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  1. Only if there come more of the High Reliefs. Until now there is not much interest. For me by far underrated, its a fabolous Relief, even on the small one. Really good Job by B.H.Mayer
  2. I'm collecting this series too and wait for the next issue. The BU and Proof are really nice. But last years High Relief is a fantastic coin. In 3, but also in 1 OZ a great High Relief. Wondering if anyone likes this coins also. And i hope, they will continue the High Reliefs too.
  3. No, but they all buy them from APMEX, so they will come also delayed.
  4. WhatsApp kind of coins will we see in two years? Amazing piece of art. For me is not even the coins Inselstaat, i'm fascinated hier far minting has step forward. And this one is a really beauty too. Thanks for sharing
  5. As a collector and, thanks to my kids, a fan of the series i must say, the 1 OZ is really boring. Maybe i antique them by myself. The 10 OZ is imo an absolute must. Sad to see this ridiculous premiums allready at presale. Would love a 1 Kilo Version, but not with this premiums
  6. No. MDM Germany, don't know wich mint produces them. In Europe i found only presale from 500 to 800€. Like the second marble. Downies sold all three for around 300€. I think thats the only place to find it for a reasonable price. With shipping and VAT it's the half price for me. But you have to be fast😁
  7. Yes. And since then they start almost everywhere every new issue for ridiculous high prices. Have an eye on downies australia around the next issue.
  8. There are the 2020 blue marble, the 2020 blue marble at night and the 2021 blue marble at night gildet
  9. The Video is couple of years old but still...
  10. If i see something like this i'm not surprised, that not much people own or even know about silver. But this Pokemon and Dragonball Card game seems to is much more known than the silver market. I think under 500€ everybody did a good buy.
  11. If they run fast out of stock with 795€, i don't know if i should laugh or cry.
  12. Kraatz Edelmetalle now for €649,95 https://kraatz-edelmetalle.de/star-wars/972-1-x-1-oz-silberaustralien-pinguin.html Had LPM the 10 OZ, or it's still just offline? https://www.lpm.hk/2021-10-oz-niue-star-wars-beskar-bar-999-silver-coin.html
  13. First batch was six for 469€, then raised to 11 for 499, and now 5 for 599. Münzdachs came out with 649 and EMK will sell it for 795. Thanks for having the EuropeanMint.
  14. Silbertresor has 5 for 599€. They sold the first for 469/499€ yesterday. https://www.silbertresor.de/product_info.php?info=p9203_Niue---20-NZD-Star-Wars--Mandalorian-Beskar-Bar---10-Oz-Silber.html Only one dealer, aurinum, in germany had a fair prizing with 358€. I stoped waiting for good offers in germany. Every interesting coin comes almost every time with premiums like for the 10 OZ Beskar. But they still sell, and sell, and sell....
  15. EMK prices the 10 OZ for 795€, the 1 OZ for 40. Maybe this is real Beskar and no silver.
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