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  1. Hi All, As the title suggests I have the 1957 full sovereign for sale, supplied in a saflip £365 + P&P Thanks for looking 😊 Nana
  2. Hi All, As the title suggests I have the 2001 gold 1/4 bullion Britannia for sale, provided in a flip. Rarely see these around, one of the best Britannia designs. Begrudgingly letting this one go £400 + P&P Thanks for looking 😊 Nana
  3. Hi All, As the title suggests I have the 2002 and 2005 full sovereigns in card for sale £380 + P&P each SOLD Thanks for looking 😊 Nana
  4. Thanks. On your question, the limited edition number is normally the amount in that presentation box. The the maximum mintage number is there to cover other ways they could sell or gift additional coins should they choose. Some will probably be used in the Trial of the Pyx, the Royal Mint may have some graded by NGC and sell those at a premium, they could sell them in a frame and print like they have in the past, in a card with stamps, various ways https://www.royalmint.com/britannia/britannia-frames/
  5. Received this a couple of weeks ago but thought I’d hold it back for Jubilee weekend. The 2oz Gold Queens Beast Completer in PF70. A mintage of only 100. What. A. Coin!!! The longest reigning monarch surrounded and protected by the countries beasts. I don’t think there is a better original modern coin design that has been produced by the Royal Mint during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. For me it sits alongside the Una and the Lion, Three Graces, Rocking Horse Crown and 2014 Britannia as stand out designs. Amongst modern coin engravers Jody Clark has created some designs that will be revered for many years to come. The jewel in the crown for my modern coin collection for sure
  6. This is true, but if I had an auction house and a seller has a genuinely unrealistic price reserve then I wouldn't accept the coin as it will reflect badly on my auction house. You can have a couple that don't reach the reserve price but they have too many
  7. Finally received my set back from NGC. The 2016 James Butler Effigy Five Coin Sovereign Set grade P(er)F(ect)70 with the portrait facing the front. The aesthetics of the portrait divides opinion but with only 525 sets ever made of an effigy that is only used in 2016 on a sovereign of the longest reigning UK monarch, as time goes on it’ll be a sought after set. Definitely a keeper for me
  8. I would say it depends on your motivation: Stacking as an inflation hedge - no unless you pick up a proof coin for bullion price which happens from time to time Collecting purely for pleasure - up to you. Depends on you preference/taste. Buy coins you like Short term flip - depends on the coin. The simple game of supply and demand but a chance you could get burn holding the bag (while everyone wants to maximise profit be mindful of flipping ettiequte) Collecting to hedge/invest/flip long term - few and far between. If you look over the past 30 years the reality is there is a very small percentage of proof coins that have a higher value than their initial price (excluding the ones where the purchase price was below the current spot price), some substantially more. Special reverse sovereigns, most of the special reverse Britannias, a few 50p, crowns, great engravers and a few others have done well but for every successful proof coin there are a load of others that have long been forgotten. Probably better off going for proof coins that have a price history of growth like special reverse sovereigns
  9. Definitely in my top 5. The frosting really pops against the plain fields. Also the only design to feature horses I believe
  10. Amazing haul and great video @BackyardBullion. I don't think we'll quite appreciate or realise how incredible this collection is for a few years. Not until there are a few more series to come out of the Royal Mint and there's a changing of the monarch will we truly understand the beauty and significance of the set. The Royal Mint will find it extremely difficult to top this which will increase the desirability and appreciation for the designs. Jody Clark did an incredible job and I just realised that both the obverse and reverse are designed by him, not sure how many other coins just have one designer let alone a whole series. But for me the completer is outstanding, up there with the best designs to ever come out of the Royal Mint modern or historical. Time will tell but I think it will be revered alongside designs like the Una and the Lion, three graces, 1935 rocking horse crown, 1817 sovereign and the original Britannia to name a few
  11. Yep, lucky enough to own the 2014 Brit. Also have the 97, 01, and 03 Brits. Just need the 05 now
  12. These 2 gems arrived this morning. Nice way to start off the day 😊
  13. WHAT??!! Get the pitchforks out 🤪 I'm most definitely with you regarding the Philip Nathan designs. They are my personal favourites, love them. In regards to the 2014 Britannia I definitely can appreciate its beauty and understand why its so loved. 1st and foremost the 999 gold gives it an edge over the Philip Nathan designs. The elegance of her pose together with the oversized helmet makes her look like a strong warrior while retaining her femininity. A lot of other Britannia designs have got this balance wrong with either too much masculinity or not fighting characteristics at all, especially the recent ones. The level of detail in the dress, the lions mane and the way you can see her figure through her outfit is pretty impressive. As for the inflated derriere, I guess it depends what you're into 😆. While the mintage numbers are low and adds to the desirability there are other Brits of a similar or lower mintage which haven't received the same level of love. One thing's for sure, both Philip Nathan and Jody Clark are top artists, they'll be revered as the great engravers of modern times in years to come
  14. Depends on your time horizons but long term if you have any of these coins you're laughing. In years to come they will be seen as the early 2oz gold coins and Special Reverse sovereigns. The 2014 Britannia and Completer are Jody Clark's greatest creations and original designs, not remasters from the past, they will stand the test of time. I do think though that as time goes on, with more and more grading of new releases and the Royal Mint artificially inflating the number of graded coins in the market the prices of future coins may suffer which will in turn benefit the coins above Yeah the 2oz is the holy grail. Won''t be as many sales as the others but definitely worth tracking to see how it does over time. Similar to the 2014 1oz Britannia
  15. Not as impressive as @SilverMike’s nod to the Platinum Jubilee but mine is one of only 2 proof platinum metal coins released by the Royal Mint celebrating the occasion. Quite surprised there hasn’t been more (yet) in a platinum jubilee year which we won’t see again for a very long time and definitely not within our lifetime. Low mintage and a coin that will be one for the history books in the future, chuffed with the result
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