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  1. Great to see as the national spokesperson for gambleaware in Wales and the leading provider of the national gambling treatment pathway this is great to see that you have done this despite facing such adversity Anyone on here who needs any support for addiction substance misuse of gambling messages are always open Www.parklandplace.co.uk Sorry for going off topic but it's a subject close to my heart
  2. Rare rare opportunity to buy a Clive of India Shipwreck treasure coin Complete with full provenance from the Spink sale in 2000 with even orginal auction catalgoue very rare to the market and one of only 5 certified as unc details from the wreck Doesn't come better than this in my. Opinion Bought from Sov rarities graded with ngc provenance No bum specials, no kecks down price drop pants down specials, butter my backside specials, up the arris reductions, up the wrong pipe bargains on this one The coin is £2,250 plus post maybe a little wiggle room on price is allowed as with all My coins Would exchange for some nice NGC graded English stuff, to be honest im Open to anything if the deal is right 110 oz of silver in one bar, multiple 10oz, 20oz bars and so on Brazil, José I (1750-77), gold Peca of 6,400 Reis, 1752, R mint mark for Rio, laureate and draped bust right, R. mint letter over date below, 2 of date doubled, legend and toothed border surrounding, JOSEPHUS. I. D. G. PORT. ET. ALG. REX, rev. crowned shield of arms within ornate frame, edge engrailed, weight 14.50g (cf. Gomes 43.02; Fr.65). With a matt tone from being in saltwater, some nicks and light surface mark ad scuffs, intriguing to think the coin has been to the bottom of the sea and back with the shipwreck provenance. The obverse legend translates as "Jose the First, by the grace of God, King of Portugal and the Algarves" In 1755 Captain Robert Clive (1725-74), the decorated military hero of the British Navy, decided after a brief stint as a politician, that he was ready for a return to India where he had made his fortune. Packing up by his estimation some £3,000 worth of gold coins in a chest marked "R.C." with his belongings, he and his wife tried to book passage on the ship Dodington where the cargo was accepted. However, a cabin was not available so Clive and his wife booked themselves on to the alternative ship Stretham. "One chest of gold marked R.C." is recorded on the Dodington manifest as weighing 653 ounces and 6 pennyweights and was the only gold recorded as being carried upon this ship and the two ships with several others set sail from England on 22nd April 1755. The Dodington was the more efficient ship of the group and pulled ahead of the others on the long voyage to India south down the Atlantic and around the Cape of Good Hope into the Indian Ocean, and lost sight of them by the end of May. Unfortunately the Captain of the Dodington following inefficient charts turned from an easterly bearing to a east-north-east too early and ended up on a collision course for rock and reefs of what was then called Chaos Island which is Bird Island today in the Indian Ocean. Stormy weather was encountered further hiding the breakers over the reefs until too late on the 17th July 1755 when the ship was wrecked within a mile of the shore at Bird Island and smashed to pieces within a twenty minute period. Only 23 of the 270 people on board survived to make the shore. The other ships following on the correct course, were oblivious to the fate of the Dodington and sailed on safely to Bombay, meanwhile the 23 survivors of the wreck made best they could to live on the island using much of the wreckage to shelter and eventually build a small vessel on which they could escape the island. They also managed to recover a "chest of treasure" and also one of "wrought plate" but both of these were not associated with Clive and nor were they gold, and his gold treasure was assumed lost for good. The survivors christened their boat "Happy Deliverance" and by the 20th April 1756 arrived in Mozambique after nine months of not seeing anybody else. They then sailed on to India successfully where news of their survival and what happened soon made headline news in London. The treasure was not eventually salvaged until the 1990s and the auction at Spink in 2000 contained over 800 Brazilian and Portuguese gold coins recovered from the wreck of the Dodington. South American gold coins minted from the rich bounty of gold deposits there were flowing as coin across to Portugal and then at the rate of as much as two million pounds a year into England from the illicit trade between Lisbon and London as evidenced by contemporary sets of coin weights for weighing gold coins that always had weights for Portuguese coins at this period, and hence why Clive possessed such gold coins for overseas trade. Clive went on to become "Clive of India" as the first British Governor of the Bengal Presidency. This coin is one of 62 pieces of this date in the treasure. Provenance: Ex The Clive of India Treasure, Spink Coin Auction 143, 28th September 2000, lot 264 with original lot card and certificate issued by Spink. VID_20220622_223254.mp4
  3. Also recieve actually in hand today the Clive of India shipwreck treasure coin, with the Clive of India certification from NGC Posted before, but because it sexy I'm posting again One of 5 graded unc details from the wreck beautiful peach matte toning from 250 years in the sea
  4. Recieved today 1803 half guinea that I sent for grading and has achieved MS64 joint top pop one of two
  5. 1885 - S shield PCGS MS62 stunning toning £580 plus post open to offers on this belter if it takes your fancy VID_20220622_222824.mp4
  6. Because you will get bummed without membership on getting the best deals
  7. And to 550 if it doesn't sell tonight will be going to th charity shop with the other
  8. And 900 quid plus post Price drop TV special if it doesn't sell tonight I'm just gonna **** it off to a charity shop
  9. Bought for 900 special edition seiko watch modelled on vintage seiko Stunning chocolate brown face with matte black bezel and gold markers Simply beautiful on a rubber strap Lightly worn Weekend special £550 plus post Boxed and papers Also comes with extended warranty from Goldsmiths purchased for 120 at the time Would exchange open to ideas
  10. Stunning and very very lightly worn probably about 10 times since I have owned it tag heuer carrera with see through sapphire crystal case back Polar white dial Twin time zones useful when travelling abroad Model WV2116.BA0787 39mm Automatic Calibre 7 movement Boxed with spare links and swing tag, Putting this on a bargain weekend special at £900 plus post this is a very nice watch for this money Open to exchanges
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