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  1. If I mistake not, the Aussie Sovereigns from 2009 to 2012 feature the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. I think they changed the design from 2013 onwards.
  2. Even as an Aussie, I don’t like the Aussie Sovs. They’re not “real” Sovereigns imo since they have the $25 denomination and some other unnecessary (but I suppose obligatory) text. They also don’t undergo the Trial of the Pyx. Separately, the new coins have a terrible portrait of HM, once again, imo. A total thumbs down from me - although others may have a different opinion. 🙂
  3. If the minion stands there and says there are THREE, I’m going with THREE! 😊
  4. After thinking about this, it’s about time for the annual Piedfort and Five Sovereign release. So I’m assuming it’s the Piedfort. The price seems about right for it.
  5. Could you provide more information on which Sovereign this is?
  6. You got it @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/food/the-new-uk-inspired-tim-tam-flavour-that-could-be-hitting-supermarket-shelves-c-1129025 The ball’s in your court now. 😜
  7. So I’ve gathered how I can get 97.5% discount. Anything else I can do to get an additional 2.5% 😋 Even better... what voucher will get Chards to pay me to take some of their coins off them? 😛
  8. Not sure if this is right place to ask this... The Chards checkout page seems to allow entering a voucher / coupon code. I’ve never purchased from them before. Has anyone here who has done so used a code, and is there any code currently that can be used? Thanks 😊
  9. 2 kilos is a heavy bugger of a coin. Being a proof coin, it will be expensive at release, so even more expensive to resell, and shipping will be a small nightmare due to the weight. Never mind the threat of spotting. I don’t see it worth the effort and risk to make a profit - more chances of downside than upside on this one.
  10. Hmm... think like a minion did you say? Well then I’m assuming you’re missing the odd screw, so the pile is worth 21 screws less 1 screw 😏
  11. I’d say the first, and most important, piece of advise you can (and SHOULD!) give your brother is to be discreet when discussing such matters.
  12. Probably it’s worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. I’ve seen MS 60+ 1817 Sovs priced insanely but they’ve been on sale for years and no one seems to be biting. The ungraded, worn ones, in my limited experience don’t seem to have a pattern. That said, £550 sounds like a good deal as long as the coin is not so worn that you can’t see most of the strike. Personally I feel slightly repulsed when I see an obverse that’s “blunt” and featureless. Sometimes it scares me. 😳
  13. Damn I wish I had had the money to buy 3 of these. I’d be sitting on a gold mine right now. 😝 I guess as Tolkien says of the Dwarven Ring of Power... “It takes gold to breed gold”. 😇
  14. I have been wondering this too. Just like the Victoria and Albert SoTDs, they may find it hard to resist doing a “doublet” this year too. Either way I’m glad I didn’t fall for the VE75.
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