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  1. The missus had good intentions but yikes! 😆 What does the envelope look like please? And the order form? You lucked out on your first Silver Proof purchase. 👏 I don’t see any milk spots. Lucky you!
  2. I will share any info I get, as soon as I get it.
  3. Yes, similar price as a PF70 Queen’s Beasts 2oz Completer silver proof. I guess all I was saying is the 2019 Kew Gardens silver proof is not particularly rare compared to other silver proofs - it’s just desirable to those who collect 50ps.
  4. @Shelland @NewCoins - Did you receive anything else? Did the brochure come in an envelope? Cataloguer here. 🤓
  5. @Altitudes Yup. As Paul says, it’s the 2009 Kew Gardens released for circulation that has one of the lowest mintages of circulation coins. Strangely (or maybe shrewdly!) the RM released a silver proof version again in 2019, and I guess people just automatically got on the Kew Gardens bandwagon thinking it would become sought after too. In reality, the 2019 silver proof Kew Gardens is no rarer than any other RM silver proof coin.
  6. These coins do come with a large A4 size brochure (about 20+ pages) about the Trial of the Pyx ceremony. You also get a printed page of the “verdict”. And of course a separate COA stating it is a proof or bullion or whatever coin and the limitation (only 6 or only 10). All of it comes in a cardboard folder. The coin itself is encapsulated in a plastic credit card sized holder which fits in a paper cutout slot in the cardboard folder. For larger coins, I think it is not feasible to encapsulate them so they come in a box with a different type of COA. I have also seen graded Trial of the Pyx coins by NGC. the holder description clearly states this. It is a nice little package but I’ve only ever seen these sell at a loss unfortunately. And the eBay listings of previous years that are priced over the original cost have been lingering there for some years now. My personal opinion is if you like the coin and the idea of holding one that went though this ceremony, get it for your own pleasure. It is almost guaranteed to sell at a loss, so if that’s your drive for buying it, you’ll more likely than not be disappointed.
  7. I may have information about the price (and maybe something other details) early next week.
  8. Sorry I missed seeing this post yesterday. I’m not sure about the value of these 50ps as I don’t really have an interest in this range.
  9. Yes for sure. It’s like the die trial pieces.
  10. I see these types of listings on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274974045530?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338722076&toolid=10001 Surely this is better value for money than paying £150 or so for a handled Kew Gardens? I honestly don’t follow 50ps so I may be missing something here.
  11. What’s the deal with the 2019 Kew Gardens anyway? The silver proof is available on eBay quite cheap when bought as part of the set?
  12. I’m saving for the next Great Engravers and the 2022 Sovereign so these were an easy pass for me. 😀
  13. It’s probably the Snowman coin. They’ve been teasing something snow/winter related for some days now.
  14. You don’t sound overwhelmed. Is that because you’re being cautious, or because the design is just that basic?
  15. My apologies. I went for double entendre with my question. You were actually serious. 😬
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