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  1. I thought that was what foreign money from holidays was for. use ones with holes already in em. There you had about 6p from me now lol
  2. Replace the one on the left with a copper one. Just my two pence.
  3. Numismatic interest in a UK bullion coin. There are a couple of brits I may pay over the standard amount for (but not the price of a 2020 brit for example). The US dealers are far more consumer driven with lower overheads. Less people are into buying silver in the UK per thousand head because of the vat. so the bigger bullion dealers have to make their money where they can.
  4. They want you to think they hate it, and do a pretty good job most of the time. But really its their bread and butter for mopping up the gravy 😋 What else would a socially profiled person like a stacker do with HIS/her money fiat ? Hoard it? So watch out with crypto currency too! e bankers invented the tec. (People almost always never pull out at the top). Think of the choices, make the decision but face up to reality...You are GIVEN the choice. Have a nice weekend. I looooooove working in the rain...It is my own choice
  5. Impressively crisp first photo. I like 3rd side photos of coins sometimes rather than just the standard obverse and reverse. Others slightly lose me on focus. well done, nice.
  6. Small print it is then Groan. Thanks again Bigmark
  7. Thanks Bigmark, It wouldn't surprise me if the b banks were behind (or at least backing) the silver squeezes. Higher demand for gold production leads to more surplus byproduct left over to shift. Even better if they can get premium prices for it. There is no shortage of silver if there's no shortage of gold!. ( Unless they are purposely sifting through all that gold to get all the silver out 😉 ) The silver market got too big for its own boots and is now hitting (or at least heading towards) a natural supply and demand reset for the worse. Thank you very much indeed to the silver pumpers and fear mongers on youtube. Its OK if you like cheap silver.........FOREVER or until the gold runs out (baa they already pumped that idea and then the opposite). Great community here though. Some aspects of this have transpired into something good, many new stackers and collectors actually have a genuine interest in what they are doing.
  8. Sorry for invading this post. I'm not exactly stacking multi kilo bars (I'm interested in knowing the official biggest industrial bar as a side note). I let you get on with breaking backs or something again now Please continue as if i weren'.t here.
  9. Regenerated with new tec and perhaps a little clean green livin incentive
  10. Earthlings will not listen to logic or reason. That is established.
  11. Cheers guys, obviously collecting is where my heart lies and I have honestly loved silver for many a year. I never heard of any official exempted bullion coin ever needing to be melted due to a shortage in my lifetime, have you? Especially the britannia. Thanks for not booting me out for my contrary logical opinions. Take me to your leader... Hi Chris
  12. The royal mint would really be the people to ask. I just randomly picked up on it a bit too soon for my own good one day lol. Pure logical prediction here...They will limit sales long before any thoughts of confiscation. Enjoy your silver, enjoy the changes and remember that its not the end of the world .
  13. You have to get the silver and other metals out of solution before you even think about getting to the gold and other high end pm's in the process (its an overall cost). Please research if you have not done so recently.
  14. Government incentives and new tec in the industry sorted that one out.
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