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  1. Well even if there is an issue with the coins, they can’t say that, because then the coins won’t be strike on the day coins anymore. So the only other issue they can give as a reason for the delay is packaging. I do feel for them - the production of SotDs must be a bit difficult to manage. But then again, they keep churning these SotDs out for every other occasion now, so who knows. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Slightly tangential to the original intent of this topic... but since you mentioned thelondoncoincompany, I have to say that their coins are almost always highly overpriced. I don’t think those prices are an accurate indication of a coin’s true value.
  3. They will surely be released before the end of this year based on their annual release pattern. One thing to note... 2021 is HM’s 95th birthday so the RM will not miss the opportunity to do something special even if it is just putting on a tiny privy mark. So the 2021 Sovereign may be doubly special for your parents to own. The bullion ones however may not have any special feature, so there’s that. Best to save about £1,000 in case you decide to buy 2 proofs. Or maybe gift them 2 Half-sovereigns because, you know, two halves make a full. 🙂
  4. Omg I cannot unsee Scooby Doo! How the heck did this design ever get from concept to actual coin!? 😂
  5. A bit of a difficult experience on the phone imo. 😐
  6. The site has been redesigned. Now I have to figure out how to navigate it again. 😅
  7. I hope they will not have a second series - that will just make it like the lunar series. Right now it is a nice one-off series. They should just leave it like that.
  8. Hehehhehe this really made me laugh. 😂
  9. The series looks looks great except for the falcon which sticks out like an eyesore stylistically (for me anyway).
  10. The “small” one was considered a barette. 😆
  11. Indeed that’s what I meant. CC has a bit more visibility than Chards because of Numi’s YouTube vids.
  12. Ah is that the book being read in the RM video? I will try to find a copy for myself. I have a fascination for stories of old zoos.
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