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  1. The coin has gone my whole fine English collection has sorry
  2. Metals getting a hard UK bumming then
  3. Massive crown looks to big for his head maybe propped up by ears like a cartridge scaffolding
  4. Recieved today But I'm selling up with most of my stuff in the graded section Offered at 2650 you won't find a set cheaper Look a fantastic chance at getting a 70 Plus post no offers this is cheap if you want it Listed elsewhere
  5. Selling my stack and retiring from coins 2022 Double sov PF70 - £1825 2022 Single Sov PF70 - £1000 2022 SOTD - MS70 - £1100 case COA - SOLD 2022 proof 50p set limited to 70 sets - £2650 (pics tommorow look flawless ) case COA number 12 2022 Piedfort sovereign - £1300 (pics Wednesday looks flawless) case coa -SOLD 2016 Butler portrait PF70 - £1075 (case/COA) 1982 sovereign PF70 - £575 1825 Half sov MS63 - £2050 1803 MS64 half guinea top pop - £1850 - SOLD Moving on to new things All plus post, Thanks TSF Note I'm on holiday 1st October so can post if sold before then after that It will be when I return
  6. Selling the last of my old coins 1803 third guinea MS63 - 1050 - SOLD 1803 half guinea MS64 (top pop) - 1850 1825 half sov MS63 - 2150 This could conserve possible chance at ms64 or PL
  7. Looking for th e red dragon of Wales pf70 in quarter ounce Must be NGC Thanks
  8. One of the finest examples known only 2 finer 1803 1/3 guinea NGC MS63 1100 plus post Blown my load on another coin so reduced to 1100
  9. Looking for a nice high grade 1937 proof sovereign or half NGC Thanks
  10. Not for me this deal Good luck with the sale all
  11. Don't think anyone has forgotten just don't think they care mate 🤣
  12. I don't get these vids why would someone buy a byb bar at 30-40 Oz? When byb himself says silver is s****
  13. Perth mint rarities trying these again fuebto rise in gold Nugget - 7.73g (large rare reef type gold nugget) with case and COA - £410 plus post - Available Pert mint vintage original stamp cast button/ bar (0.5oz) of 999.99 - 875 SOLD On sale at chards for 947.64 at time of posting Both for £1250 Plus post on all
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