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  1. You posting this resulted in me buying 3 clip on macro lens from Currys. 1 for myself and another 2 for gifts. What a great little thing. Here's a quick pic of one of my smaller coins.
  2. Picked up from Chards this afternoon. Managed to buy at last week's low which saved me about £4 on today's price 😂
  3. Received my Christmas prize draw coin from @Fadeingstar... Thanks! It's a really nice coin in the metal.
  4. Are there any small gold coins for sale? 0.5g 1g 1/20th
  5. Iacabu

    completed (By Platinum Member) Nevada and Utah Goldbacks

    Please can I order 5?
  6. Received today, quick delivery and well packaged. Thank you @arphethean
  7. I'm in. I can contribute £20 via Paypal plus a silver proof £1 coin.
  8. Hi everyone Joined here a couple of months ago after being introduced by my brother @Ainsgb I'm new to precious metals with a few recent purchases, but over the last few years I've been building a small collection of mainly circulated British coins, a few BUC and some foreign coins. I remember always looking at the small gold bars on the Royal Mint website but never thinking too seriously about them. A real shame in hindsight! I'm now planning to thin my collection by clearing out the duplicate coins and then invest further into PM. Hopefully in the years to come it'll be
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