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  1. Did you manage to get anything at all from this range? If it means so much to you, I sure hope you have.
  2. To me… the way I see MYSELF as a collector, is that I COVET the coins I really love. I love OWNING them. I love the fact they BELONG to ME. That I HAVE a piece of history… art… craftsmanship. I’m not shouting - I’m just highlighting the words that are resonating with me when I define myself as a collector. However… That doesn’t mean I may not buy a coin I don’t care about for the sole reason of flipping it to make some extra cash so I can afford to buy more of the coins I do love. I think COLLECTOR - FLIPPER is a spectrum and not so black and white. 1. Some people only collect. 2. Some people collect and also flip to make money to collect more. 3. Some only flip. The last category are the ones I look at with distaste. They have no love of coins at all - their interest is purely mercenary.
  3. Slightly tangential to the whole flipping topic… but imagine having a et of all four 2 Oz gold coins. 😭 That’s not me crying - just my eyes watering.
  4. I’ve seen some recent Sovereigns in red blister packs, like this. https://www.thelondoncoincompany.com/store/2016-St-George-and-the-Dragon-Gold-Bullion-Full-Sovereign-Coin-Mint-Card-p161953327
  5. PF. It is a Proof coin with a matte finish. EDIT: My mistake. I did a quick Google and it looks like these matte proofs are assigned MS and not PF. I never realized this because I don’t care much about grading.
  6. No. This is also a proof Sovereign (more strikes than the bullion) but with a full matte finish on both obverse and reverse. It also has a plain edge. It is certainly not just a billion Sovereign in a box. @SovereignBishop
  7. Thanks @paulmerton. @YMC- AFAIK the blister packs are RM exclusives.
  8. I got nothing from this entire release as I was so far back in the queue. 😭 Well that’s not entirely true - I got the £5 BU pack. 🥲
  9. Yes ofc why not? They’re all available to purchase individually. https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/uk-coin-ranges/sovereign/
  10. Can I be said neighbour’s dog just for that particular day? I’ve been told I’m rather cute with big puppy dog eyes. 😏
  11. My gosh! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GOTHIC-CROWN-QUARTERED-ARMS-2021-UK-5OZ-GOLD-PROOF-COIN-NGC-PF70UC-FIRST-RELEASE-/224786141740 The third pic and the last two pics just took my breath away - literally! This coin is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have had one. 🥲
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