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  1. The proof sovereigns come first, and Atkinsons have no business with them, so it's not sovereign related. It's probably a unlimited-limited edition of frosty the caterpillar 60pence piece. ( inflation)
  2. Threw the question mark in just to be safe lol.
  3. I read it as old man farting...thought @HerefordBullyun was selling something.
  4. James32

    Dealer buy back.

    That's not your feet your rubbing
  5. James32

    Dealer buy back.

    That wasn't a pat down, it was a first date😁
  6. James32

    Dealer buy back.

    Anyone know what the big announcement is??
  7. Did they empty the water out to save on postage?
  8. More like a deposit industrial estate at this stage.
  9. Is @stefffana using sausages as bubble wrap?
  10. James32

    Dealer buy back.

    If my coins have been stored in my bowel, do I still get 1% above spot?
  11. Good idea, do silver then gold, back to silver and so on... although all that will go out the window when something pops up you just must have 😆
  12. James32

    How to label

    Been in this tunnel 6 years,it's only a matter of time? My luck I will reach daylight in the middle of a dual carriage way.
  13. But isn't it the same thing, as soon as its cashed out, and everything 5 years later costs x amount more? So investment is down 10% and new world items cost 30% more. By the way I'm long on silver so my comments are not meant in a negative way. Worth more now though, unless deal has been agreed?
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