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  1. This is their standard response when asked about any future releases, even if the coin is already being teased on the RM website.
  2. I agree part of the appeal of this coin is the fabulous portrait on the obverse. 😍
  3. So it’s William Wyon’s Three Graces after all. https://m.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3696036
  4. I thought they might release the next coin in this series in December even if they actually ship next year (since it would have to be a 2020 dated coin). Or perhaps they don’t intend for this to be an annual series but more ad hoc? Maybe 2021 will see two coins from the series? 🤔
  5. Well then welcome to the forums - you picked a terrific topic to begin with! 😎
  6. @SovCollector- It’s all just speculation right now. You haven’t missed any confirmation of anything. 🙂
  7. Thanks so much for your reply @GoodAsGold. Yes I had indeed asked about the brochure for the 2018 Sovereign range too. Being in Australia I of course don’t get any of these, but I do like having some of the brochures which focus on individual series. So I don’t think the generic 40 page brochure is what I’m looking for, but your offer to send me yours as a Christmas present was the nicest thing ever! 🤗 😊
  8. Hahha no disagreement buddy. I was being facetious. You are right about the series until now being essentially a “William Wyon’s series”. It will be interesting to see what the series holds now, especially as it won’t be as easy to find multiple appealing designs from many engravers.
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