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  1. If I hadn’t just brought a car I’d have had this off you in a flash, beautiful!
  2. What’s the anticipated delivery timeframe please @Panda6Pack?
  3. I like doing this too. My favourite are the ambulance chasers. Not so much fraud as bottom feeders granted, but easy sport. “Yes I had an accident” is all it takes - and they are on the hook! I often make up injuries to body parts I’ve made up. Haemorrhage of the oblungta, internal damage to my gnosifum etc. Occasionally I’ve told them I died and they chat away for another couple of mins.
  4. Thanks, I hadn’t even looked at the other denominations. Appreciated - I’ll start doing some research 👍🏻
  5. Thanks Roy. Luckily for me my cousin is a tax lawyer in NC so it’s all already sorted for payment when the property sells. Interestingly, largely the tax bill is paid in the UK under some agreement to only tax inheritance once. However there are sales taxes etc to be paid.
  6. I’m hoping for some shop recommendations and a steer on UK premiums for gold Pesos. Bit of a long story, but this year I will have to sell my late Father's house in Virginia. Whilst most of the money will be sent back to the UK, I thought I’d take the opportunity to get a few coins whilst I will be in the US. My family are in Greensboro NC and I will be spending some time emptying the house in Virginia too. Google has supplied plenty of details of coin shops and Pawn shops, but I was wondering if anyone (either side of the pond) has any personal recommendations? Same goes for th
  7. If I hadn’t just brought a 1/2oz proof Libertad I’d buy this in a second, beautiful coin 👍🏻
  8. Well that’s an interesting question without a simple answer! At its most basic, silver - like all metals and most commodities - has a spot price. That’s the market valuation of a resource in a readily utilisable form - I’ve spent most of my career in metal (not PM’s though) and spot prices are very widely used as a staple price guide. From there, there is the spread - the % difference that dealers will buy and sell at and so make their profit. For PM’s this may be relatively small, up to 5% for gold but often a couple of percent. For copper and titanium, to use as random examples, this may be
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