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  1. Top right hand corner 3 dots edit and you can change title
  2. Looking for a shieldback sovereign in nice condition if anyone has one at a decent price Thanks
  3. Does anyone have this coin and looking to sell Cash waiting
  4. As a proud non sovereign owner lol I'm looking for something different European, south central American, mexican San Marino scudi, Vatican city gold Anything other than a Sov
  5. All silver is now subject to vat post brexit in the UK, some investment gold is exempt but the rare are criteria for it to be classed as investment gold
  6. Recieved today the most beautiful and rare Peru soles Diez (10) soles https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces46642.html Cinco (5) soles https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces46641.html Taken next to a 5p for scale of the cinco to go with their big sister the 20 peru soles Stunning examples
  7. What works for me is to take a picture Then click edit zoom in screenshot and bobs your uncle
  8. Chile 50 pesos and 20 pesos to sit alongside the 100 pesos I have
  9. Won't make a difference wether or not its her last year there must be a mintage of 1.6 billion coins with her face on As others have said few people will get caught in the hype then same as usual in terms of value Also will a new generation of collectors have the same level of patriotism to the Queen and monarchy But like brown furniture can't shift a regency table for 50 quid but people will buy IKEA for the twice the price. Pacman Silver 60 quid or a pez dispenser 150 dispensing silver pez then you see nice bits of gold and Silver with heritage struggling to sell The
  10. Beautiful the vintage stuff can't beat it
  11. 1/10 oz proof American Eagle 1996 167. 50 posted by SD in quadrum cap Small amount of dust etc on coin but please see pics bullion version goes for 150 plus
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