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  1. I just realized the Alderney 2oz gold coins (the £200 piedfort) are £13,000. SERIOSULY!?! https://ukgoldcoins.co.uk/product/new-gothic-crown-gold-proof/
  2. Or perhaps they might stagger the release. That could be a possibility?
  3. I’m curious at the choice of the young portrait used for HM. Queen Victoria was young in 1847 so het portrait isn’t questionable. Guess the 2021 coin designer wanted to match QV’s young portrait. 🤔
  4. Oh is this confirmed through secret sources? 🙂
  5. Oh is this it? I got in and had no clue what to look for. 😝
  6. Yep! 👌🏼 By the way, is the aule in your name a Tolkien reference? 🙂
  7. @Allgoldcoins - Here are the other pics I have of the same coin. I will have to wait until after lockdown to get a look at the coin in person.
  8. The way I see it, the Platinum Jubilee will be a celebration of HM’s long and remarkable reign. The first of its kind in history. I personally think it would be more appropriate to celebrate the occasion with a portrait that honours HM’s remarkable age too. Who knows… they could do two Sovereigns, each with a different portrait… as has been suggested elsewhere. To me that would be straying into gimmicky territory. Just keep it simple and classy with one memorable Sovereign, I say! 😀
  9. This looks gorgeous for sure. But I’m almost certain it is lighting and angle that makes this set look so perfect, like a proof set that has been recently struck. As I just mentioned in a previous comment, in other pics I have, the coin I asked about has great eye appeal and looks very much like this set you shared. It is only magnification and lighting / angle that reveals all sorts of other details.
  10. Thanks for sharing your detailed thoughts and opinions. 🙂 It really does have great eye appeal in some other pics I have.
  11. Thanks. Curiously, those stray arcs weren’t bothering me. 😅
  12. Agreed with Lawrence. For a circulation coin, and especially a high value one like this, genuineness should be your first concern. 🙂
  13. It really is hard to distinguish between die polishing lines and something else lines. 😐 Which circular lines are you referring to please?
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