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  1. Well you still do the same thing. Accumulate and store pms. 😀
  2. I think stacking, collecting or investing, is the same thing ( PMs ). Different word, same meaning. Most people buy stocks here.
  3. 4 , 1kg Southern cross bars. My first kilo bars 😁
  4. Bengt is a swedish name 🤠
  5. Got a email yesterday from the company i ordered the 2 50 franc coins. Apparently they had some error with there stock, and the 2 50 franc coins i ordered, they already sold 😱. Well, i will have to buy some other coins for now. Im thinking, 20 franc and a few 10 koronas. I really like the design of the hungary 10 korona coins.
  6. In sweden i dont know any stackers. I think its a very rare thing to stack pms. I only know a few people that has or had a gold bar or gold coin. Never see or hear anyone stack silver or platinum, i think if people buy pms, its mostly gold.
  7. Anyone know a good deal for , Hungary 10, 20, or 100 Korona 1892 to 1916 ? I really like the design 😁
  8. I think this is the same coin , https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces23936.html On the bottom of the page, they show 1 coin with a price.
  9. Gold 40% Silver 60% All physical.
  10. Im really excited today. Just ordered 2 , 50 franc napoleon coins. My first franc coins , 1864 A & 1866 BB 😁
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