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  1. My daughter turns 16 in a few days. She's mad about the classical world and civilisations and Romans and that sort of thing, and one day, wants to study or get a job related to that. Anyhow, she was telling me all about the vicious life of one Emperor Caracalla who was known as Rome's ugliest Emperor and who, by all accounts lead a pretty brutal, miserable life, ( I had to google him!) and who, after murdering his mother and brother, was assassinated by a centurion. She found this story hilarious for some reason.... So I was blown away when I managed to find this little beauty. I keep look
  2. Joining the crowd and getting hold of a new Greyhound. Say what you like about the QB range, they are really VERY satisfying coins to own. The detailing of the minting and the chunky 2oz thickness make this a thing of joy! Thanks to @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer. I do need to get myself a "feeler" QB just to keep in my pocket....
  3. So... does the artist stare down a microscope and tap tiny little chisels with a mallet (mason/sculptor style) to create an inverted version of their image??
  4. Really beautiful photos! The super macro shots really show off the detailed craftsmanship. I can't imagine how they sculpt the dies for these coins. Amazing... Thanks for posting.
  5. That’s worrying! Did you Work out they were fake just by weighing them because I’d like to check mine.
  6. I was just having a look around for somewhere to buy white cotton gloves when I chanced on this article which I thought might be interesting for those who have to take great care when handling their tarnishable or delicate PM's or numismatics. It makes a very strong case for dumping the white gloves and turning to Nitrile disposable gloves instead. Hope it's useful. click here for link.
  7. Chuffed to bits. Cant stop looking at this beautiful coin and seeing how the light plays on the surface. Just a lovely day to collect silver just for the hell of it. Many thanks @PapaLazarou for such a totally perfect specimen.
  8. I have pretty large hands and wondered if anyone on TSF sold white gloves that would fit. I'd rather trade here than with someone random on the interweb. (only after one pair though so not exactly a massive purchase) Many thanks
  9. I’ve been reading this topic with a mixture of awe, wonder and confusion. I’m not a banker or economist but I’m really interested in @vand ‘s comments. Is it a realistic proposition for a non-finance trained person, like me, to learn some recognised and/or sensible trading strategies and with time and patience and strategic discipline, manage a steady, incremental growth.... or would it be like sitting a 12 year old at the roulette table and asking him/her to play the odds? I get the sense that if I were in the USA, the answer would be yes as I’ve heard many more people actively engage in th
  10. ... well, possibly a couple of thousand dollars worth, yes... that’s true. But what about the rest of the $1,999,999,998,000?
  11. They don’t look too good internationally anyway! Can someone who understands global economic’s explain what would happen if these coins were minted? Surely that would have some sort of impact on the whole world if you suddenly created $2 trillion from thin air! Thats a million million, dammit! A pretty large number!
  12. Is this right.??: Pt spot now = 3kg= £63,654. If you bought @ 96% and flipped @ spot you’d make £2½ k just by selling it on!... let alone if you asked for a few % above spot, which would still be a bargain for any buyer 2 phrases spring to mind... Nice work if you can get it... and money makes money!! Anyone fancy a group purchase!
  13. WOW! No worries!! How the hell did they MINT and not pour that They must have a metal press the size of a house!!! Thanks for taking the time to post. Really great pics!👍🏼
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