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  1. OK thanks everyone appreciate it will give this one a miss then on ebay
  2. I'm a novice in the sovereign world I have the opportunity to buy a 1989 double proof sovereign for £1200 Good buy or not appreciate the advice?
  3. Looking for pamp or geiger stuff Anything considered please pm me Cash waiting thanks
  4. 1 Scottsdale stacker 10oz for a reasonable price Pm me cash waiting Thanks all
  5. 86 please Added 0 minutes later... Sorry I'm also another helmet who didn't read the huge red letters
  6. Hiemerle and meule 50g - £47.50 4 x 1 ounce southern bullion nuggets £104 **Buy all nuggets 5.6 ounces for 145 plus post ** offers welcome
  7. My first lisiting of graded coins let me know if my prices are way of Westpoint ASE 2013 - only year of the enhanced finish Stunning coin NGC SP68 £50 sold Westpoint ASE 2014 early release ultra cameo - £35 Stunning coin NGC PF69 **90 for both Plus post **
  8. Full tube of ASE 2014 20oz total Mint condition 540 including posting by SD open to offers on these
  9. Looking for 10oz scottsdale stackers or preferably a 1 kilo scottsdale stacker Got loads of nice stuff to exchange for it Full tube of ASE 10oz Scotts reserve bar 10oz pamp bar 500g emirates bar 10oz engelhard
  10. Nice that jsut can't afford at the min
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