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  1. Sorry, todays worth is 60 Million dollalalalas........
  2. Cryptos are not my thing. Maybe sad, but it is, how it is. But why i didn't bought this 1 OZ gold coin , loaded with 1000 BTC, for under 5K$? https://www.coinnews.net/2021/10/05/greatcollections-submits-48m-gold-1000-bitcoin-physical-coin-to-pcgs/ Purchased December 2011 for 4905€, worth now 48 million $...
  3. I didn't colored them, i "rainbow" toned them to cover milkspots. It dosn't work very well. Biggest spot at the hounds nose still visible
  4. Multiples of 20 come in sealed tubes. If you want to be sure just write a message to your dealer with your order.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised anymore if we will see a 22 coin set, of course limited and exclusive, with all QB and RTB together with both Completers in 2.5 OZ. And it wouldn't suprise me, if i would buy it. I need more selfcontrol if it comes to coins.🤒
  6. I think that's it, at least till the end of the series. Maybe than we will see a 11 coin set with the Completer coin, a 1/4 OZ reverse proof gold set, or a full set 2 OZ dated 2026.... For now the 1 OZ has a mintage of 7010, the RM issue was limited to 6000. So there was a "sign" for another Release in this denomination. The 2 OZ was a limited Edition of 2000 coins, the mintage is 2006. 5 OZ 300 / 306, 10 OZ 150 /156 mintage... The six 2,5 and 10 OZ silver coins that could be also minted are propably for the RM museum. Same with the gold proofs. Just six to ten coins higher mintage, than the RM edition.
  7. How could i think, that there could be a RM issue without a LPM Exclusiv. A 2 Coin Proof/Reverse Frosted 1 OZ Seymour Panther is on it's way... https://www.lpm.hk/en/banner/the-royal-tudor-beasts-collection/2022-1oz-great-britain-the-royal-tudor-beasts-the-seymour-panther-999-silver-proof-reversed-frosted-2-coin-set-lpm-exclusive-early-2022.html
  8. It's really a nice looking coin. I have to wait two, or three more weeks until my arrives. Good to have you guys here, showing your coins so early.
  9. Household limit of three. I go with the 5 OZ, should be easier for me to complete the series from outside the UK, without paying LPM/APMEX premiums on this series. I like the lower mintage of 300, than the high mintages of some 5 OZ QB's.
  10. You can order multiples right now, 3 of each 5 & 10 OZ. I think that's not the smartest move by the RM
  11. And you can order multiple of the 10 OZ. Not sure if this is good.
  12. 2 Kilo at LPM https://www.lpm.hk/en/banner/the-royal-tudor-beasts-collection/cr22tbseymourpanthers2kg.html?inf_contact_key=e7832919952301477da189091744a62c680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1
  13. If somebody cannot wait to wait in the RM queue, available at Austria dealer Schoeller https://www.smh.net/catalogsearch/result/?q=seymour
  14. Maybe i'm paranoid, but is there on 4 o'clock a milkspot? Fears of a silverjunky...
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