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  1. I am confused and this has no doubt been explained before but why are some coins VAT exempt?
  2. I don't know if these are still for sale. We have two and my partner would never swap them for anything. For anyone considering one of these, Hotel Chocolat is beautiful and the Velvetiser makes perfect hot chocolate every time.
  3. I do remember being told about this on R4 a good few years ago. The bathroom had been cleaned and the usual acid / alkali chemicals were in the bowl when it exploded to the detriment of the testicles belonging to the lad who was sitting down at the time. As the paramedics stretchered him to the ambulance they were laughing so much that they dropped him with the result being a broken arm to add to his woes 🙂
  4. Agreed. It is definitely Harrison Brothers and Howson. It is the earlier mark, the later one (1896) has a GH added following Howson's take over of the business.
  5. @Stackermatic. Do you think that local coin shops would take off in the UK or ROI? Even our local pawn and jewellery shops who buy and sell PMs dont ever seem busy.
  6. @lark999. I am pretty good with hall marks but cannot see the hallmarks in sufficient detail. If you can post a clearer picture i will be pleased to have a look.
  7. I dont see what is wrong with Bitcoin. After all it is an invisible store of your cash. A huge amount of energy, depriving others of energy, to mine thin air. I cant see the problem.
  8. That would add some weight to the earlier comments that milk spots were soap based.
  9. @KarlBrighton. You have hit the nail on the head. Most of my funds are in stocks and shares with a large amount in physical silver (I do not believe in not really there silver). I expect there to be a long time before I get a return as per traditional metrics but, in the meantime, unlike shares, I can enjoy a thing of beauty that gives me great pleasure.
  10. Assuming that this is a private sale to another UK based member, why would VAT rear its ugly head? VAT has already been paid on the original purchase and would not need to be charged again. Or am I missing something?
  11. Dont get me wrong, i love silver, more so than gold, to me it is a thing of beauty. I suppose the lifetime ISA does give tax relief at both ends.
  12. If you follow the link to https://www.ifranks.com you can see the makers mark (upside down) on the oil and vinegar set.
  13. Hi and welcome, My initial thought is that it is a George II, possibly George III salver by Samuel Wood. I would need to look at it in more detail but use that as a starting point.
  14. Silverorgold I would have thought that one obvious solution would be an ISA. Both SIPPs and ISAs are taxed. The ISA at the beginning (after tax is invested but profits are not). The SIPP is tax free at the beginning but the income at the end, when you come to use it, is taxable. Given that today's tax is known (particularly, as a Director, you take the bare minimum to avoid N.I. and pay yourself in dividends (reduced tax)) then I would suggest that an ISA is a better tax wrapper than a SIPP.
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