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  1. One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but a bit of information on the price difference between the elusive 70 grade, and a 69! HUGE! I guess after auction and grading fees, the seller would have received about £465 net! ball park!
  2. You mopping up these from the week-handed flippers, IMHO is a very wise move indeed….a fool and ther money are easily parted! Do people not look at the bigger market? When I watched a 70 grade 2oz silver sell at Heritage this week for $3100, I thought folk would realise…but they haven’t…yet! Even after taking into account auction fees, that’s over £2000 in hand for the seller…yet people are parting with them for £400! I was tempted to buy a few myself off eBay at 4am in the morning (after the Heritage sale), but the ones on offer had ‘issues’ from what I could see…milk spots already! I hope the ones you have bought get 69 or 70 grades, if you decide to go that route…your entrepreneurship deserves to be well rewarded👍. And as for Alderney…why have cotton when you can have silk!
  3. And for those GC’s that don’t quite get the top grade…a PR69 is coming up for sale at Heritage next week…!
  4. Anyone who recently flipped their GC coin(s), might want to look away. Truly awesome result for those that were lucky enough to get one and hold. Lord knows what these are going to go for when the second coin is released!
  5. ..and thanks to @AndrewSL76 (I think!), your last ‘like’ for my post has made me a ‘Veteran’ on TSF..not sure I like the sound of that!😂. So whose guessing a price for the two GC’s being auctioned at Heritage….My feeble attempt at understanding the secondary market is:- 2oz Silver - $1000 on the hammer (so about £880 GBP 2 oz Gold (Milled edge) - $15,000 (£13,200) (Assuming 20% BP, and 1.36 exchange rate)! We will soon find out….anyone else going to take a punt!.
  6. Having read the article, it suggests the robbery could have taken place outside the coin fair. At 2-45pm a lot of dealers will also be leaving then. Rather than being a well planned and targeted attack, I think the person robbed (I know not who) was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having looked at the inventory of coins stolen, I don’t think this person was targeted specifically..there were far more expensive hauls to be had. Thoughts are with whoever it was…
  7. One to watch..being sold at Heritage…along with a 2oz gold on the same day.
  8. Grim reading indeed…there are usually plenty of security guards there, but who wants to tackle a thug with a machete!
  9. Hi @Dougall1 I sent a few Peruvian Una Libras over to NGC for grading last year, and they had to create new entries for them (year dates not previously recorded) All went ahead no problem, so hopefully the same for you. You could always email them to let them know what’s coming..they respond very quickly.
  10. Probably the worst condition coins I have ever seen offered for sale, per the advice above….not worth scrap value IMHO.
  11. Welcome…I lived in the potteries for three great years!
  12. I won’t be sitting on this Santa’ s knee for a surprise present!
  13. I hope so, I had to promise the postie a£10 Christmas tip if he got it here first thing! 🎄🌲🎅🍻🍺
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