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  1. So this post is one of only 2 results on this forum for the search term "Colombian" which surprises me, as the Museo De Oro in Bogotá is the place that I first had a "wow" moment in relation to precious metals - see "Muisca Raft". https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muisca_raft I'm curious did you live in Colombia or did your friend just happen to be Colombian?
  2. Hello, I am a new collector wanting to start a collection, and noticing you have a few listings I wondered if there was some way of maybe buying one of each type, including your other listings eg koalas, gorillas, elephants. Would I have to reply to each listing or is there an easier way? I don't want to break any forum rules so I figured I should ask. Thanks
  3. To me it looks more like the hippie symbol for CND Ban the Bomb... So the opposite?
  4. Hello everyone, New to this forum and also new to precious metals. I've been reading and watching plenty of content online and I am keen to start building a modest portfolio. I'm interested purely as a way of turning cash into something more resilient. I aim to be a stacker not a numismatist, but I do appreciate the intrinsic beauty of shiny things. And who knows, as I learn more I dare say I'll find myself getting more interested in that side of it too. Just wanted to introduce myself and just generally thank the community here for having built a really useful resource of information especially for newcomers like myself. Have a great weekend everyone.
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