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  1. Quite a Posse you have now Graham- Grumpy, Myrtle, Frankie and Ed- Its gonna start costing you with all these helpers out looking for coins
  2. When will this thread draw to a conclusion- 35 pages and where has it got to? and what has it achieved? Seems to me, its got absolutely nowhere and achieved nothing... 'The problem with doing nothing is that you never know when you're finished.' Groucho Marx
  3. Don't blame you for buying the 2oz at around spot! Fortune favours the brave and all that- nice haul! I personally believe they were a great price if they had of turned up weighing 7.08 grams!
  4. I wish! One in- one out for me currently🙄 Dependent on your position in terms of Gold price- you cannot fall off here.
  5. After a brief interlude, another nice example of the Winged Victory Goddess received today.
  6. 1985 Gold México 250 Pesos- 1/4oz Gold fine weight Nice coin with plain edge. Supplied in capsule. £395 plus postage
  7. I have a couple of old Scout issue orange Vango's Roy- I'll accept an offer and throw in a camp stove and kettle with the deal😁
  8. Good Lord! Received today all the way from sunny Blackpool- a beautiful 2017 Anniversary 3 Coin Sovereign Set- 2 Sovereign, Sovereign & Half Sovereign. A minuscule issue in this Premium presentation of just 450 sets. These three new additions will join my 2017 Bu 5 Pound Sovereign to form another 'poor man's' four coin set. @LawrenceChard your staff provided a first class service from the initial enquiry to delivery.
  9. Been busier than I had realised in terms of Libertad sets so thinning some out and have the following for sale: 5 coin sets are all 1 Onza through 1/20th Onza. All in excellent condition and all intact with Presentation cases, COA and outer sleeves- further photographs will be made available, please PM me. 1990 Silver Proof individual presentation £75 £70 1994 5 Coin Proof Set (toned consummate with age) £165 £150 2010 5 Coin Proof Set (some toning to 1/4 & 1/10th) £165 £150 2013 3 Coin Proof Set 1oz, 1/2oz 1/4 oz (tiny, tiny amount of spotting 1/4 toned slightly) £85 £70 2014 5 Coin Proof Set £200 SOLD 2018 5 Coin Proof Set £130 £125 2019 5 Coin Proof Set £130 £125 2015 APMEX Special Set Inaugural Year of issue for the Reverse Proof (1 Onza Reverse Proof & 1 Onza Proof) £395 SOLD Also, selling a 2017 1Kg Silver Bu Libertad- 200 mintage- £925 SOLD Bank Transfer preferred, Special delivery postage fixed at £5, free SD for 2 or more items.
  10. Worth asking a question or two or perhaps a Wanted here.
  11. I would take your time- there’s lots of them about- I bought a 2001 set nicely toned- just to be sure it hadn’t been messed with, but some toning can look unsightly. The .958 Britannia Silver is susceptible to toning.
  12. Silver or Gold Mike? Silver, anywhere between £80 to £120 Gold, I would say anywhere between Spot and +7% A cursory ebay search and there’s one buy it now at £84.95 plus postage: Item number 164215804791
  13. Received this 1989 Bu 5 Pound Sovereign to join my 3 coin set to form a ‘poor man’s’ 4 coin 1989 set! I haven’t bought any Sovereigns for quite some time and re-aquatinting myself with 22 Carat Gold makes me wonder why I had taken a break. I think grading these classic and special year design coins has its place- but these are staying in their presentation cases and going in that drawer in the dresser for safekeeping- you know the one, the one housing the best cutlery, the Irish Linen Napkins and the Elk Horn handled corkscrew.
  14. True enough. eBay really do lean toward the buyer wearing the trousers on any deal struck. I forgot about the 80 characters.
  15. This is a great idea- leave a response that reads something like.... 'I'm really sorry you still feel this way despite my very best efforts to help resolve your query. The offer of a full refund remains open to you' And to show him up further you could add... 'and the refund will remain open to you for the next 6 months from the date of this response'. You should make a further tidy profit if he demands a refund in 6 months! And you get free storage! 😁 By the time you sell your remaining 200 oz of Silver, that feedback won't be visible unless someone trawls your feedback extremely thoroughly and scrolls and scrolls... Also if you notice on your feedback summary- it only reflects the last 12 months anyway, here's mine below. I am always puzzled by the dispatch time star ratings as I always list with a 2 day dispatch time and never deviate, but occasionally someone will give less than 5 stars! My deficits of 5 stars for Postage I can only attribute to sending overseas using the eBay 'Global Shipping Program' a complete rip off to the buyer- but I feel more comfortable on eBay shipping the item as my responsibility ends at their Lichfield depot. I only ever charge the cost price for UK postage.
  16. I see. I suspect, and as per your initial post, he is taking the pi$$- I am pretty certain he won’t go for a refund- he was likely trying it on for a partial refund- in any case, nobber! @Abyss, I don’t think having one instance of adverse feedback will make any difference to any forthcoming offerings you make on eBay. I do acknowledge however it will stick in your throat for a while.
  17. How is this an explanation to @sovereignsteve's post?
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