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  1. Picked up a couple of bars this week. For those who don't know, 1 grain is less than 0.065g, so these really are tiny. Certainly not a cost effective way of stacking though
  2. Thanks guys. I've managed to get as much as I can for the moment
  3. Looking for fine silver casting grain or milky/toned coins. Whichever I can get most of for around £100
  4. My first libertads. They've quickly become one of my favourite coin designs.
  5. Prices are negotiable
  6. Did these get sold? If not, have you got pics/price
  7. 1oz Ghana Giants of the ice age - Wooly Mammoth - £35 - sold pending payment 1oz 2018 Perth Mint double dragon - SOLD 1oz 2019 Perth Mint dragon and tiger - SOLD All in good condition and come in capsule. (dot on the flaming pearl is reflection of my ceiling light) Delivery at the buyers choice. Bank transfer preferred
  8. Any gold 1/10th Libertads for sale? Will also consider 1/20th and other world coins of similar size.
  9. Happy to do a good deal on multiple coins if interested
  10. Iacabu

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1oz Silver coins 999

    Please could I take these, if both are still available
  11. I've now bought a 1g bar, but will keep this thread open a couple of days in case any smaller ones come up
  12. Any for sale? Happy with loose or carded
  13. Private number plate on retention £750. Open to any offers
  14. 1x 5oz copper buffalo/Indian head £17
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