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  1. Too bad they did not disclose more info on mintages. I bet some private mints might be more open.
  2. Perth Mint for me, followed by the Royal Mint.
  3. Wow, what a beautiful coin. Hope to get it one day.
  4. Sad for the great country and people of Turkey. Hope folks there stacked gold/silver before SHTF.
  5. Love those fractional gold coins, so much history.
  6. Because of the higher QC on proofs and the premiums, are would expect them to be near perfect. Hence, I'd send them back if there were any sort of misuse or scratches.
  7. I buy once a month. It's impossible to time the market.
  8. Very nice collection. How liquid are South American coins in the U.S. or the U.K? Not selling mine anytime soon, but in a few decades perhaps
  9. Indeed! The amount of beauty at the Gold Museum is astonishing I try to go there every few years.
  10. I love South American coins, especially because many have the weight and purity on them. I live in Colombia have bought several this past year at spot (mostly from Colombia). Many are worn and in used condition, not BU. Some are proof coins with wear; it's a shame they were not taken care of. But gold is gold, right? Especially when able to get them at spot or lower sometimes. There are not many options of buying or a huge gold market like in other countries.
  11. Thank you, yes. I saw the person at the pawnshop using a pencil eraser to clean the coin. Even though the coins are worn and have dents, at spot price I might purchase them. since they are fractional too.
  12. I came across today at a pawn shop that has these 3 gold coins for sale at spot price. After doing some research, I discovered that the 3 coins are the following: * 5 Pesos Colombia Gold Coin (7.99 grams total weight and .916 gold purity) * 1968 Colombia Proof Gold 100 Pesos Pope Paul VI (4.3 grams total weight and .900 gold purity) * Perú 1/5 Libra Gold Coin (1.65 total weight and .916). Unfortunately my phone camera does not take great pictures, but obviously the 1968 Colombia Proof Gold 100 Pesos Pope Paul VI is scruffy, with dents, and scratches. I had an earth magnet with me and none of the coins were magnetic fortunately. Would it be wise to buy these three gold coins at spot price?
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