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  1. I think the same. The Papua 1 OZ Proof Birds had also a population of 347 for months. Propably that was the first badge. Than the CM must have send a second run to complete the 400 mintage in PR70. I think it depends on orders/preorders how many will be send to PCGS.
  2. For me silver is an insurance for trading goods in a crisis. Gold is the help for a good start after a crisis. But this is the worst case scenario. Best case scenario, there will be not such a crisis like in the 30s and i can spend some of my precious metals as a old guy, and be able to buy icecreams for my grandios without counting every cent. And the rest of it goes to my kids. But in every way, PMs are for me the best way for me to not going broke
  3. .... my 2 OZ Proof Completer. I heard about queens taking a bath in donkey milk. But i don't need a milkshower on proof coins. Not even around the queen. Also it came with a open capsule, so more dust on the coin came for free...
  4. Chinese coins in bar shape😄 Just wonderfull minted, even in this size 2020 China 3 x 5 Yuan / 3 x 15 gr silver 600 years Forbidden City
  5. They all have the same designs and they come in the same order too. Next three are Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. In exactly this order. Also the 5 OZ comes with a COA, for just 100€/OZ in BU (450 Mintage), or 200€/OZ in Antique Finish (50 Mintage). For this type of money i think i better buy something different. And dealers are increasing prices cause it makes more fun selling coins for higher premiums.
  6. The restrikes by the Perth Mint, exclusively distributed by LPM, just BU and Antique Finish, both in 1 and 5 OZ Silver and 1 OZ Gold. The original coins by the Perth Mint from 2014/15 was 2 OZ High Relief. I'm not sure, if they restrike all of them (6 greek gods and 6 norse gods) or only the six greek gods. But these high premiums, more then 100%, for this makes me stay away from the buy button.
  7. That's the reason, why i almost never preorder at power coin. Like you said, not an earth shattering ammount, but we don't buy one coin / year. You can preorder even their own coins at other dealers, that send you the invoice, if they got a shipping confirmation. I ordered the mechanical bee in january, release date was the 15th february. Now it's coming on 15th August. No problem to wait, especially in those times we live right now. But taking customers money and work a half year with it? Thats a free credit.
  8. For me the nicest € series ever released. Would be a shame if the GM has stopped the series. Really nice collection👍
  9. After platypus, kangaroo, echidna and wombat, the fifth issue of the "AUSTRALIA AT NIGHT" Series, the dingo. For me the nicest coin series by the Perth Mint, for many, many years.
  10. Not my generation, not my music, not my collecting series.... but i really like this coin and had to have it😅 I really like the design, 2 OZ Silver The Who And thanks to @DarkChameleon, i had to get the Mars too. And the Child loves marbles too.
  11. I see. But Joel Iskowitz's Liberty is driving me crazy. And if i was ever surprised about the quality of a BU coin, than about this one. Really great job done by the NZ Mint, first time APMEX didn't mess up an Exclusiv. And the Mexican Mint never took me like this. And talking about Ladys. Here's another really nice one. No phantasy mosaic art, but more than 2000 years of rich history. The floor mosaic dated back to the 2nd century A.D., Leda and the swan. Cyprus 5€ 2020, 28.28gr .925 silver
  12. Sad to hear, but not a dealers fault. They can't throw low quality bullion products in the trash. Those coins come like this from the mint, dealers and customers couldn't send bullion back to the mint for some scratches, as long it is 1 Kilo fine silver. This can happen with every bullion order at any dealer. I don't think, that they watch a lot for quality, before sending bullion out. I have no experience with bbp, but problems like this with bullion products can happen with any order at any dealer.
  13. As long they bring great designs like the Completer, in high quality, i'm buying.
  14. How much VAT you have in UK? We have 19% on silver bullion products, but i still see much better deals of UK silver in germany. For example the 2 OZ Completer. You can find it for 55 to 60€, around 50£. You guys have to pay almost 10£ more per OZ. Why? You always had such significend higher premiums, or just after Brexit?
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