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  1. Make sure you reply. I'll be the one sending it! LOL
  2. Interesting about the wiki leaks. Do you have a link to the wiki leaks page which confirms what you are saying? I know in retrospect that, as you said. They didn't want citizens to hoarde gold.
  3. Beautifully written. I presume many who read this, were quietly thinking the same. Ok so the consensus is that silver will not rise. Now let's transition this topic into. Will the price of palladium and or platinum rise ?
  4. What's LPM? Also I heard they were releasing a 2oz silver and maybe a 10 oz too? Do you know anything about these?
  5. Hi, So it is hard to get away from all the noise around speculation that silver will hit the moon. Every Youtube video, guru or investment company are shouting from the roof tops, that now is the time to invest in Silver. I have always bought pieces of silver that I like. I have never bought in expectation that silver will make me rich. Or that it will suddenly explode x200 in price. My analysis is thus: 1. All the people who say silver prices will increase, have bought lots of silver and therefore have the most to gain. The likes of Robert Kiyasaki, who openly admits to
  6. Happened to me too once. Bullion by post had some and I took to long to decide. Now as soon as it comes up I just snap 1 at least.
  7. Are these limited mintage?
  8. Ok cool. Thanks for the reply and explanation. I wish I had bought more than one now:(
  9. Hi I couldn't find it. But following on from your chat above, when you mentioned the premiums going up. I naturally assumed there would be, or how else would the premium rise?
  10. Oh ok. Are the RM slowly starting to make more then? Or will they stop at the stated mintage levels they quoted?
  11. Me too. Sold out in a few hours. Should have bought more than 1 Do you guys think the ones Atkinsons had today were previous stock that they slowly released? Or do you think the Mint are slowly producing more ? Interested to know why you think these will fetch a premium soon! @MJCOIN @GoldDiggerDave @Midasfrog
  12. Hi I am wanting to buy some 10oz silver bars. Any of the following: 1. Una and the lion 2. Australian dragon 3. Britannia 4. Any exotic or funky design 10oz bars. Happy to consider any 10x 1oz bars Many thanks BYK
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