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  1. Welcome to the forum,from a Welshman living in south Denmark and Wales . You will always find great talk and information about everything on precious metals here ,plus some good people and great bargains.
  2. Well done on a tremendous achievement reaching 10k subs .....🤩
  3. Welcome back @5huggy ,missed the minion daftness and your antics 🤗
  4. It was for fun as i can't open the png images ,and you had the koala 1 oz on the same page as the listing for the sovs .😄
  5. They are funny looking sovs ..... 😵
  6. Hi and welcome from Wales/Denmark the best forum for info on all things precious 😄
  7. Hi Pete do you still have the 2000 millennium sovs .for sale.
  8. Thank heaven i hope i never have to sell on Ebay , I really feel for anyone who does and have to put up with so much bad from buyers who are always on the make .This forum is made on trust which is like a warm blanket in the very cold world of me me me . I must be getting old and soft , ahh well🤨
  9. You gotta love those 5huggys go for it and see what the RM says ,it makes for proper good reading 🤗🤗
  10. I've used G.S.Be with euros , sterling , bank wire transfers and credit cards for multiple transactions many times without a problem , just give them a phone call and you will probably find it can be resolved without too much issue.
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