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  1. MrTT

    advice please

    10 koronas are cool. They are 19 mm. I have 5 of them. 🤠
  2. Atm i buy only higher grade numismatik gold coins. Instead of buying bullion gold at this high prices. I like to buy a nice older gold coin i can enjoy. 🤠🤠 For bullion , i only buy silver.
  3. This one more nice , https://www.ma-shops.com/fleischmann/item.php?id=1315
  4. There is a Spain 4 Escudos 1791 Carlos IV AU , for sell on MA shops for 1099 euro 🤠
  5. Geiger edelmetalle & silberling.de are good places to buy pm's. 👍
  6. Check which bar has the best price per gram. Larger bars has a bit lower price per gram then smaller bars, depends on the brand also.
  7. MrTT

    What do we think?

    Stay away from ebay
  8. 1 oz gold for every 100 oz silver, or very close to it 🤠
  9. Whatching Gold rush and many other shows, parker going aussie was good. Gold fever 🤠
  10. MrTT


    Invest in silver. Buy here on the forum, think most people that sells here are uk based.
  11. Better buy now. Or if you want use 50% of your pm budget now and get gold & silver. Use other 50% after election.
  12. My first LMU coin. Belgium 20 franc, really like this coin 🤠
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