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  1. Rats fleeing a sinking ship.
  2. When I look at some of the things students wear these days, like Fila, Kappa, Ellesse shell suits, guys with their hair in curtains, girls with nose rings, I think ingot pendants are perfectly inoffensive.
  3. I remember somebody sent a bullet to Neil Lennon during his first spell as Celtic manager. So it does happen, and the recipient in that case was someone who, presumably, would have been considered a potential target for death threats at the time. Maybe the sender wrapped it in tin foil...
  4. Surely we should be using midnight GMT as the finish line? Or even US Eastern time if the prices are in dollars?
  5. To be honest, even ones that you sell as bullion will probably fetch a fairer price on the forum than on your high street.
  6. You can bring back items (to Great Britain and Northern Ireland) bought on holiday worth up to £390 duty free. If you bring home a single item worth more than your allowance, you will have to pay tax/duty on the full amount, not just that above the allowance. Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/suitcases/article/duty-free-allowance-a7Tou6T2iaNS#other-goods - Which?
  7. Are you scared of needles or something?
  8. sjhdesmond


    I think they expect you to swallow the whole unit. Or shove it up your arse.
  9. How sad that a topic which was created to enjoy the benefit of togetherness descends so quickly into bitter infighting.
  10. Well, for one thing, it's got be one of the worst examples of... Wait a minute! I see what you're doing!
  11. For me this is the key point. Channel 4 is a perfect example of how to do news journalism. BBC News main output is no better than Sky. Newsnight on the other hand, which has a separate budget and editorial brief to the main news content is the only thing that comes close to C4 in terms of quality, depth and a news outlet's main duty of reporting important events that would otherwise go unnoticed. The bias argument is easy to shoot down because whichever side you ask, you get a different answer. Brexit people say the BBC is pro remain. Remain people say it's pro Brexit. Labour folk say it's Tory biased. Tories say it's too Labour. What that demonstrates is ineptitude at handling their charter responsibility of balanced reporting. And don't get me started on Question Time.
  12. Look I respect your point of view, I don't want to wade into a conspiracy debate, and in actual fact I agree with many of your points, eg Chilcott, New Labour then Call Me Dave governments being intertwined with the Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks and co., and Russia being a prime example of how this works. Though they do it slightly differently by funding opposing campaigns such as both Family Values groups and LGBTQ+ groups, then let it be known that they are funding both sides, so that nobody knows what to believe. The Adam Curtis film Hypernormalisation explains it better than I just did. However, where we differ is thus. I too have a heavy pedigree of life experience, and what I have learned is that where there is injustice, it is 99% incompetence and 1% conspiracy. The BBC was the main employer of celebrity paedophiles for decades. I believe that's because the BBC didn't care who they employed, and they didn't really care about the victims. I don't believe there is or ever was a Pedo World Order running the government of this country or the USA or anywhere else. The state of affairs we currently find ourselves in is such that the directors, editors and journalists at the BBC and elsewhere fundamentally do not understand what is going on in the world. So they can't seriously be capable of manipulating narratives in any meaningful way that would influence public thought. For better or worse, that power lies with the social media platforms, and those who use them to full effect in propagating ideas. I do not credit the BBC with the aptitude or competence to control the minds of the population of this country. Rant over. In summary, I don't think you're wrong, more like, you're probably right but maybe for the wrong reasons.
  13. Obviously. The dissolution itself was upsetting enough.
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