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  1. That's a big step, I've been daydreaming of doing the same. Would actually love a chat one day if you'd be willing All the best!
  2. Ah, you don't see the problem with that though. If I check my ball and post up the future spot price, it would stir too much of a frenzy. Wouldn't want to be seen as inciting a silver raid!
  3. I'm going with spot price. Is that a good enough answer, or shall I get my crystal ball out?
  4. A reverse image search doesn't bring up a match, not even to the image you've posted 🤔
  5. 15x karatpay 0.1g Selling as one lot initially £125 posted SD
  6. Just thought I'd check if anyone had any 5g gold Pamp year of the tiger bars before I buy online
  7. A very interesting and informative thread. It does open one's eyes to the fact that one of these coins could easily slip through the net for most people. Definitely made me check images of my own 1957 coin. Can barely make out the serrations on mine, picture quality aside
  8. Came in the Chards mystery box, and been for sale since January. Just wanted to get it moved now.
  9. Sorry, sold earlier today.
  10. There are many more experienced members here to give you advice but I'll throw my two pence in. I'm relatively new to precious metals and I initially started out with a view to buying more silver. This was due to thinking there's more potential for a rise in value. I have since changed my view on things and feel gold is a much better proposition, both short and long term. This is mostly down to the VAT we pay on silver, although premiums are much higher too. Don't get me wrong, I love silver and will continue to buy the odd bit, but I'd rather spend £50(ish) on a gram of gold than 2oz of silver. Having said that, my recent purchases of silver have been silver shot because I do a bit of pouring. 20oz of silver is a great start, but if it were my money, the next 80oz you want to reach your target would be going on 5 or 6 sovs instead. This is despite me not particularly liking the colour of sovereigns, however, for the reasons mentioned previously, they're the best bet. I've tried (and still am) selling a number of odd coins and can have real difficulty doing so.
  11. Still for sale! SOLD Public Libraries £40 for the Snowman
  12. It will only get worse once you get your hands on a brit or similar 9999 gold. Try a 1/2oz next month
  13. Although Mr Chard himself has already answered, he also featured in a recent video with Backyard Bullion discussing the very same topic. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it
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