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  1. 😩😆 Of course. My bad
  2. Yeah they do. I thought 2021 was the 1st but i noticed that there’s also a 2020 version. I think they have sneakily added this as I don’t remember this launching https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/gold-coins/royal-arms-2020-1oz-gold-coin/
  3. The bullion versions won't be released until early 2022 ☹️☹️☹️
  4. Finally got one of these. Found it in the Harmers Auction yesterday. A gold proof coin created by the Royal Mint to mark the Ghana being declared a republic. 15000 minted however many have been melted down so not many of them left
  5. Yeah I thought the same thing when I read the copy. Most definitely disinformation however you can look at it from a different perspective. The 1989 and 2017 special reverses were significant sovereign design milestones. The 2002, 2012, 2016 and now the 2022 were/are significant QE2 milestones, the 1st being her golden jubilee. On this logic, I don’t see any of us living long enough to see a monarch reach their golden jubilee no matter how old you are and I don’t think there are any significant sovereign milestones anytime soon. We could see a baron spell in special reverse designs post 2022 and it could be the last any of us see (this of course excludes privys, strikes of the day, strikes of the month, strikes of the week etc 😅). I think the significance of QE2 sovereigns won’t be truly realised until many years into the future. Not many monarchs reign for 50th years let alone 70. Of course, this is of the assumption that our friends at the RM don’t decide some hocus pocus tomfoolery “1st year of King Charles reign special reverse sovereign” rubbish 🙄
  6. Hi Davros. Thank you for your comment. To clarify, I accepted your offer yesterday however I did not hear from you. Your message above is the 1st communication I have had from you since. Didn't want to miss out on a sale due to a non responsive buyer. I did send you a private message to let you know. I'm not sure if there is an official length of time a seller has to wait before they can move onto another deal but if there is then I apologise
  7. Hi all, As the title suggests I have a beautiful 5oz 2021 Silver Libertad for sale. Haven’t seen any around in the UK. £170 + P&P AOOG Thanks for looking
  8. Hi All, As the title suggests I have the 10oz Queens Beast Griffin and 1st year of issue 2018 Valiant coins for sale. Scratches seen are on the capsule not the coins: Griffin: £385 + P&P SOLD Valiant: £305+ P&P AOOG Thanks for looking
  9. I opened a SIPP with Vanguard instead. The annual fees are low and I can control the fund(s) the money go into. The slight ball ache is SIPPs only give you 20% tax relief so if you are a 40% tax payer you have to claim the addition 20% from your self assessment which they transfer into your account
  10. Picked this up on the forum a while back and had it graded. I know there has been a lot of scepticism about the 323 mintage number that was published in the latest Marsh Gold Sovereign book but whether its 323 or 650 its still one of the lowest sovereign mintages ever. Now managed to collect the most significant SOTD coins (in my humble opinion). Next years one could also be a good one with the special reverse
  11. Lovely images. What are you using to take them?
  12. Yeah its a lovely series. I say all good things must come to an end especially coin series. The 2018 Oriental was one of the toughest to find together with the 2017 trident privy and 2001 Britannia and the Lion
  13. This is more a @SilverMike appreciation post than anything. Massive shout out for your help in getting this one into my long term collection and getting it graded in a P(er)F(ect)70. Such a great coin
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