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  1. Hello All Looking for following 1oz Gold Bullion QB coins in good condition. Let me know if you have one for sale and reasonably priced -> Greyhound -> White Horse -> White Lion Thanks
  2. @michael146 - Yes still on the lookout . PM me if you have any .. Thanks
  3. Piedfort - Sorted out Still looking for the SOTD one if anyone is considering to sell
  4. Hi All As per title, let me know if anyone is willing to sell a PF70 2017 SOTD and / or Piedfort sovereign Thanks
  5. Only a few more to go.. Still Looking. Updated above
  6. Still looking.. Found 1 but 4 more to go
  7. Still looking if anyone missed this post or thinking of selling your spare sets
  8. Hi All Looking to get the following 1/4 oz QB Gold Proof coins with box & COA in good condition. Alternatively will also consider PF70 graded coins -> Red Dragon -> Unicorn -> Yale -> White Horse -> White Lion Thanks
  9. If anyone has the below sovereign gold proof sets to sell , kindly PM me with your offer. Obviously, the coins need to be in good condition if in raw form and available with box & COA. Graded will also be considered -> 1989 : Full set -> 2002 : Only Looking for Quintuple -> 2005 : Full set -> 2012 -> 2017
  10. Wow.. one heck of an effort and dedication mate... Hearty Congrats... Assume your next breach is 5kg +
  11. Not heard of this until now. Checking Royal Mint site and there is no mention of it.. Surely, they cannot implement this through word of mouth. can they? However noticed that they are extending returns for products purchased from Nov 12th 2020 to upto Jan 2021. . But million dollar question is whether they will even dispatch for us to return by then https://www.royalmint.com/help/delivery-and-returns/product-returns/
  12. One final bump before this listing is automatically closed tonight Feel free to ping me if anyone interested in selling their 1oz or 2oz Music Legends.
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