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  1. Where is the "Feedback" section .. I used to expand the "+" under "Create" on the top right hand section of panel (below spot prices) ? Has it moved anywhere else? Overall, the new interface is good and performance is getting better & faster, with frequent navigating and traversing through different pages in the site.
  2. @Ranks1970 - I have bought from @Stackerads. Perfect coins and great comms and fast dispatch. .. You wont be disappointed Would have definitely bought this one if i hadn't bought the Pesos a few weeks earlier.
  3. Looking to buy 5oz and/or 2oz and/or 1oz Gold Proof Music Legends - Queen & Elton John - preferably raw. If you have any that you are thinking of selling , feel free to PM me. Also feel free to share any links, if you find anything for sale elsewhere. Thanks
  4. Received some splendid bars from @Ravoma
  5. My buffalo is worried and looking down at the number of Yales to tackle.. 😂 Good timing on you to post those lovely QB Yales buddy..
  6. At last managed to get my hands on the 50 Pesos coin.. thanks @ilovesilverireallydo
  7. I am drip feeding too slowly but not heavily.. wont be kicking myself, if it shoots off from here but equally be very happy if it goes down a little further down as still have some buying capacity left.
  8. Yeah apologies.. topic was meant to target hosting companies and domain is something we register with them.. Unable to edit the post title.. I am looking for a simplified website and dont mind using any tool as long as it is easy to maintain.. Website to contain more content and images and little bit of video snippets.. nothing much and not fancy Alex - Thats exactly the goal to improve SEO & hits on the website while marketing through social media platforms.. ASO has been completed on the apps and now is the time to switch on to SEO and hence trying to set the website side
  9. I believe lot of you have your own websites as part of your business or for personal reasons. Having trawled over the net, there seems to be a whole lot of domain providers (godaddy, fasthosts , bluehost, easily etc)and I cannot decide on whom to go with . .Any recommendations as below are my requirements 1. Purpose of domain is to register company and build website with pages of content. Hence no payment or ecommerce activity at this stage 2. To be able to effective market website through social media - FB, Twitter, Instagram, YT etc via SEO What I am looking for in the domain
  10. QB series completed now on the big silver ones... Have a few more to go on the yellow metal
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