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  1. Hello and welcome to TSF. 😃
  2. I really like this! My first Britannia 100g Silver Bar to add to the collection.
  3. 2022 Australian Swan and 2022 Hera Gods of Olympus. Big fan of both these series, and this now puts me up to date with both collections.
  4. “When one chooses to walk the Way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey.” Shame these are odd sizes, as no 1oz bar capsule will fit these.
  5. Not sure if I’m allowed to post links in this thread due to forum rules, but if you Google “2022 BESKAR BAR MANDALORIAN 1OZ SILVER BULLION BAR” it’s the first link for me on SilverTrader’s website.
  6. SilverTrader has these in stock currently. Just picked one up
  7. Wow! What a monster that is. 👀 Yeah, i've always wondered about buying these from overseas. I've got mine from UK sellers so didn't have any issues.
  8. That's awesome. I need to get one of these to go with my 2oz 7.62mm NATO round and my 10oz .50 Cal round. I'll have to keep my eye out for one
  9. A James Bond Diamonds are forever 1oz Silver bar and a 2022 Royal Arms 1oz Silver Bullion Coin.
  10. Just sent over another small donation Looking forward to the livestream on Friday!
  11. Incredible work in organising this all BYB. What a great community and some amazing donations. Wish I had more to contribute!
  12. King James I 1oz Silver Proof Coin has arrived. Really nice coin imo and I’m excited for the rest of this series.
  13. Thanks, good to know! I too have now received my dispatch email.
  14. No email, but I do have it showing in my open orders. Might be different as I ordered over the phone though.
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