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  1. Thanks for the mention @stackerp5 I am in the scrap/refining trade and in touch with the big refiners. Consequently, I can get you a fair amount of both pre 1920 and pre 1947 coins. The only thing is I can't guarantee condition or that you will get any specific years or types. I generally sell these coins as scarp that fit for stacking and at small percent (3%) over spot. The sterling coins will also attract VAT, though .5 coins are sold VAT free (as the processing costs with these are far higher). Kindly take a look at some of my previous listings and please let me know if you are interested and I'll get you some prices.
  2. I have for sale over 500 1 oz silver coins at £25 each. Different types and years There are many Phillys, Maples, Krugs and Kuks Payment is by Paypal FNF and postage is at buyer's choice. Being sold as bullion though the coins are in nice condition as the coins have not been removed from their tubes.
  3. I have for sale some high quality UK gold coins. First is a 2021 Charles Babbage gold proof 50p Gold Proof Coin complete with box and COA. Available at £975. - Limited Edition of 250 and still available on the RoyalMint site for £1095 --- https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/charles-babbage/charles-babbage-50p-gold-proof-coin/ Next is a beautiful 2017 Brit half ounce. Has not left its capsule and in very nice condition but being offered as bullion for close to spot at £790. Finally, there us a 2017 Sir Isaac Newton 2017 UK 50p Gold Proof Coin complete with box and COA.. Available at £795. - Limited edition of 500. On all the items postage is on top and at buyers choice. Special delivery is recommended as it insures bullion. Have a nice weekend.
  4. Seems like a lot has happened when I've been away on holiday 🙂
  5. That is what matters!! If the road was clear and I had a nice fast car I too would have done it. In countries like Germany you can go over the speed limit on some motorways without being penalised. I don't think it might be is the same in UK though on roads like the M40 there are almost are no checks but for the odd copper car.
  6. Naughty naughty 🙂 But at least you did not have to get struck in the M6 or M25 traffic.
  7. That said Heathrow to Central London was a more than twice as long as Manchester to Heathrow 🙂
  8. Wow!! How did you manage that? If it is by car then I am bloody impressed. I hope it was not a drive up to Manchester and flight to London. I once did that and it took me around 2 hours flying by the posher version of BMI (which I think is now defunct).
  9. @Paren 4 left. I appreciate that spot has dropped by £30 or so but I can't move on the price as I have to recover what I paid. These are still only a few percent over spot price.
  10. Hi, A few are reserved. However, I still have 4 left from the sale that did not go through.
  11. I have for sale some High karat premium gold jewellery at £52.34 a gram. Being sold as bullion though most are new and have not been worn. Inspection and collection in person is welcome from the Metro bank vaults in Sutton (SM1) by prior agreement. Please note that these are all mostly 22 karat jewellery, which have been tested. Finally, there are no stones in any of these though some areas have been Rhodium etc polished (to give a white gold, rose gold, antique etc look) but the purity of the gold has not been compromised due to this polishing. These are all still a minimum of 22 karat or .916 pure. Payment is by Paypal FNF and postage is at buyer's choice and will be at cost (to be paid for separately on top of the winning bid). To collect in person please PM me and I will send you details.
  12. A few still available and will also swap for 58 silver half Brits..........
  13. All swaps will have to be based on what I have in stock. And given the current fluctuations grain/nuggets can be removed from the mix in my opinion. I currently have Silver Brits, Krugs, Maples, .999 Generic rounds/bars, Philys, sterling coins and proof sets gold-wise I have Krugs, sovs, proof coins, bars and half - Brits. So in case anyone is interested in any of this then I am open to a swap. Also, keep checking as my stock keeps changing.
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