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  1. A subject we have faced every year for the last decade...it might also depend on what rate of tax your wife pays as well. The reason why we have always took the car and not cash is as follows:- 1. Lots less hassle to have a fully funded new vehicle, which comes with no additional bills.Peace of mind is worth quite a lot to us! 2. The biggy...does she have lots of bumps?...my Mrs usually manages to hit something about once a year, this is all paid for by her employer, not her. If she had to have her own insurance, it would be getting to pretty high levels by now. All in all
  2. Ever had a Groundhog Day? I’m having one🤔! Just arrived from Arshimo..again👍 Just can’t have enough PAMP kilo bars.
  3. How could I resist this quality offering from Ash?...I couldn’t...👍
  4. Hi I have seen the Sydney offering recently, and will try and pick one up on my travels. They minted 2000, so should be obtainable at some point! Not sure about release dates for the lunars...
  5. A good guess...but I am the llama shepherd😂 Augur is more into minty pigs 🐷😂🐷
  6. My two children are reunited..1967 Una Libra No2 just back from grading:- (see above for No 1) The grade was a real surprise... At time of going to press...412 Una Libras have been graded by NGC, and only one previously has been graded as Proof Like! Hence the happiness with the grade...
  7. Teenage dreams so hard to beat. ❤️
  8. Unfortunately, as JP Morgan are one of the owners of the Federal Reserve they are never likely to see justice served upon them. A $billion fine but no one goes to jail...well ain’t that a surprise!
  9. @augur what did you do to the coins to get the significant uplifts...Must have some magic dip I reckon🤔
  10. Three beauties back from over the pond today. And the rarest coin I have ever owned...a 1967 Una Libra (1 of 1 at NGC) So why is coin above so rare? https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/27054-gold-coins-of-south-america/page/2/
  11. A real rarity just back from grading, and a far better result than I could have hoped for. So...why so rare? Although this coin has a mintage of 2002, something happened in 1968 that resulted in most of these coins being melted for scrap 😱. The price of gold rocketed by over 22% in a short period of time, meaning the scrap value would have been too attractive to resist...So into the melting pot they went! So far, this is the only 1967 to be graded by any grading company, and I am only aware of one other known example, and that is held in very tight hands.
  12. Some real rarities just arrived today...3 from France, and 1 from Germany.....eventually! The coin below will need a new entry creating at NGC census. The 1914 POZG and 1915 PVG will only be the second example to be graded by NGC...the last coin, the 1968 BBB ain’t too common either!
  13. I hope the Perth Mint don’t get any more cities involved...this is getting expensive!
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