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  1. Hi James, I have a few monster boxes that have not been opened yet in case you are interested. I do have the odd ounce round, which I am giving the members a chance to buy at a discount (just like you did your Eagle). I am currently looking to liquidate 65 kgs of silver, half a kilo of gold and some platinum. I have many John Pinches sets, silver bars and pre 1920 UK and foreign coins that I am currently getting rid of. Let me know if any of this interests you. Regards, S
  2. I have for sale a 1980 South Africa Krugerrand in near mint state. The coin is graded by CGS at 85, which I believe makes it one of the best coins graded by them. The coin is 1 Oz pure gold. I can post this coin by special delivery. I am asking for £1600 including postage. If you collect in person from London or if you have made purchases from me in the past then I can sell for £1550. At its grade, I believe the coin has a catalogue value of over twice the asking price. Grab yourself a bargain. Part of my liquidation listings.
  3. I just sold 12 of the coins/medals from this set (John Pinches' 100 Greatest Masterpieces) to a member on this forum and I have 88 remaining. Each medal/round is weighs around 66 grams (I randomly sampled 3 and they weigh about 66.2 grams). The total weight of the medals is around 5.8 kgs. I am looking for £3500 for the medals, which is very close to melt price. Full paperwork available. I would prefer collection in person from London. There is some tarnishing to the medals. Thanks for your interest.
  4. Another lot that I have for sale. A beautiful John Pinches set with 138 sterling silver ingots. This is a complete set with all the original paperwork. The ingots are housed in a splendid hardwood presentation case. There are 138 ingots in total, with each ingot representing the flag of a UN member country. The ingots are all of different sizes and the set contains close to 4.5 kgs sterling silver. I am looking for £3000 for the set. The set will have to be collected from my vault (the bank is in Central London). I will not be able to post this set as it is very heavy. Thanks f
  5. All, As you are aware I am looking to liquidate some of my holdings. In doing so I have freed up a few "100 grams" 999 silver bars for sale. I am offering them at spot + 15% + VAT. At current prices that would be about £ 85 for a 100g bar. I don't want to complicate things. However, with the price of silver changing constantly I don't want to give a fixed price per bar. My prices will always be 15% over spot and I will have to pay VAT, which I will pass on to the buyer. Postage would be at cost and the buyer's choice. Special delivery is recommended as it provides insurance and
  6. Thanks for your payment and custom. On its way to you is the coin attached below.
  7. Hi Ninja, Thanks for your PM. Here is the coin I have chosen for you. Regards, SS
  8. All, First off many thanks to @sixgun for suggesting this route to me. As many of you are aware, I am new to this platform and I am trying to establish some seller feedback. I plan to try and offload some of my silver stack and to take things based on how matters progress. As a newbie bonus I am going to start by offering 1 oz silver rounds for atleast 5% below the prices quoted on Royalmint (excluding VAT and charges). At the time of writing the cost of a 1 Oz round on Royalmint is £27.06. I will be offering 10 coins/rounds for £25 each. The catch a) Each member can
  9. Looks like a few things are going right for gold. Gold was going sideways at $1700, then there was a big jump to $1800 (about 2 weeks back) and today we are almost at $1900. But, what is driving the price up? I note 2 things that need to be mentioned a) Bitcoin falling and people exiting the crypto market b) Inflation fears Anything else that I am missing?
  10. Thanks sounds like a good starting point. I will list some of my stuff here. I will start with small £15 - £20 articles and see where things take me.
  11. I am looking to offload some pre 1920 and pre 1946 coins (call it scrap though the vast majority are at least in fine grade), and some John Pinches silver sets. I am expecting 20% above the spot for pre 1920 and the rest at the spot. Is this realistic and if so what is the best place to sell? I don't have too much confidence in eBay. In terms of quantity, the lot would be about 70kgs.
  12. Silver is about £620 today, which means that we are looking at about £6000 plus a kilo for 10x returns. Do I see that happening anytime soon - not really? I would be realistic and happy with a 30% increase on current prices. However, I think that even at £1000 a kilo we will face a situation far worse than 2008 and a lot of people will be without a livelihood, which would be very sad. That's just me!!!
  13. Hi All, I am a copper/bronze coin collector who has accumulated a considerable stash of silver coins. I joined the forum to meet likeminded souls and to offload some of my silver stash, which mostly comprises of John Pinches sets and pre 1920 and 1946 UK coins. I am also interested in some good music, running and fine red wine. SellerStacker
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