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  1. You beat me to that bar by about 2 mins I reckon. Nice pick up! Handsome looking bar and quite unique... oh and Happy ****ing Birthday 🍻🥳
  2. Keep up the good work... 1/2 ounce maples are akin to rocking horse "terrible"!
  3. offering to polish Lawrences "statue" all in the name of free postage 🤣
  4. A worthy experiment but If the coin isn't dried properly it might actually add some weight dumbfounding Sir Lawerence of Chard once and for all!
  5. I don’t understand what the motive would be unless you are thinking of the PBOC in which case very likely IMO.
  6. When viewed as a settlement layer/system BTC suddenly becomes incredibly cheap. Obviously secondary layers like lightning deliver speed and super low fees. Bitcoin has the best liquidity and is the most secure protocol know to man in the entire history of the Universe. As an individual or fin tech company you can settle a billion per day on chain for just a few quid. think about the implications moving forward.
  7. Sterling Silver, antiqued and sealed size R Sold
  8. Any money in BTC that sees CBDCs as a "safe option" should be already be in fiat. PS CBDCs will be pegged to fiat
  9. Bitcoin is the antithesis of the planned CBDCs. I would suggest you cash out.
  10. Another test you could do is auction them on ebay, if they sell for slightly under spot they are fake.
  11. Fractional Gold eagles sink but also have a denomination on them. So am only 50% confident these are genuine.
  12. think you'll find the correct terminology is axe wound 🤓
  13. Does anyone want a wager? this listing will be gone within 24hrs. 1oz of fine silver (no magnetic)
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