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  1. I just need to say having read the above I think it's important to take a minute and reflect, the silver forum is made of up of a diverse range of people some wealthy some not, some experienced buyers some novices, but encouraging any community to grow is positve Peoples motivation also varies, wealth preservation, inheritance, a quick few quid, or simply just to have a shared hobby with like minded people Wether your buying an ounce of silver a month or an ounce of gold is irrelevant, as with all walks of life more experienced peers should guide newer members, encourage them
  2. Well worth the premium membership, if only to support each other in growing the community
  3. Got sent about half hour ago if you clicked yes to sign up to newsletters etc
  4. It's gets sent if your a Premoum. Member to Your email one of the benefits of premium membership
  5. Coin invest and the Sikver forum 15.00 voucher for premiumembwrs works out 1373 for 2020 brit I think
  6. World War 2 German militaria not sure off forum rules for this stuff, with the German reich logo Pm me for more details Collectors items inherited
  7. Rare 2007 platinum proof britannia 1/10oz with box and COA Yes the premium is high but tough coin to get hold off only 691 minted not for the stackers but the collectors Bought to keep as always something else has come up hence my other sales of silver aswell Reduced £225 plus post Cheapest other one I have seen is 450 on the coin connection There is a numistacker video about this coin
  8. Full set of oriental brits in caps 2018,19,20 Only recently purchased but need to release some cash £87.50 plus post
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