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  1. Total stack 600+ ounces silver with this week's delivery: 11 Maria Theresa Thalers thanks go to @ilovesilverireallydo and 2 Year of the Rooster and a Britannia from @arshimo2012
  2. All physical: gold 20% silver 80% Waiting for a proper stock market crash and then looking to buy Yamana Gold, Fresnillo and First Majestic Silver.
  3. Depends on your end goal, situation and income I guess. Do you want to have silver/gold to protect your money from inflation? Do you want to invest in pm long-term until retirement? Do you have enough savings on the side so you will never have to sell your pm in case of an emergency?
  4. Yes. But only bought 1 sovereign and 1 half sovereign the past 4 weeks. Always love trading my fiat into real money for the past years, but now buying less and waiting for a dip which might never come
  5. My pm are protecting me from the possible scenario of a hyperinflation. Yes, sometimes cash is king, but looking at the current world affairs I will never let go of my pm unless I can trade them in for the real estate I am after.
  6. Degiro is a good broker with low cost transaction fees
  7. I'd sell at £200 an ounce. But not all of it. Would keep at least 500 ounces for my retirement
  8. Bullion sovereign added to the stack. Thanks go to @LawrenceChard
  9. Gold, silver, dividend stocks and reinvesting the dividends. Recently calculated what I will get from my German and UK pension. Let's call it a rude awakening Don't want to be dependent on government pension or support when I retire, so I started a while ago to put money aside for high-yield dividend stocks. Even though they might not pay any dividend in the next 1-2 years I am looking to get blue chips like BP, Royal Dutch, CocaCola, Gazprom, German insurance companies, IBM, Cisco and a dozen more as soon as the price for these stocks dips badly. 2009 levels would be nice. Including mining stocks, not for the dividends but the potential return. Ever since I bought a few shares of Gazprom and Mobilnye Telesystemi and received around 8% dividends for the former and +10% for the latter I am hooked. Depends on your investment time frame of course. For me it's 25 years of continually adding to the portfolio and never taking any money out.
  10. Central banks buy gold, JP Morgan buys silver - both never lose so I am holding until I can trade my pm for real estate (a farm that is) or until retirement. Yesterday JPM announced their latest quarterly earnings, a $5.5 million record. These guys know what they are doing and they keep buying physical silver :)
  11. 1 sovereign secondary market from Chards
  12. Gold is just an insurance policy/ a hedge against inflation. I don't see any other uses besides making a profit when the price rises and putting it into undervalued silver which is another hedge against inflation
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