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  1. Thank you for the detail Wampum, that's great!
  2. Thank you Norskgeld. Bit confused again now, as it does look like the shillings, sixpences and threepence and groats. It measures around 25mm and weighs around 3g (awaiting my new scales, so had to use kitchen scales :-))
  3. Hi It measures approx 25mm So it would appear to be a groat?
  4. Many thanks Liam - So for sure it's either a groat or a half groat? They kinda look the same to me (as do the shillings, sixpences and threepence, which is why I asked here) - I'm not sure how I can distinguish them? Apologies if I'm making a fundamental mistake :-)
  5. Hi My son has this from his grandad and we aren't sure what it is or what its worth. Any help would be appreciated (a rough idea of the value). Many thanks Verity
  6. I'll take 2020's No: 84 (own 2019 and 2018's) and can I be put on waiting list for any other number please Cheers
  7. Hi, From Wakefield UK - Totally new to this. I just like the shiny stuff and want to learn about the process. This appears to be a great place to start. I haven't bought or sold any metals as yet and would appreciate any experienced comments. I am looking to buy some 1kg bars from well known mints. Best wishes Verity
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