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  1. Love this Britannia design. Will definitely be sought after more and more as time goes on. No bullion Britannia's were minted this year, only proofs and the 1/2 and 1oz were only available in the 4 coin sets
  2. Don’t have much numismatic silver just pieces I like but I thought I’d try my luck with this and achieved a 70! Goes perfectly with the carded version and mask I got from @StBeesSilver 😊
  3. Hi all, As the title suggests I’m after the 2017 1oz Gold 30th Anniversary Trident Privy Britannia. Please shoot me a DM if you’re looking to let go of one to release some funds for 2021 😊 Thanks
  4. Postman woke me up. Couldn’t resist this bargain from Hatton Garden Medals to add to the stack. Great strike for a bullion grade
  5. Loads of goodies today! 2018 Oriental Border Britannia, 2019 version on the way. Just need the 2017 30th anniversary privy and I’ll be up to date!
  6. These just arrived in the post. Thank you @Clockpuncher! Just need the 1997 in PF70 now 😊
  7. Thanks. Would love to get a couple of the 1/10 as raw coins
  8. Heirloom status! Achieved the P(er)F(ect)70 grade. One I will pass onto my kids and stay in the family for sure
  9. Had the 2002 sovereign I picked up from @1stsovereign (thank you) graded and it achieved a P(er)F(ect)70 ☺️
  10. Got this graded and achieved an MS70DPL. One of my favourite in my collection. Definitely one to keep for the long term ☺️
  11. Still looking if anyone has one they would like to sell
  12. Just got my 1st PF69 and the world didn’t end! 😅
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