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  1. Diversification has to be good. It makes us all nervous I think, you look at your pension that you’ve sweated over for years to build and watch it rise and fall with the global economies and I still wonder if it was the right vehicle for such a large chunk of my personal wealth. PM’s, vintage Shotguns and rare watches have provided me some diversification recently the more I have fretted, but there’s still a lot in the various global markets. Just switched some of that to physical metal ETF’s. Got to hope that the various market ups and downs in all those sectors equates to a decent overa
  2. Thanks - was curious as they are a nice looking coin 👍🏻
  3. Very cool target! Out of curiosity, is there a preferred place to source these in the UK or do you just monitor dealers, eBay here etc?
  4. Hi Dave, was really pleased with the first batch I purchased. PM me if you can do a reduction on all 6 of remaining. Thanks
  5. I’m new here but I’ve been buying and selling precious metals for a three decades based, mainly, on what I think I can make a buck on. platinum is, as pointed out, is mercurial in its pricing. White gold seemed to knock it for six for a while at the turn of the millennium but it did perk back up (in the jewellery segment). Right now, it’s my most sought after metal as I think it will do well in the next 10 years. I also noticed the RM pricing - curious to say the least! I’m going to buy some in the near future, against my grain not to speculate....
  6. Thanks! Great community and info. Appreciate the welcome
  7. Observation - depends what you want it for. Refining is relatively difficult, but as pointed out can be done at home. But if you Group your purity together it’s easy enough to melt and pour into a mould. I used to do it lots with broken 9ct and 18ct gold and gold scrap. Same purity in generally means same purity out if you do it correctly and don’t get it contaminated. You can do it at home for a modest cost. However, it isn’t without peril, so do take reasonable precautions! Brief overview: build a home forge with forced airflow (old hairdryer will do it) - there’s a lot of videos
  8. Thank you! Added 0 minutes later... Thank you. I’ve been enjoying reading through a lot of the forums, a veritable cornucopia of information.
  9. I’ve been really concerned about a lot of the stuff on eBay. Some coins look bang on but others look miles off - even to me with no experience in coins. I’ve been careful on eBay for years, but even though buyer protection has got better, you first need to know you’ve been had over! Im thinking I’ll stick to the mint and here until I’ve found my feet! And thanks for the video, very useful.
  10. Any particular brand or type of anti-tarnish strips that are preferred by members? New to coins but not to precious metals and I’m curious.
  11. Morning all, I’m new to the forum and not big on the online world in general. People keep telling me it’s a brave new world - I keep telling them that if they read that book, the guy ends up in a concentration camp!! However, I do accept the online community must be the same as all others and will have good as well as bad. So, following a recent very positive trade with a founder member of this forum I’ve decided to join up and give it a whirl. Ive brought and sold precious metals my whole life at amateur weights. My Dad owned and ran a jewellers for a lot of years s
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