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  1. 20% I can live with however I was working out the premium on this Aztec 5 pounds round and I'm paying more in premium than the silver value. I was under the impression a lot of these dealers imported without paying vat. For example atkinsons and chards are normally cheaper than the Royal mint. And even sellers on this forum sell there silver cheaper than those dealers?
  2. I thought you could get away with the vat because its imported. Is it luck of the draw or do customs always know its silver because of the sender ? I've seen the 5oz advertised on here I might bite the bullet and just buy one. But at £180 incl vat It's basically double spot price.
  3. Hahah you tryna up sale lol I'm interested in the 5oz round. 1/10th will be so small you can't appreciate the artwork. Did you import yours ? Or buy from an importer?
  4. I know its not a proof. But would you say its a collectible and may go up in value ?
  5. Does anyone know how many : The Aztec Calendar 5oz Silver Round were minted or made? Or is it a continuing line? Thanks
  6. One bit of advice I have. Accumulate over a long time. Meaning spread your buying throughout the year and over multiple years. That way if the price drops or rises you won't have bought everything at the right or wrong time. But over time your price per ounce/gram will even out meaning you can sell at lower prices.
  7. Diversify. Allocate equal amounts to Tracker funds etfs or shares Physical gold and silver Property That way you are covered. The first two you can buy with little cash or savings. Property you may have to save longer. So it will take time. However all 3 give you the best strategy to come out on top in the future. Plus I think buying physical gold and silver has more of an allure because its cool to say I have "physical gold or silver" compared to I have stocks or Property. So most people don't really care if it doesn't make money. Backing up your point that it just holds wealth. But I also agree with @sixgun if you buy at the right time it can generate a nice profit. But minus the storage fees and factor in how much you have (economies of scale) and your probably just breaking even. Confirmation bias and all that I suppose to some degree.
  8. Make sure you reply. I'll be the one sending it! LOL
  9. Interesting about the wiki leaks. Do you have a link to the wiki leaks page which confirms what you are saying? I know in retrospect that, as you said. They didn't want citizens to hoarde gold.
  10. Beautifully written. I presume many who read this, were quietly thinking the same. Ok so the consensus is that silver will not rise. Now let's transition this topic into. Will the price of palladium and or platinum rise ?
  11. What's LPM? Also I heard they were releasing a 2oz silver and maybe a 10 oz too? Do you know anything about these?
  12. Hi, So it is hard to get away from all the noise around speculation that silver will hit the moon. Every Youtube video, guru or investment company are shouting from the roof tops, that now is the time to invest in Silver. I have always bought pieces of silver that I like. I have never bought in expectation that silver will make me rich. Or that it will suddenly explode x200 in price. My analysis is thus: 1. All the people who say silver prices will increase, have bought lots of silver and therefore have the most to gain. The likes of Robert Kiyasaki, who openly admits to having hundreds of thousands of silver ounces. He is a great example of someone who uses his position to promote silver buying. Because he can easily sell now when the price is high and buy back later when the price collapses. As I think it will! 2. Their is supply issue pushing the price up, which some are saying will continue. I do accept that supply is being manipulated but I also don't understand why. As the suppliers could make more money but opening supplies. 3. Some say it has been under valued, but silvers last bull run was at $50 an ounce and that was a considerable time ago. And the history does not show that Silver will hit the moon. 4. The paper ETF silver market. Most of the paper ETF for silver is not backed by physical supply. How ever most ETF do not need to exchange for real silver, it can just settle in kind (stocks/shares) or in real money. I should have attached that "MEME" where the guys sat at the table with that sign saying "Silver wont hit the moon, change my mind" If anyone wants to make one I would love to see it! Looking for peoples opinions. Good luck in your stacking endeavours. All the best! BYK
  13. Happened to me too once. Bullion by post had some and I took to long to decide. Now as soon as it comes up I just snap 1 at least.
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