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  1. Mrs last night "shall we go for a meal this weekend" Me this morning "cant really afford it until payday next week" Then the postman drops 860 quids worth of coins through the letter box "you only live once" Mrs "your a tosser" lol
  2. Well what can i say recieved this today and took my breath away Super high releif Attica Athens Owl BC 393 - 294 (2,400 years old) Also recieved this 1900 kingdom of Wurtemburrg another belting 20 marks
  3. A 2022 with no history, no circulation, no originality made for people who have a bad case of the fear of missing out The 1989 sov people oaid probably 40 quid worth a grand good investment this one will be 600?? Will it be worth 2000 in 22 years maybe maybe but i can think of nicer coins for 2,000
  4. Why get involved in this rat race at all, wouldnt give the mint a penny looking forward to the my 2022 is c**p and dinged thread which will inevitably follow
  5. Stunning example of an 8 Reales NGC certified el calzador shipwreck coin Comes complete with booklet about the coin amd wreck Pants down special 200 plus post until 10pm or will be withdrawn and traded open to offers before 10 Beautifully defined details still remain
  6. Attica Athena Owl Graded NGC AU ancient 294 - 393 BC (2,500 years old) As you can see this is an absolutely mesmerising example of this coin one for the collectors hence the price 500 plus post Cannot post until friday/saturday
  7. Absolutely stunning coin in mint state full lustre 1894 Kaiser Wilhelm 11 £365 plus post This would grade very very well Bought from coin cabinet
  8. Ultra rare coin today Persian (Iran) Safavid Tahasp 1/2 Miqhtal (1524-1576 AD) this particular coin is 1568 (453 years old) https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces128884.html Rarity 100 on numista In stunning condition, intricate full lustre belter
  9. Looking for an NGC ancient Attica athens greek coin Before christ Anyone?
  10. Sublime rare 1882 H newfoundland 2 dollar graded NGC AU58 The Newfoundland 2-dollar coin was issued in intermittent years between 1865 and 1888. It was the only circulation gold coin issued by a British colony. Although few coins were issued, it was broadly used in Newfoundland and eastern Canada. The coin became scarce in 1894 because of hoarding following the collapse of Newfoundland's banks and monetary system. The H ia for Heaton mint Birmingham, one year only as the royal mint was overloaded with work and subcontracted the work out
  11. Thanks paul lovely condition this coin on ebay rommorow if not gone tonight
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