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  1. Nice choices. What would you class as a high grade 1855 and 1859?
  2. The seated Britannia didn't come in bullion, only proof
  3. Ying and yang. Been lucky with the results lately, getting P(er)F(ect)70’s most of the time. Not sure which one I like best
  4. Funny story. Came home late last night and was dying for a wizz. Run in my bathroom to find this absolute beauty on the seat. The postman decided to chuck it through the window 🙄. Lucky the seat wasn’t up 😂
  5. Chuffed with these! Got a few silvers in PF70 (wanted to make sure I got at least 1 ☺️) so I’ll probably post them for sale soon
  6. Nope. The person I spoke to said they are making an effort to not hold funds of coins that are not in the customers hand. But he could've been talking complete rubbish, wouldn't be the 1st time
  7. Give them a call. I had mine refunded on Monday but I haven't actually received mine yet. Gave them a call and they said the payment will come back out when it arrives
  8. Massive shout out to @Clockpuncher for this one. The 1997 1/4oz gold Britannia. That now concludes my collection of the 5 Philip Nathan Britannia designs. Was inspired by a comment by @Roy a while back to collect these. Lovely crenellated border design which brings them together as a collection
  9. So nice I had to buy it twice! Grabbed another one of these bad boys on the dip 😊
  10. Love these. Been looking for them but just want a couple. These and the 2020 Russian St George 😍
  11. Thanks. I was sceptical of the additional line on some I’ve seen as well lol. I passed on a few because it was too ambitious. Lets just say I won’t be buying any PMs for a while unless I’m selling to buy 😩
  12. Jewel in the crown, the 1859 Ansell. Those who have heard the story know that its a pretty hard coin to get hold of and in good condition. Been after one of these for a long time (thank you @CadmiumGreen for the inspiration), finally picked one up. Lovely coin, centrepiece of my collection. It has a relatively old NGC label so will send it off to get it conserved and regraded as I think it could achieve a grade a little higher
  13. Took a while to arrive but upped my bullion stack and bought the dip 😊
  14. Took a while but received my crossed graded 1937 George VI sovereign, chuffed with the grade. Another step closer to completing one of my collection runs
  15. Received this little beauty back from grading in the post today. Torn between this and the completer as the best design but out of the original 10 this is most definitely my favourite. Goes nicely with the others in the collection 🙃
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