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    20 French Francs Roosters 1899-1914
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  1. A superb bit of post arrived this morning, just back from grading..three of my favourite coins.
  2. Three more offerings from Peru. All going well, my next coin to add to the collection will be from Guatamala! Just got to be patient, and wait for it to arrive from the USA!
  3. Three more rarities to add to the Una Libra collection. Two coins sourced from Geneva, and one from Paris. 1914 POZG Mintage - unknown - Graded by NGC 2 :- one AU55 and this one! 1926 Mintage -4596 Graded by NGC 3 :- two MS65’s and my MS63. 1962 Mintage - 6203 Graded by NGC :- 11
  4. https://www.ngccoin.com/registry/competitive-sets/289960/ Plus a few more which are in for grading 👍
  5. Two coins for ‘les enfants’, and one for the Una Libra collection.
  6. I bought an angel from this company a few years ago. All I will say is, make sure you have great photographs of both sides of the coin you are buying. I had to get a PayPal refund for one of the coins I bought. It had a crack in it deep enough to get your thumb nail down!
  7. Jammy dog getting it so cheep....I relaxed a bit when I saw you had bought it...I was just too slow😥.
  8. Not ordered from them personally. If all goes well, there should be no tax to pay on importing gold, but our customs people don’t always get it right!...then you have a load of hassle....all part of the coin collecting game I’m afraid!
  9. @Hannibal Hi, Having checked..it looks like I paid double spot for the 1927 20 Franga, and more for the lower grade 1926 (I overpaid maybe for this coin). On the plus side, I only paid 20% above spot for my 1888, and that is looking like a great pick up:- I do not own a 20 Perpera. I’m only collecting Peruvian Una Libras currently.
  10. Photos as promised...edit not currently available🙁 Note difference between torch and axe.
  11. Hi @Lea79 the value is entirely down to grade...if ungraded then much lower. I was looking at an MS66 last year, and it went for silly money...well into four figures. I don’t think I have ever seen one sell for less than £600, but haven’t really followed them recently...unlike @augur...he will know. The 1926 used to go for an extra £50-£100.. Maybe post some pics of the ones you have...
  12. Hi...just checked my records. The 1926 Skanderbegu was bought from a small private dealer based in Thessaloniki (via eBay). He still trades under the name Agamemnon 2586. The 1926 usually carries a higher premium than the 1927, which is odd as it has a higher mintage...5900 as opposed to 5000. Out of all of my LMU these two are probably the most expensive to buy, but in the case of the 1927 it is graded PCGSMS64, so as a graded example it commands a higher price than a raw coin. Two other 20 Francs coins come very close, if not higher:- The 1896 French 20 Fr ‘Angel at Desk’ with the rare ‘Torche’ mint mark is extremely rare, and expensive to buy. I would say for every 30 coins of this date, 29 will have the ‘fasces’, axe mint mark. Unfortunately, I had to pay full price to obtain mine. The other one to look out for is the French 20 Francs 1888 year date. The 20 Fr coins were minted in there millions, but not this one. I think the mintage was only about 28k. I managed to get mine from a French dealer for a little over £300. Once back from grading (AU58), it is probably worth double! When the sun rises, I might edit the post to add pictures of the above two coins.
  13. The 20 Franga carry a large premium..but my goodness they are worth it. I have a large, and diverse coin collection, and without a doubt...the finest coins in my collection are my two Skanderbegus They do come up for auction quite frequently...I bought one from Goldberg’s and one from Greece... Although expensive, I do think they are worth every cent.
  14. I have just discovered a new dealer for me to buy from (In Geneva), and boy am I happy to have found him. NCG -Daniel-Jolliet.com Really good prices, goods better than described, and great communication. Two new Una Libras for the collection:- A superb looking 1962 And an extremely rare 1926 (only two graded by NGC)
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