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  1. A while back I suggested that the Royal mint created a crown series in the same manner in which they have done with the sovereign. I checked on the Royal mint’s website and could not find a crown series. I think as an American, this would be a huge it as it would be a lower cost way to buy from the Royal Mint and start a cool collection. So Royal mint, if you are reading this, please consider the idea seriously.
  2. It just did and now online bullion dealers are freaking out in the US. They are delaying shipping and raising premiums to make up for it and the know people will sucker up and buy silver at any price. I’ll just stick to my banknote collection and three cent nickel collection. Not a stacker anyways.
  3. I know I could buy Sovereigns from bullion websites in the US but if the mint had a crown series where they included the shipping fee for us Americans, I’d go for it. I just be collecting this, I don’t stack silver. Also, I don’t mind if they use a base metal as well.
  4. I wish the royal mint would reintroduce the silver crown in the same way they do the sovereign. I would like to see all the reverse designs, the rocking horse, the gothic, the St. George, and others. This set would be perfect for people who live in the US and can’t afford the sovereigns because of the conversation rate and the shipping fees. I want them to have that soft look just like the classic ones.
  5. That makes it the second world coin for me this month. I just bought a 1970 5 Bhat coin and this 3 Pence from eBay.
  6. I have a friend how likes to collect the Beatrix Potter gift set that come in a gift box with one of Beatrix Potter’s characters on a coin along with a book. I would to know if anyone here knows if the made the gift sets for 2019 and if the mint is planning on doing these sets for 2020. I did not see any 2019 gift sets on tne Royal Mint website so that most likely a no for last years coins.(?)
  7. I didn’t buy it today but I one an 1913-m Sovereign graded MS63 by NGC.
  8. Hey, guys I placed the bid at $330 for the MS63 1913-m sovereign graded by NGC but with the buyer’s fee, it ended up costing three hundred seventy one dollars and twenty five cents USD which is equal to two hundred eighty two pounds and twenty four cents or two hundred eighty one pounds and eighty one cents for the ninety-nine percent on you on the forum from the UK. p.s. The £282.24 and £281.82 I quoted are from two different sites I found, Google, and Yahoo! finance.
  9. I did have to pay a buyer’s fee which made it about $371 USD. So, not a good dealer, but I won it.
  10. So, I won an auction on great collections today for a 1913-m sovereign greater MS63 by NGC and paid about $330 for it. Did I get a good deal and it a key date for the sovereign series? I’m really curious about the different sovereigns and their mints which produced them.
  11. Why are there no Americans in the post here?
  12. How cheap are we talking? I collect three cent nickels and I need to collect the proofs to get a couple extra coins for the series that aren’t in the business strike coins.
  13. How interesting. Would like to see some pictures when it comes out.
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