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  1. Gold should be exempt from VAT. Only silver & platinum has VAT.
  2. Only for sell from europeanmint ?
  3. Merson has many 100 franc Angels 🤠 https://www.ma-shops.com/merson/search.php?searchstr=100+franc&sortby=preis_eur&desc=desc
  4. 34,90 Euro https://aurinum.de/2021-Australia-1-oz-Silver-Dragon-Rectangular-BU-
  5. Tone it further ! 🤠
  6. Bullionstar in singapore is very good
  7. Not LMU, but SCU ( Scandinavian Currency Union ) 🤠
  8. So high premium 😱 https://www.ma-shops.com/schwarz/item.php?id=5144
  9. They ship worldwide. Just choose "Shipping by Courier from Singapore"
  10. Best place to buy bullion, if you live in asia. https://www.bullionstar.com/ singapore
  11. Agree, the mouth looks different
  12. Omg, why did you have to share this store 😁😁. The wife will kill me this month 😱
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