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  1. It’s really not that confusing… Instead of having an upfront mintage limit, they’re essentially taking orders until Dec 31. How many ever orders they have then will be the limit that they mint. There is “no limit” as to how many orders they will accept until Dec 31.
  2. I hope not. Some exclusivity would indeed be good because that’s also the fun of collecting especially when paying a premium.
  3. Great post 👏🏽 Thanks for summarising this and sharing some advice.
  4. See this post: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/68083-first-charles-iii-portrait-coins/?do=findComment&comment=733718
  5. I’ve decided I’ll get the silver proof 50p closer to December. Nice to be able to postpone making a decision about paying and not deal with FOMO.
  6. Agree. The only nice design is the 50p. The rest are unpretty.
  7. Yeah, except for the historics sets, looks like almost everything is unlimited until Dec 31.
  8. Apparently coins dispatching end January. 👀
  9. It’s not “unlimited”. They’re just higher mintages than usual.
  10. Collectors should be rejoicing because they don’t have log in at 9 am and fear missing out on the issue and forking out 2x or 3x the price on the secondary market. There’s 3 whole months to make a leisurely decision - no more FOMO-induced stress.
  11. Whether we like the new mintage system or not, it’s a smart move by the RM. They’ve basically undercut the flippers by doing this - at least for a reasonable amount of time.
  12. “The photographs show the type of coin you will receive, not the exact item.” Best to confirm with them what the condition etc of the coin for sale is like.
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