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  1. Deep fried Mars bar, Snickers, even Cadbury's Creme Eggs are available but deep fried pizza is a delicacy to behold. A most amazing dish. Yes, I walk hills for about 4 hours most days in all weather's.
  2. Both spam and corned beef are incredibly cheap. I used to work in the food industry and, in the 80s, they did open tins of corned beef from World War 1 and it was perfectly edible. Similarly, they are supposed to have found edible honey in Egyptian pyramids. However, for those of you who are adventurous, these are delicacies. First take a thick slice of spam or corned beef, coat it in batter and deep fry. When cooked, drain on tissue and put in a well fired roll. Add ketchup or brown sauce to taste and voila - a dish fit for hungry kids and far better than a Big Mac.
  3. In the Bunker Hunt days I remember the tragedy of watching film footage of melting down fine Georgian silver for mammon.
  4. Why did I not know about silver in the 60s. I was a teenager with far more money than I knew what to do with.
  5. Having read the thread, I have not changed my mind or regretted my purchases of physical silver. Indeed, the low price, for me is my signal to buy more (at least as soon as I get through my present issues). My silver is Intended as a safety net for my grandkids. In the mean time, I appreciate it's beauty. I am also a semi prepper and have a store full of goodies. Black swan events do happen. Who would have thought Brexit, Covid, Russian invasion of Ukraine with the resulting cost of living crisis would have converged. Prepare for the worst is no bad thing.
  6. I have a big camera and a little lens according to my partner.
  7. I don't think so. I know the type of grubby urchins that frequent this forum 🙂
  8. Most scent bottles I have seen tended to be tubular in shape. That container is more chunky, more masculine if that makes sense. Hence the size question which seems to confirm that most of us have minds suitable only for the gutter 🙂
  9. I'm not sure how to answer. Her indoors has a different view of that question than me :-). Mr Native American. "Deep Cave, why are you so sad?" Mrs Native American. "Little Arrow, you wouldn't understand"
  10. "Is anyone on here following NESARA/GESARA?" Human nature being what it is, there will be an elite and then there will be the rest. Shades of Logan's Run. The WEF and others are lining up their ducks. It scares me and want nothing to do with it. The published aims cannot be disputed but the reality will be different.
  11. 10 x 10 ounces, and no doubt a completer on its way to bugger up any box design. You dont need a box, you need a tea chest :-).
  12. I see your point. I hope to have a couple of sets soon and will be getting two boxes specially made.
  13. Hi team, I don't know if this is of interest to all you artisans. If you go to First Majestic Silver's web site (sorry , my phone doesn't allow me to copy the link) and search for GR30, you will get a 30oz jar of 999 Granules for $810.
  14. I sometimes watch Youtube videos and so many posters recommend getting in with your local coin store. I looked in at the only store in Dundee and they were charging £40 for a one ounce coin. I think TSF is my local coin store
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