit under 1ozt. The heart shows it through the sanding stages.
  9. Picked up a couple of bars this week. For those who don't know, 1 grain is less than 0.065g, so these really are tiny. Certainly not a cost effective way of stacking though
  10. My first libertads. They've quickly become one of my favourite coin designs.
  11. You posting this resulted in me buying 3 clip on macro lens from Currys. 1 for myself and another 2 for gifts. What a great little thing. Here's a quick pic of one of my smaller coins.
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