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  1. Agreed. I did point him this way.
  2. I was watching a Youtube video yesterday from Northern Coins ( ). It is all about what happened when he tried to liquidate some silver in an emergency. A few lessons to be learned in this video.
  3. At the moment, i still enjoy collecting silver. It is a thing of beauty. I dont intend to trade it unless the market booms, it is an inheritance.
  4. Clear cache and cookies and flush the DNS cache. Then use Private Browsing / Incognito Window.
  5. I purchased a couple of lovely coins from a TSF member a year or so ago. Absolutely beautiful , so much so that I wanted the rest of the series. Went to the producer's web site and promptly ran for the hills when I saw the delivery costs.
  6. He melts it down into brick size. Have you not noticed his new extension? 🙂
  7. Well, it is certainly rare at 94/100. If you sell it would love to know the numbers.
  8. Interesting topic. Woul,d love to know about the VAT position re South to North movement
  9. HillWalkerDundee


    @TommyTwoShots You are right if this was being imported into the UK as a purchase. However, this is being exported to Asia (though it isn't specified if this is a trade or a gift). In the UK VAT would have already been paid at zero, standard or margin rate. I suppose the bigger question is whether the OP can reclaim the VAT paid. The OP will also need to know what the rules are with the destination country.
  10. HillWalkerDundee


    l n all seriousness, a Youtube explaining this exists. I think by Keith Neumeyer. KN was in the same position but with gold. As i understand matters , as legal tender , the value of Brits is the face value. So number of coins multiplied by face value is all that you have to declare. It is different if you are carrying a non legal tender coin.
  11. All sellers and buyers on here have ratings and comments. On a forum like this the reputation is everything. There is also the option of using an intermediary and contributing to a group purchase. Read posts and you will get a feel for who is knowledg eable ( and the information you will get is excellent ). Like you i was very wary of buying from strangers on here but have been very pleasantly surprised. This is not ebay.
  12. Knowing what the English have done, so they should 🙂
  13. I have just bought a seven seater diesel Chevrolet Orlando for the three of us. 🙂 Absolutely love it. She has had a sex change though, originally called The Duke, my better half insists it is The Duchess.
  14. I can see why politics are often banned from forums. So many black and whites when the world is made up of greys.
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