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  1. For sale 501g of mixed silver pre 1947 (post 1919) 3p coins. Definitely circulated. Some grubby. none are drilled. So about 250.5g of pure silver which is 8.05 troy ounces. I will sell this lot for £158 including RMSD. Paypal F&F or bank transfer. Will post within 24 hours of funds arriving.
  2. Having invested (lost my mind) in a behemoth of a platinum coin last week I need to trim the surplus. Item for sale 9 Sterling silver gold plated ingots. These would have been from the following - 'A Complete Set of 12 x Sterling Silver Ingots, Churchill Centenary commemoratives 1874-1974; all 22ct gold-plated & each 53.66g; the ingots depict scenes from Churchill's life & each with a different portrait; issued by Pobjoy Mint in a limited edition of 5000 sets, with cert, in fitted wooden case.' So I have 9 of the 12 ingots. I do not have the wooden case no
  3. Morning Juansanto I would split and the price would be £74 with delivery (RMSD) included. Regards Matt / Binny
  4. A random collection of USA circulated coinage. Condition varies from mediocre to decent. If you want more photos don't hesitate to ask. First the 0.90 silver 1 x 1941 Walking Liberty half dollar. Well toned but some rim dings. 1 x 1954 Franklin half dollar. 3 x 1964 Kennedy half dollars. 1 x 1942 Washington quarter dollar. 1 x 1957 Washington quarter dollar. 1 x 1964 Washington quarter dollar. 1 x 1928 Mercury dime. 1 x 1943 Mercury dime. 1 x 1956 Roosevelt dime 1 x 1855 Seated Liberty half dime. Arrows pointing to date. Total weig
  5. Good morning all, Starting to sell a small part of my stack. Not getting out but just adjusting the stack. Items for sale - 5 Britannias. Will happily sell individually. 3 x 2003 Britannias. In capsules. These have toning to the reverse. 0.958 silver, 32.454g. 1 x 2000 Britannia, still with original Royal Mint packaging, no capsule but will supply plastic wallet. Spotting to obverse. 0.958 silver, 32.454g. 1 x 1998 Britannia, inside a sealed plastic wrap. No capsule. Markings in photos are on the plastic only. 0.958 silver, 32.454g. Shipping will be Royal
  6. Marc - are you still trying to shift some of your stack? Have been busy - was also waiting to see some trading feedback - I am interested though.
  7. £1 was 20 shillings which would have been 20 X 5.655g when minted so 113.1g of 50% silver. If circulated it will be slightly less. No matter which coins make up the £1 it would have weighed exactly 113.1g when minted. Matt
  8. Morning - I pm'd you Richie - i do have one if interested. Matt
  9. Hi mate - how many complete tubes do you have and may i ask the price of the maples too please. Matt
  10. Afternoon Gents My brother lives In the US and will be returning to the UK for a holiday in the new year - I was going to ask him to get me a PMV. Does the forum think that I should invest in the Pro version? If spending that kind of money should I be looking at this or something else? Regards Matt aka Binny
  11. Hi guys Whilst I hold a bit of 'gold' in ISAs we don't actually hold any of the real stuff so here looking to stack. Binny
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