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Photography of silver for a design project


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The first works nicely, the second not so much in my opinion. The third might be better if you focus to the front of the bar with a smaller aperture giving an in focus view of the entire top of the bar, I would also add more lighting to show more reflection and the glossy nature of the metal.

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Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about photography so I can't give any technical advice but I can tell you what I see.

The first photo is excellent, very good quality, something that I'd expect to find in a book or glossy brochure. I like everything about it.

The second. Well, you said you wanted to explore different ideas! It almost looks soft, like an embroidered pillow and not like silver at all.

The third, a bit blurry to these old eyes, but now it looks frozen. 

Interesting thread, cheers 👍

Technically, alcohol is a solution..

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23 hours ago, sjhdesmond said:

I love the third photo personally. If you didn't know what it was, then you wouldn't be able to guess. You might think it's some alien artifact. 

If you aren't wedded to black and white, I'd be curious to see something with coloured light.

Here is the original of that photo, the lamp I used had a warm tone and I didn't want people thinking it was gold 😁 Thanks for the feedback, I too like the mysteriousness about this one, there is a lot of dark

IMage 5 first.jpg

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