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  1. The East India Company is releasing St. George slays the Dragon by William Wyon as part of their Masterpieces collection in November. https://www.powercoin.it/de/europa/7188-st-george-and-the-dragon-1-oz-gold-muenze-5-pound-saint-helena-2023.html I hope, the Royal Mint has overthinked, that the WW circle is concluded. I'm very excited and hope, there will be a graded Alderney and a Royal Mint Version too....
  2. Found the 2023 Yale of Beaufort at powercoin https://www.powercoin.it/de/royal-mint-uk/7190-yale-of-beaufort-royal-tudor-beasts-1-oz-silber-muenze-2-united-kingdom-2023.html Shipping 30.11.
  3. Lovely series, but no issue reached the quality of the first issue, Galileo. I'm excited how the nice design of the Einstein coin will look in hand.
  4. Wurde so zur ersten Ausgabe 100%ig angekündigt. Kann gerade auch nichts bei APMEX finden. Da es sich nicht um eine offizielle Perth Mint / Australien Ausgabe handelt, könnte APMEX, wie auch bei anderen Agenturausgaben, natürlich weitere Ausgaben ausgeben. Z. B. wurde aus der einzelnen Mythosaurierausgabe ein Jahr später eine "Symbols of Star Wars" Serie mit der unangekündigten "Galactic Empire" Ausgabe. Von daher bleibt abzuwarten, ob APMEX weitere Black Flag Münzen ausgibt. Angekündigt wurden damals vier.
  5. First coin of Royal Australian Mint's "WILD FLOWERS OF AUSTRALIA" series, the Waratah
  6. Third issue of the Great Southern Land series by The Perth Mint. After Opal (earth) and Mother of Pearl (sea), this time with australian Blue Lepidolite insert, dedicated to the fauna of the air.
  7. Hope, that's a joke by the german exclusive distributor of the Black Flag coins from APMEX. https://auragentum.de/ankuendigungen/
  8. The seventh issue of the AUSTRALIA AT NIGHT series by The Perth Mint, the Barn Owl. 1 OZ black proof silver / mintage 1000 and 1 OZ platinum plated gold / mintage 250.
  9. 🤣 Now i know, where Ernst August's attitude is coming from
  10. Catching dinner with the son and cooking with the daughter is one of the nicest things here. I enjoy the last days with my little boy before his older cousins mess him up. Since they use him as a translator here, I have to explain the benefits of contraception to him.
  11. Not very tempted about this one. Maybe it's the sun that calmed me down. Perhaps it is also the descendants of the Hanoverians that are keeping me away from this issue. Or maybe i just don't like a king with a perm. But somehow i don't much like this coin. I knew it since the first schedule by the mint, this one will be propably the worst coin in the series, but i'm very dissapointed with this boring issue. I call the mint anyway in late September when i'm back in Berlin to ask for a 1 and 2 OZ silver to continue this series and i'm pretty sure, they will have some of them. If not, good for my credit card.
  12. Since i stopped using FedEx/UPS/DHL service for custom clearance i never had issues with german customs again. Never had any problems with parcels from the Royal Mint, Chards, Sovereign Rarities, East India Company, ukgoldcoins, etc., coming straight to my home and i pay customs at postie. Sometimes there are problems with the customs declaration of private sellers and i have to pick the coins at the customs up. Usually two, three hours waiting time, than they do research for value, tooks sometimes another hour and than they charge it. Easiest way for new coins is to declare them as a gift with the retail as value. If you declare to low, you propably pay more, because the customs than takes eBay!!!, or worst as reference for value. Over the years i met a lot of custom officers that are collecting coins themselves and they ask before opening the package, if it is base metal, silver, gold, collectable, official currency, etc. But my biggest issue buying from private sellers outside EU is, that i have to pay two times VAT. Dealers and mints are selling VAT free to Europe and i have only to pay my local customs. Sometimes dealers are using kind of special scheme and i pay VAT direct to the dealer, without german customs to charge me again. However, it must be a very good prize, or the mint for retail, to make me buying outside the EU. It's just annoying, waiting weeks for your coins and see them travelling around, before they reach my little coin box.
  13. Fourth and final issue of the Black Flag series, William Moody's ship, The Rising Sun.
  14. When one chooses to stack the coins of the Mandalore, you become both, hunter and prey😉 Thank you, @daca👍
  15. 😅 Wifey and kids arrived last week, she teils me the same thing all day long. I tell her to go to the other side of our house to have a better view.
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