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  1. On the radio this morning, Royal Mint have signed an agreement with a Canadian start up to recover gold, silver and other precious metals from mobile phones and other electrical equipment. Honest, guvnor, there isn't a PM shortage.
  2. HillWalkerDundee


    My name is Count Dracula. I would have to disagree 🙂
  3. HillWalkerDundee


    To me, silver is a thing of beauty, more so than gold. Why wouldn't i get excited when a piece of art turns up on my doorstep. So many beautiful pieces out there. I suppose if we are going to stack, it may just as well be something that is pleasing to the eye and the heart.
  4. They are brilliant. At the right price, i would buy them.
  5. At that price, may have to break my rule and start selling
  6. So, if you had two batches of, say, 1 ounce Britannias. Each batch was at a different price, say, 50 of one batch and 50 of the other batch. If I came in and asked for 100 Britannias, would you sell me 50 at one price and 50 at another?
  7. @dicker Although each purchase would be recorded by invoice i.e. on a coin by coin, batch by batch basis, you would not be able to sell on that basis. In these instances, I would expect the sales price to be based on the average cost of stock.
  8. Lol. My partner would love you. She views it as hers now. I had it boxed up for 25 years before she found it and insisted on putting it on display.
  9. That is part of it but i am not too worried about the pension provider failing completely, it is more a case of performance. Not a direct comparison but the Woodford funds were the darlings of the market of the market and then sentiment changed and the funds collapsed. Anything up to 75% of the fund value disappeared. By having multiple funds the performance is spread. The fluctuations even out.
  10. As an investment it is tat. As a thing of beauty, it is lovely. My walls are decorated with lots of pieces of art that i would never sell because I find them to be pleasing to the heart, the eye and the soul. You may be the only person in the world that likes it, that is enough. In the early 80s I went to an auction and there was a two foot wide Chinese plate. It was pleasant enough to look at and worth £20 max. Bidding started and one bidder gave me a dirty look. That did it for me and my pockets were deeper and I won the bid at £100. Five times its worth. My "stupidity plate" has pride of place on the wall. A constant reminder that emotion and investment are not good bed fellows. My better half hates the collage shown at the bottom left of the image, I love it.
  11. As has been pointed out earlier, the employer's contribution is effectively free. Also, the deduction from your wages is before tax so the gross amount goes into the pension pot. Most auto enrollments go to the organisation that the Government set up, NEST. https://www.nestpensions.org.uk/schemeweb/nest/ten-years-of-nest.html They aren't the most exciting of pension providers but they are safe, you can log on at any time and you can choose whether to have your money invested safely, medium risk or higher risk.
  12. One other point. Don't put all your eggs in one basket so ignore firms like Pension Bee. The financial world is a fragile place, we have seen over the years that nothing is safe. Vanguard is a good home for money but so was Lehman Brothers. What is good now may not be good in future. Invest in a couple of funds, also self invest in shares and PMs, it helps to focus your mind on finances. The Big Short showed that nothing is what it seems.
  13. @Bigmarc @KevinFlynn Kevin, you are right to be concerned about your future financial position post retirement. I am a baby boomer, I don't apologise for that, but I am in a ridiculous position where I am post retirement, no debt, no rent / mortgage, am still working (because I want to), get a state pension which isn't that far off what I earn and I don't have to pay any National Insurance. I pay a lot of tax but no N.I. Ridiculous. I am in the works pension fund. They match my 7.5% along with the Government's 20% top up (pre tax deduction). ON top of that, I have a SIPP (my investment + 25% Government top up), an ISA and my PMs. I do not intend to use any of them if I can avoid it, they are my inheritance. Learn about stocks, funds and trusts. Do not trust grown ups. Every single person who writes about investments has an agenda and are not to be trusted. Get your house secure and make sure it isn't taken away by the State if you need to go into a care home. HOpe that helps.
  14. The big financial aspects in life are usually wages, house and pension. You take responsibility for your work, you take responsibility for your house, you should take responsibility for your pension. If you dont understand your pension then learn. It is too large a sum not to. The OP also mentioned a SIPP. As a self invested vehicle there is no one other than yourself to make invest ment decisions i.e. No scam.
  15. @Paul. Certainly supply and demand is at the core of product movement but the economy is the key driver. 18 months of the pandemic has left many on their knees. We have seen death, illness, lower levels of income, higher costs, empty shelves, no fuel, NHS waiting lists through the roof, kids with limited education and it goes on and on and on and on. I dont't believe that as many people have the luxury of, or the state of mind for, investing in / stacking of silver as before whereas sellers, who are subject to the stresses of holding illiquid assets, are looking for a market that has diminished.
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