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  1. So on the small side then. 😆
  2. I’m not sure if I read this here or elsewhere (it was most probably here), but apparently Prince Charles has already sat down for his portrait. Whether it’s fact or hearsay is anyone’s guess.
  3. Queen Victoria actually wore a veil as a widow, so it probably seemed okay to feature her with the veil on later coinage. If QEII does not wear a veil hereafter (and I doubt she will, except perhaps for the funeral), it might be weird to have her sit down wearing a veil just for a sketching session of a new coinage portrait as if the veil were some sort of accessory.
  4. Such a good husband. Others might have locked the door, sat down with pornography, and told their wife they’re looking at coins.
  5. True, the RM may probably eventually release something commemorative, but I doubt it will be fast tracked to coincide with the funeral, and I also doubt Anne Jessop wrote that statement with any coin release in mind. It’s literally just a condolence message highlighting HRH’s connections and contributions to the Royal Mint. Just IMO.
  6. To be clear, I never meant to imply that the Mints associate COA number with the order of a coin’s striking. I was saying that because this is precisely what does not happen, the only reason to pay an additional premium for COA (over the premium you alreay pay for a proof coin) is if you have a certain quirk for the coin’s theme and some related number. For example, COA 95 for the 95th Birthday Sovereign. I’d be amused to get one. Would I pay an extra premium for it? Not particularly considering the coin itself has an almost 100% premium over spot. Others might be willing to splurge.
  7. What is it between the lines that you think hints at a new release?
  8. The CC’s preorders were closed a while back. But indeed as @Zhorro says, the RM have taken down that page. It will definitely be a bit insensitive to strike a celebration Sovereign while HM is mourning her husband. Perhaps they will strike it on HM’s official birthday later in June. It would certainly match with what they did in 2016 for the 90th Birthday SotD.
  9. As far as quality of the coin is concerned, absolutely not. A 10 COA for example does not mean it was the actual 10th coin struck. Nor does a low COA indicate better quality than higher COAs because the dies are cleaned and polished depending on their usage. The last coin struck in a batch of 3,000 might very will have the best strike of the lot. Indeed a 007 COA might be fun for a Bond coin, but just like the hobby of collecting itself, it totally depends on the quirks of the collector.
  10. Prince Philip passed away this morning. https://www.royal.uk Not meaning to be insensitive or anything, just sharing this news here since we were discussing his upcoming 100th birthday. 🙁
  11. I don’t have any of these issues but I admit I love the naval design and the EIC logo, and also love QE’s portrait. A lovely bar.
  12. They could very well do a platinum £5 crown. They did a sterling silver £5 crown for Prince George’s birth in 2013 with St. George and the Dragon on the reverse. While it wasn’t technically a Sovereign, it pretty much had the same look (obverse and reverse) except for FIVE POUNDS written on the reverse. https://news.coinupdate.com/behind-the-scenes-look-at-the-royal-birth-five-pound-silver-crown-2087/
  13. Agreed! Anything other than a proper redesign - special portrait or special reverse - just feels lazy now as there have been too many of these variations since 2017.
  14. I’ve always wondered what happens if the person handling your coin manages to get a tiny nick or something that causes it to get a lower grade under whatever magnification they use? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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