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  1. There is so much good stuff you can buy for £999. So i'm out. But really sad to see this passing by
  2. I have no special design i like to collect. I like so many different. My favorite typ of coins are since the last WMF smartminting coins. It all started with the majestic eagle. Since then i was able to get the Cook Islands 1 OZ tortoise, the 2 OZ Anchor & Propeller, 1 OZ Trapped 1 & 2, the 3 OZ Pilot & Steampunk..... But my favorite is the Palau 2 OZ Black Panther. It looks like there is a living Minipanther looking at you. So realistic, unbelievable. So many different designs, i love them all. For me these coins are really great artworks. Can't wait for the 2 OZ Black Proof Majes
  3. Can't wait for the next one. Would be a great start for 2021
  4. I hope in early packaging stages. Can't wait for the third release. Any idea wich Pirate's ship we will see? There was a coin series for kids a couple of years ago by the Perth Mint, but with 5 issues and in notsoprecious metal. Maybe one Pirate got fired by APMEX.😆
  5. Is there a dealer in Europe distributing this really nice looking coin below 200€?
  6. Not bad but can't wait to see it in person. Hope the next one get's me out of the socks, i wished a more innovative one.
  7. Can't wait for Wolverine. Heard something for November, has anyone more information?
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