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  1. For sale as a lot. Price reduced to spot plus shipping. 6 X 40% USA Kennedy half dollars. Melt £2.73. 1 x 90% USA Franklin half dollar. Melt £6.67. 1867 France 5 Francs. Melt £13.34. 1977 France 50 Francs. Melt £16.01. Barbados 1973 coin set - the 2 large silver coins have combined melt of £35.60. So all in down to £96 of your finest pounds plus your choice of postage. No splitting. Regards Matt
  2. Morning all, 2017 Britannia. Gold. One ounce. Capsule. Bought previously off a TSF member. £1365 including RMSD. BT. Will post within 24 hours of receipt of funds. Selling to clear funds for other purchases. Any questions just ask. Matt
  3. Binny

    1917 sovereigns

    I have emailed Bairds and will see what they say. All comments are welcome and appreciated. I have over 60 sovereigns now and this is the only one which doesn't feel right. It isn't terrible and Bairds may help anyway. Main thing is I am looking to sell a few and I really don't want to be found selling fake sovereigns on TSF. That is what eBay is for. 👍 Matt
  4. Binny

    1917 sovereigns

    One day Rodney
  5. Binny

    1917 sovereigns

    Thanks for the input Booky.
  6. Binny

    1917 sovereigns

    It looks wrong to me - and 7.94 weight
  7. Binny

    1917 sovereigns

    Is this better Booky?
  8. Binny

    1917 sovereigns

    Thanks Rich - my eyesight was so bad i didn't see the P untill i uploaded the photos and see them on the pc. all good I hope. Matt
  9. Binny

    1917 sovereigns

    Last year before I knew anything about precious metals I decided to buy some physical gold and bought 40 sovereigns from Baird (their cheap any age or condition ones somewhere around 5% over spot). I just then put them in my sock drawer (well not really). I have had a big PM purchase and was thinking about selling some of the sovereigns on TSF. Obviously had a load of 1911-1913 and even more 1926-1927 but I also had 3 1917 which given the rarity seems unusual and why would Baird sell a 1917 as cheaply as a 1927? I weighed them (didn't have the scales at the time of purchase) and two are bang on and one is .05g lighter than the other two. Could any or all of them be restrike (fake) and Baird not notice (or care)? Photos attached. The first is the lighter coin I am most unhappy with. Any thoughts. Matt
  10. Morning Bob, Yes - 5 Oz order fine - are you thinking 5 Oz of coins or silver (so 10 Oz coins). 5 Oz coins with 1st class post would be £47.16, 10 Oz would be £93.58. I will PM you. Take care. Matt
  11. For sale a 1974 Krugerrand. The last of my gold that is not a UK coin. £1320 including RMSD 😃 BT please. Any questions please just ask. Matt
  12. Morning Scrap / junk silver for sale. 110g of worn and drilled 50% silver coins. Mostly UK. Some maybe 0.925 but are too worn to verify so I put them in this pile. Includes a damaged coin bracelet. Do not know if links are silver but 3 of the coins are .925 which should compensate. 11g of 80% silver coin. 97g of 90% silver coins. Mostly 4 drilled Greek 1833 5 drachma. 134g of 92.5%. the chains, fob and ring come from my mother. The ring is not hallmarked since a boyfriend made it for her in the sixties. He was training as a silversmith so I am very confident of the metal. I make that about 275g of Ag or 8.84 Troy ounces. I will sell this wonderful parcel of silver at £150 (£17 per Oz) plus your choice of shipping. If having bought it you have doubt over the chains or ring I will take them back no questions asked. Any questions please ask. One for the refiners / melters. Matt
  13. With spot price rallying this is now 1% under spot. 🙂 Matt
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