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  1. Very nice silver from Europa Bullion 👍👍
  2. Im buying more silver & gold now. Real inflation in usa 13,5% now. 🤯🤯🤯
  3. Lucky i dont live in the u.k and can buy silver for a decent price 🤠🤠
  4. I would buy now. Not sure what banks / apps you guys use in u.k. Maybe somebody else know more about this.
  5. Gold & silver mining stocks could be a good idea
  6. Peru 8 reales 1792 & Portugal 400 reis 1815 🤠
  7. He bought it from Coin Guy 🤠
  8. The best company is DHL never had problem with them 🤠
  9. Received over the week, 3 awesome dragons. 🤠
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