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  1. I’ve also just ordered two, looking forward to receiving them!
  2. As per the update, no customs charge. Hence the update that may have been of use to others waiting for silver front he continent from previous-Brexit. But me not getting charged does not mean that others won’t be incorrectly charged and have to reclaim.
  3. The chances of Royal Mail or HMRC making a mistake are minimal? I want to live on your planet! I received a text from RM followed by an email saying: “Just to let you know, it’s likely there will be a Customs charge to pay for this item” so was keeping people informed in this relevant thread.
  4. Yes I’m not struggling to understand, what’s your point? HM Customs can be a bit gung ho regardless of purchase date. Was sharing as a case study given the text from RM about paying duty even though it shouldn’t be levied.
  5. Follow up to the above - my Libertads arrived from Germany without a customs charge - I presume because of the purchase date. The text from RM was genuine and was followed by the tracking info and delivery date. Won’t make any difference for purchases made in 2021 I suppose, but maybe a ray of hope for those who are awaiting deliver of silver purchased in 2020.
  6. Thanks very much and will be vigilant. I think DHL operate a lot of general post in Germany and they partner with RM in the uk, had it a few times before. Appreciate the heads up 👍🏻
  7. Hello all, For everyone’s information and hopefully of some use: I ordered some 2020 1oz Libertads mid December from Germany, they were packaged and sent to DHL the same week (W/c 14th Dec). They were then held up and I had a note from DHL apologising for the delay which meant it didn’t move for the rest of that week. By W/c 21st nothing was moving because of the virus. Just had an email from Royal Mail today telling me it will likely incur a customs charge because of the value. I will be trying to reclaim as it was purchased in December and I can prove it. Thought I’d shar
  8. That was really inconsiderate! I’ve had to go and buy some 2oz now you’ve pointed it out 🤣 cheers dude, added to the 1oz I already have on order!
  9. Yeah that’s a brass neck pal! I wouldn’t have gone that low on a single tube, even if I was being on the cheeky side!
  10. What was the context dude? Like small quantities? To be fair, I’ll brass neck at that if it’s for 5+ tubes, especially if it’s older and was likely purchased at a much lower price many years ago. To be fair though, wouldn’t dream of an offer at that price on a small quantity! I figure if someone wants a fast sale of anything over 100oz in one hit, they may take an offer. You can always go up, but never drop down!
  11. ShropshireTom

    925 silver

    I do the same thing. I watch a lot of outlets and have some contacts that know to call me when they want rid of it. Like you, I have accumulated quite a bit over the years, I should probably check how much! They stamp some nice coins in it and when it’s below spot, I buy.
  12. ShropshireTom

    925 silver

    Depends on the gun, the operator and the thoroughness of both. I’ve worked in metal all my life (until April this actually...love Covid..) and you wouldn’t believe the lengths people will go to to rip you off. Plenty of dealers have been stitched up - bales are worse than ingots to be fair, but ingots are often the target of a nefarious plan. You need to gun at 5 points along the length of the bar and then along the longest axis to be relatively sure. All of the above is with non-Pm non-ferrous, but of people the that hard to rip you off in the copper/brass/Ti/SS arena, I imagine there’s
  13. A couple of years ago every single birthday card that arrived for my daughter had been opened and arrived without even being sealed back up. Thankfully there was no money in them but the principal stinks. Generally, RM does a pretty good job IMO but it is really frustrating when it goes wrong and a couple of bad eggs ruin the box.
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