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  1. Sometimes I think you write these articles with me in mind (you perfectly describe my psychological weaknesses 😂). I own physical silver which has doubled in value, and I’m getting thoughts of selling😂. My gold / silver ETF’s have done the same (in way less time), and I did sell some on Thursday...just to rebalance by portfolio. I had way too much invested in one asset class. I will try and sit on my hands for a good while longer, but having been scarred in the past (by not taking profits), it’s a tricky, but nice position to be in! Thank you again for reminding me of the above👍
  2. Hi, and thanks for te above offer..it looks like I might have tracked down the coin I wanted from another source!.Will wait and see what dates are available though👍
  3. Hi Dicker...I don’t think there are any restrikes for this coin, none that I have discovered anyway. The history of these coins is a little sketchy in places, as not even the Peruvian Mint know the exact mintage figures for some of the years they were made. What I really like about them, is that they are the same size as a sovereign, but you can collect them more or less without any competition!(at the moment).. I recently acquired a rare date, a 1961 with a mintage of only 402...it is now with Numi for grading..it cost less than £600. Can you imagine how much such a rare sovereign would cost?...way out of my price range that’s for sure. Glad you like the thread...I have sent another seven Una Libras off for grading, and one of them is something really rare🤔... I am also looking at another coin to collect from South America..5 Quetzales from Guatemala...but maybe not just yet.
  4. And now..for something completely different. Not my normal purchase, but good project material for my daughter to learn about silver, hallmarks, and the like. Many thanks @ilovesilverireallydo.
  5. If you could list the dates of the angels and roosters you have, it might loosen a few pockets...I collected date runs of these coins, so knowing what individual dates you have might help. I am on the lookout for a good condition 1906 rooster (restrike). It will have LIBERTE EQUALITE FRATERNITE around the rim, and not DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE....plus some of my angels could be upgraded...cheers.
  6. If @Kman is using a CFD his market will probably close at the same time as yours in the USA...our stock market will close in about 30 mins time from this post...but the big boys trading club will continue for many hours to come! Good timing on the trade @Kman..hope it works out well for you.
  7. Goldman Sachs new forecast released The asset that stole the show on Monday, of course, was gold GCQ20, 0.18%,which climbed to $1,931 an ounce, the highest settlement in history. That juiced the crowd expecting $2,000 an ounce soon, and leads us to our call of the day from Goldman Sachs, which has ditched its own $2,000 forecast and says we’re going to see $2,300 an ounce in the next 12 months. The bank also lifted its silver outlook to $30 from $22 an ounce. Lets hope they are right!
  8. A coordinated attempt to flood the COMEX with paper contracts and smash the price down...which worked. I think the dip will be bought back into very shortly..I hope so..I just bought a good chunk!
  9. Personally, I think the Hawking 50p offered more eye appeal, and more people will have some idea as to who he was. This coin is so much more expensive, and has less visual impact IMO...each to their own though. BIG SHAME the Royal Mint QC sticker still means absolutely bugger all.sorry your coin has a dink on the rim☹️..at least you have the opportunity to get a refund..just more hassle you can do without I’m sure.
  10. We had a frost on 14th May (S Yorkshire) and most of my runner beans got wiped out..had to start again. This year in many ways will be one to forget.
  11. My wife prefers a nice firm stick of rhubarb, especially first thing in the morning...plenty to go round...even give some to one of the neighbours from time to time 😂 ...and back in reality...the stringy beans are just about ready to crop, but due to the late frost some of the plants are a few weeks behind. Being a Yorkshireman I couldn’t quite bring myself to give away the wood I ‘found’ earlier in the year. Now I have moved it outside, it has dried nicely and I use as barbecue fuel. The only gardening disaster this year has been the courgettes..I’m pretty sure the kids swapped the seeds over with the sunflowers, as I haven’t got a single courgette plant despite sowing 20 seeds...maybe it’s because I usually make soup from it, and they hated it🤔!
  12. Got him the perfect pad:- Maybe if gold hits $20000👍🤑
  13. Hi...When you said you had enough Invested in PM’s to buy a two bedroomed house I forgot to ask where you live...I hope it’s Mayfair! I have about the same, but unfortunately a two bed house where I live is not that expensive👍
  14. Could you provide these COMEX figures for our benefit please, as I can’t find them, and explain why 2015..I’m a little confused as to the relevance. In 2015 silver traded from around $18 down to $14... In 2016 it traded from $14 up to $21..more relevant to what we are seeing today surely? perhaps the COMEX figures from just before te sudden rise in 2016 would be more useful?
  15. This guy called the big silver price rise a week before it happened...always useful...rather than some smart xxse telling us why something happened after the event. it’s a short video and nicely explains open interest on the COMEX..hope you enjoy! 👍
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