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  1. Good to know you are thinking of the refining process. It is not easy but doable. A lot depends on how much time you have and your contacts too. To give you an idea of what's involved. You will have to find someone with the equipment, personnel and experience to melt the coins first. Then you will have to get the metal poured into raw sheets/cubes to get the lot assayed, this will then go for refining and from there you will have to process the lot into the grain (not to forget you will need someone with the environmental clearances to dispose of the slag). This is the easy bit. From here you will decide on what sort of finish you want for the bars and ensure you transport the grain to a production house with the desired capability. To give you an idea of the costs for the manufacturing process. If you produce 1000 bars a day then you are looking at costs of £4.80 per bar + VAT to cast the grain into bars; else, the costs would be far too much to be economical. At this point, you will have the blanks. Now for the easy bit, you will need to find someone to design your logo and engrave the casts. From there on it's a question of stamping and marketing. You can then pour the bars into a mould provided the design is not already hallmarked. These bars may then have to go to the assay office if you are keen on hallmarking. At each of these steps, you will be faced with transportation and insurance costs. Finally, don't forget that VAT is charged on silver. I have found it easier to buy grain in lots of 100 kgs (or the blanks even) and do what you want with it. There are opportunities at each step. The question is does one have the time. To give you an example of the opportunities involved - just the refining element works as follows - your assayed bars reach the refiner, and he will charge you for refining the metal. Let us say you had 9-carat scrap gold you will get close 34.5% gold grain from it. The remaining 65.5% metal is not returned to you. On the contrary, you will pay for its waste disposal. This waste product will contain silver, copper, palladium/platinum (based on how old the jewellery is) and nickel. I have noticed often times the waste product is actually more expensive than the grains derived from the scrap. There are similar opportunities with the waste disposal too................. If you are keen on the refining route there are players like Baird & Co and Mastermelt. They will need you to start a trade account (and ask for 2 references in the jewellery trade) and will help you with things. FYI Baird & Co will want you to have a company that is listed as being in the jewellery trade and will also not touch anything that is not a minimum of .8 silver so pre 47 coins won't cut it there. My sincere best wishes, keep us posted on how it goes. All the best!!
  2. @stackerp5thanks for the mention. The only silver that I have currently are 20 kg bags of pre 1947 GB coins and 2 kg bags of proof (or high grade) sterling foreign coins. PM me if this interests you.
  3. Thanks all for your interest. This has now been sent to @Chrisplymafter the post office finally opened. I am strangely not able to mark this thread as completed. Perhaps the admins can help.
  4. Thanks for your message. There are a couple of people who have expressed interest and if they don't take it I'll pm you.
  5. Hi Chris, Please see attached as requested. I would like to give @CRS first refusal as he came first. If however, he does not respond by 9 pm this eve (and if you still want it, of course) then it's yours. There are no major problems other than the rust-like stains to the COA and case. Other than that the case is slightly worn due to age and the medals are slightly toned (which I have not attempted to clean). Otherwise, overall good condition as shown in the pics. The only other example of this rare set sold on eBay for £590 yesterday (you can search for completed items on eBay - "1967 John Pinches sterling silver Coronations and jubilees medallic cased set"). Regards, S
  6. As far as I know there are major detractions. I am however selling this set as bullion. I'll post some closeup pictures when I get home. I will inspect the medals once more too.
  7. Yes it is. However, the certificate and the box have some serious spotting as shown in the pictures. The medals themselves were in nice grade as far as I can remember.
  8. I have been on a (part) holiday so I could not post prior. Also, I will shortly go on my proper XMAS break, so I need to do this before I leave. First off many thanks to @Chrispringle85 and @trp for organising this festive giveaway (swapaway?) Next thanks to my (not so) secret santa @Colnago for their generous gift. Circumstances (and government regulations) have mandated that I can't go in person to make my donation. Consequently, in addition to the gift I sent to @silversky I am making an online donation on behalf of TSF to the Trussell Trust, which runs many a foodbank. Merry XMAS all and stay safe!!!!
  9. As a lot of you are aware in the hopes of making a big purchase I offloaded a lot of Palladium and Platinum stack. That purchase sadly has not materialised. And though I did make a few purchases recently I still have some fiat to hand that I would like to plow back into the Platinum group. Is there anyone looking to sell? If so please drop me a pm. Anything priced reasonably will be considered (coins, medals, jewellery ....). I am not looking for anything particularly scarce or exotic, I am just after the most metal for my buck. Thanks all!!
  10. Does anyone know what the mintage figures were last time (Una and Graces) across the gold spectrum (1 Oz, 2 Oz, 5 Oz, 10 Oz etc)?
  11. Necklace available again and priced now at £1350 to reflect the drop in spot. I have a big purchase lined-up so I will also list a bit more of high carat fine jewellery shortly.
  12. Umm so how does work? Do we pre reg or deposit money with the mint and simply buy with a normal checkout process or do the mint channel all the buyers. What if something I want to buy is 15k. Not many people would have that much of a credit limit on one card and even if they do I am sure the bank won't allow you to spend over 10k in one go. Also, would we know in advance what's going to be available and at what cost?
  13. Item: I have for sale 2 big silver coins in decent condition but being sold as scrap. The first is a 2021 10 oz Royal Arms, which is available for £250 - the capsule has some scratches. The second is a 1 pound (12 Oz) 1999 silver Eagle - this looks like proof with nice mirror fields but has some age-related tarnishing - £300. Further, the Eagle's capsule has a small crack, which I've tried to photograph to the best of my abilities. Condition: Bullion grade. Shipping: Postage for the coins is £8.95 sent insured by special delivery. Buyer pays all postal costs and chooses how he/she would like the item sent. Postage at cost and as charged by Royalmail. Only special delivery is insured. Shipping destinations: UK only Payment Terms: Bank Transfer or PayPal FnF
  14. I have for sale a reasonable size lot of scrap sterling silver threepence coins. I have a total of just over 7 kgs. I am selling the coins in lots of 1 kg for £600 or take all for £4000. Many of the coins are bent, worn, graffitied and have holes. There are many George V coins and some from prior reigns too. I did note a few as far back as George IV. This is a proper scrap lot and I don't think there are any beauties to be found here. The only thing that I can be sure of is that they are all sterling and British as they come from refiners who purchased them for the pot. Inspection and collection in person is possible by prior arrangement from our South London vaults. Postage is on top at cost and buyer's risk.
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