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  1. I saw one recently for like 8k$ from Poland on thiefbay, obviously too much https://www.ebay.de/itm/Grossbritannien-2017-100-Koenigin-Beasts-Loewe-von-England-1-Oz-Gold-Proof-Coin-1-/284445939786?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  2. Somewhere i know these types of inhouse communication🤔
  3. As this bars are LPM exclusives i asked them about the second release. It looks, like we won't see one. Was there any else coin by Jody Clark launched, since he's no more at the Royal Mint? I hope they continue this bar series, seriously the nicest bar of all times. Even better, than PAMP's Fortuna.
  4. I'm not that firm with your monarchs. But on the box is Henry VII printed.
  5. The Una bar is a incredible beauty🤩. I hope for a second release, just not next month...
  6. What a beauty. No clue if this one thousand, or one million worth, just incredible beautiful. Do you think, people in 200 years will look at a Gibraltar Monkey, or a Barbadian Flamingo coin with feelings like this?
  7. I almost totally agree. But i think, you can't compare the QB start with the Tudors. By the time, the QB came out, there was literally nothing else really interesting else at the RM. I guess for most of us non UK residents it was mostly bullion sovereigns and britannias. Now you have the Great Engravers, still the QB, newest the Monarchs. A lot of competition for the Tudors at their own house. But thanks for mentioning, that almost all of modern proofs will loose over time. We all should mention this and just buy collectable coins for the reason they are made for. Collecting and enjoying your collection.
  8. Blame @GoldDiggerDave for showing this today again. Pictures like this makes me dislike my own collection.
  9. Hard to say. Same as you, i didn't have all QB's, mainly because i was in a lot of other series that had a much lower premium and no quality issues, like milkspots. Since 2020 the premiums on limited bullion and BU coins are more and more ridicolous, so 2021 was my first year, spending more money for proof, than for other coins. You can burn a lot of money with proof coins, so i watched out for something, that makes more sense than different animals, anniversary, ships and pirates, or something like this. Or paying crazy money on secondary market, cause you missed a queue at 9 in the morning. Great Engravers, and how it looks the Monarchs too, will never be easy to collect, almost impossible te get everything for retail. And if you miss, you will pay a lot more to complete your series. For me, the Tudor Beasts have everything, that a collector's series should have. Not too many issues, continuity option, not a instant sell out, so maybe less flippers and more collectors on this series, it's historical, not fictional, it's from the Royal Mint (even if they don't care themselfs, they have a history and worldwide reputation). On the bad side, the high mintage especially for the 1 OZ silver and gold, quality issues (if i had to return 5 times a coin for replacement, maybe i would stop this series too, if not the mint) and you don't know the next designs. The Panther should not be the best one. Looks good, especially in hand, but you don't get a gasping breath from the design. It depends especially by the overlapping beasts. Tough competition, Jody Clark created a fabolous series. If David Lawrence creates something similar good, or even better, we will be lucky to ain't have to queue the last five, or six beasts. If not, we can trade them for Snowman and Alice in Wonderland coins. As long as the designs are good to beautiful i will enjoy collecting them. If not, 💩 happens.
  10. If i would be the mint, i just had to decide for one, of two ways. Increase the mintage, or get first in contact with your customers, that are buying for years. The continuity option for this set and the Tudors are great for buyers, also the new ones. Of course a higher mintage would lower the secondary market. As the mint, i wouldn't care about it a lot. It's enough if they hold their value, better something more. If it is 50, or 500% is almost meaningless for the mint. For one coin, like Una, is great, will increase the interest for RM coins. But if it goes like this with almost every coin, almost every week, couldn't be good and we could see soon a secondary market for RM proofs, like a couple of years ago. Somebody linked this video here in the forum, which should open up a lot of collectors eyes, even it is mainly about the videogame market. Same people are involved, like in coin grading and auctioning. Wasn't this Una hype starting with a auction result at Heritage? If you ain't want, or have the time, to watch the whole video, go around minute 38. The fraud with graded coins in the early days of grading. If you watch the whole Video, you see, which people are involved until today. I don't say, everything is a fraud, but we should be aware of what and for what kind of money we are buying.
  11. I guess we will see it in April. But i think we don't have to worry a lot to miss it. First the continuity sets are great and you can still buy every other denomination of the Panther at the mint. I guess they will lower the mintage, like they did with the QB's. I just be worried about the 2 OZ silver and the reverse proof set. Maybe i stop the bigger denominations, it's just too much released right now and sometimes i just want to do do and buy other things. If i would collect everything i want, i would spend easily 5 figures only for silver proofs every year
  12. I'll show her later, that she don't has to. She should start worrying about her mom and her kidney😎
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