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  1. They could do a 22k sovereign where the added metal is platinum instead of silver and copper (if that’s even possible). Similar concept to the Ansell sovereign
  2. Picked up the 1/4oz gold. Couldn’t resist 🙈😩😊
  3. It's important to distinguish the differences between bullion, BU (brilliant Uncirculated) and Proof. Bullion and BU are often used interchangeably and therefore assumed that they are the same thing which isn't the case, the number of strikes, creation of the dies, the time taken on the full process is very different: Bullion - 1 strike and machine finished. NGC grading designation MS BU (brilliant Uncirculated) - 2 strikes and hand finished. NGC grading designation MS and usually followed by an additional description to differentiate from bullion coins eg MATTE or DPL (deep proof like) Proof - 6 strikes and hand finished. NGC designation PF Here's a link on the Royal Mint's site that summaries the differences in a little more detail than above: https://www.royalmint.com/discover/coin-collecting/striking-standards/ Here's a video produced by the Royal Mint that goes deeper into the differences in the creation process between the 3. Only 5 minutes long and very informative: /
  4. Just got home to this😊. My 1st platinum coin. Surprised there hasn’t been many more platinum metal coins in a platinum jubilee year. Maybe there are more coming but didn’t want to take the chance
  5. Been looking for this one for a while. 2000 were minted by the Royal Mint however most have been melted down. Top pop and a pretty high grade considering it’s a coin from 1965. Weirdly its not reflected in the NGC census. Will drop them an email. Would love to find a raw one in its original case but I doubt many (if any) still exist
  6. Received my 2022 full sovereign from the Royal Mint complete with a foam piece to secure it so it didn't fall out the capsule. I must say it done the trick!
  7. 1985 full sov in PF70 with the obverse facing up. 1st year the Maklouf portrait made an appearance. Waiting for 1 more to come back from grading and I’ll have the complete set of QE2 portraits
  8. Hi All, Rarely available 2017 Pistrucci 200th Anniversary Piedfort Sovereign in PF70 grade £1600 including P&P within the UK Thanks for looking 😊
  9. Nah. There's only a subscription for the Tudor Beasts because they know they'll struggle to sell them. I'm sure they'll have no such problems with these
  10. So these arrived today, the 2012 5 coin set all PF70 grade. Never really thought I’d be interested in full sets until I got the 2022 but now I think I’ve got the bug! The 5 coin is most definitely a sight to behold. This is most definitely a long term hold. Would love to get an original box just to have with it. Would also love to get a full set in the 2016 sovereign as well
  11. Thanks. There's not much on it at all. I believe they are medals which were primarily created to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the National Redemption Council which was the military government in place at the time. Like stamps, coins were also used to communicate to the population so they used the opportunity to bring awareness around the initiative Operation Feed Yourself in which its aim was to encourage growth in agriculture across the various regions. I only discovered they existed on this website here which has acted as a guide for the coins I should be on the look out for (from 1958 - 1977 only) and is the only coin that hasn't got mintage figures. Not sure how the coins were distributed but there is was a standard copper nickel one produced (still quite rare, there was one on eBay in America but they wouldn't send it to the UK and its sold now ☹️) so I assume that the gold and silver ones were given high profile dignitaries or something. Yeah, I've seen that site you sent and you could be right, the gold is most definitely the same one! The silver one isn't but looking at the markings I think I've actually found it here. Do you collect these types of coins?
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