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  1. Hi All, As the title suggests I have two 2022 Platinum Jubilee Half Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo for sale. £500 each + postage Thanks for looking 😊
  2. Hi All, As the title suggests I have the 2022 Platinum Jubilee Five Sovereign in PF70 Ultra Cameo for sale £5300 including UK Delivery Thanks for looking 😊
  3. Definitely with you on the Gillick, it’s a classic and needs to be truly celebrated on a proof coin. Any specific designs from the £2 or round pound? The Great Engravers is an exclusive club. The bar is high!
  4. Going to add the Mary Gillick's Elizabeth II portrait to this list. Best portrait by far. Might be the best portrait of a monarch. Would be beautiful to celebrate both Mary and the Queen 100 years from now
  5. Hi All, The 2021 2oz silver premium Britannia. Very low mintage for a silver proof at 550 and the 1st 2oz silver Britannia. Comes with the box and COA if wanted. £325 posted each Thanks
  6. Hi all, Lovely Alun 44 coin box. Capsules have foam rings so can fit either 1oz gold or silver coins. £100 posted Thanks
  7. Hi all, My stacking strategy has changed do selling this beautiful Tudor Beast box with 11 slots to house the 10 beasts plus the inevitable completer coin for the set. Comes with the capsules (no coins though 😏) Exactly the price i paid £72 + P&P Thanks
  8. Hi All A few boxes i no longer require: 2022 4 coin sovereign set - £100 + P&P 2021 gold 1oz Queens Beast Griffin £40 + P&P 2017 Piedfort Sovereign - £50 + P&P 2012 Diamond Jubilee sovereign - £50 + P&P 1998 Sovereign - £30 + P&P 1997 1/4oz Britannia - £30 + P&P Thanks
  9. NGC slab boxes. £13 + P&P each or £24 + P&P for the pair SOLD Thanks
  10. Hi all, Air tite tube with 20 H32 capsules. £20 + P&P SOLD Thanks
  11. Happy Sunday, A few 10oz (and one 5oz) bars for sale: Gairsoppa 10oz bar - £300 + P&P SOLD Royal Canadian bar (slight signs of toning) - £260 + P&P SOLD Sunshine Mint bar (slight signs of toning) - £260 + P&P SOLD Britannia bar - (signs of toning around the edges) - £250 + P&P SOLD Una and the Lion bar - £290 + P&P Fortuna bar x 2 (slight signs of toning) - £300 + P&P each 5 oz Fortuna bar (slight signs of toning) - £170 + P&P SOLD Thanks for looking 😊
  12. Hi all, 2020 Karatpay CashGold 0.1g note x 5 £45 + P&P for all 5 Will split at £10 each if no interest this time tomorrow 😊
  13. Hi All, As the title suggests I have the 1957 full sovereign for sale, supplied in a saflip £365 + P&P Thanks for looking 😊 Nana
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