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  1. Graded Piedfort is back in a P(er)F(ect)70. Now have the the others (1 sov and SOTD 1817). I call them the 3 musketeers!
  2. Looks like its grading results season! Just received my 2005 and 2012 sovereigns to add to the other special reverse/obverse in P(er)F(ect)70s. Waiting for a few more which should hopefully arrive over the next week
  3. When working out the number of ounces I have in my stack I’ve always worked out the number of ounces in a kilo as 35.274. But I realised I maybe should be using troy ounces which is actually 32.150. Can anyone shed any light?
  4. I thought this as well however I think it would need to be for all coinage and not just commemorative/collector coins for it to happen. Can't see the Royal Mint being authorised to put a portrait of the Queen in a veil on coins for the sole purpose of profit making. Then again you never know
  5. Hi All, If anyone is looking to part with a 2016 James Butler Effigy quintuple either raw or grade 70 please give me a shout. Thank you 😊
  6. Couldn’t resist. The only double sovereign in my collection but had to fill the gap. Looks lovely side by side. 1/2s and 1/4s are a little too small for me so will stick with the hand I have ♠️❤️♦️♣️
  7. Lovely coin. Beautiful pic as well 😍
  8. Still after one of these if anyone is looking to part with one 😊
  9. Decided to order these from LPM in Hong Kong to see if it would work out cheaper than from the RM. Any savings I made was eaten up by the processing fee charged my the shipping company Royale 😩. Made sure I experimented with something I wanted to keep long term. In a few years the different bars the RM release for this series will look great together. I popped one in a capsule and will leave the other in the mint packaging
  10. Looks even better in the flesh, lovely depth in the strike
  11. 3rd Royal Mint delivery of the week. Took the plunge. One for the future. They look great side by side. Off to grading they go!
  12. They did this with a few of the mintages. I assume some will show up in things like these: https://www.royalmint.com/britannia/britannia-frames/
  13. Thats what I thought but no. The Royal Mint strikes again 😔
  14. Silver 2 coin 2021 Britannia set, 1 oz standard proof and reverse proof. Nice packaging and presentation. Although there’s a low mintage of 700 in the reverse proof I think I prefer the standard proof. Quite a large mintage of 4680 but nice strike none the less
  15. @trozau is right, the 2009 uses the original Pistrucci dies and was the 1st time the full sovereign was struck without the streamer at the back of the helmet for many years
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