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  1. As you say Oldun, furlough will end, unemployment will rocket, homes will be foreclosed and the housing market will shrink in terms of upward mobility.
  2. A simple way of looking at it is that GBP, USD, and AUD will all devalue year, after year, after year, there is nothing anyone can do about that. Polo mints and PMs on the other hand hold their value better. So buy gold / silver and it doesn't devalue in the same way. Currency on the other hand will always devalue.
  3. Most "common men" (a new term is needed please) don't give a monkey's about gold or silver. When you are "enslaved by debt" you are more interested in keeping your job to make sure that roof stays over your head, that there is food on the table and coal in the fire. For many people, inflation is no bad thing as it generally reduces the debt and gives some elbow room (what is good for the Government is good for Joe Public). I have yet to meet anyone out there in the real world who thinks that the economic world we know is coming to an end. Yes, that gives us an advantage but most people think that fiat is a rubbish car.
  4. I am not going to be crying if silver "plummets", quite the opposite. I am sitting with a good few pennies but I begrudge the prices being asked but also don't want to miss out. Such a great conflict to wrestle with. I had a major recession penciled in my diary for next year. Covid-19 buggered up my plans good and proper. The recession arrived a year early before I had topped up my stack.
  5. Me personally, as a history buff, I would bite anyone's arm off to get hold of them. His reign was short lived to say the least and, when combined with the USA linkage, a love story, political intrigue and inter family conflict (the Queen Mother never ever forgave Edward), I cannot see how you would lose (just watch me get shot down in flames).
  6. I bought 10 Canadian maples at £21.06 each plus shipping a few weeks ago but the price has gone up a lot since then. If I were to buy the same items today, it would be closer to £30 each plus shipping and possibly VAT depending on source. It is more a case of whether you are happy with the purchase. I would not be unhappy with yours, I don't think you can complain about $32 each all in.
  7. I suppose it must come in handy when you leave the take away and come face to teeth with Dracula.
  8. Pop the last ones my way if they are still available
  9. I am waiting to see how BP sp goes before deciding to top up. Wouldnt mind a couple of shares in Berkshire Hathaway though :-).
  10. Why is it that everyone says that silver is undervalued. Could it not be that silver is at the correct value (or even overvalued) and that gold is very overvalued?
  11. And you have to admit, QBs are a beautiful piece of art in themselves. I love them.
  12. I think they may well run into a problem with most metal detectors. We are talking with the local Council to develop some land so we can self build our forever home using steel shipping containers. 🙂
  13. The Rover 2000, the working man's Rolls Royce. A brilliant car.
  14. Lol. They will no doubt be using some wimpy autodrive piece of plastic electric tat bought off Amazon for £1,000,000 in fiat rubbish with a vegan burger thrown in as an enticement.
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