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Newbie advice


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Hi all,

I’m new to this forum and I have to say I know next to nothing about collecting/investing coins. 

That’s ok because I’m not necessarily interested in coins. I want to buy gold solely to preserve buying power at any point in time/hedge against inflation.

does anyone have any advice? Seems like a lot of bullion dealers (in London) have quite significant premiums for gold bars, any recommendations?


when it comes to reselling the bars at whatever point in the future, what are the different avenues one can take?








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Firstly, it is worth introducing yourself in the new members first.

Secondly there is an absolutely Wealth of information and your question has been answered many many times before  - feel free to use the search function as a starting point.



Not my circus, not my monkeys

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If you're starting from dot, explore the forums and threads. The "Silver", "Gold" and "General Precious Metals" areas are a good place to start. Go check out the buy/sell section too (though some will be marked as complete, it can help to see what prices things go for. there's also a "Compare" tab (fourth tab) on the header to see what dealers are doing.

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Hi @Marcus12 - definitely worth an intro as mentioned 👍

and - fair warning - I’d think most of us ‘ Just wanted to store some wealth in Precious Metals’ to start with,  but it’s pretty hard to ignore the ‘inner Magpie’ once you start seeing some of the Shiny beauties on the forum (the coins that is, not the dodgy content in the Nether Regions of the forum 😏)

I started out stacking Silver Britannias, as they were a low cost way to accumulate some wealth that I couldn’t just go spend at a shop…

Fast forward 18 months, and I’ve just had to organise a Safe Deposit Box as the value of the stack has increased - mostly because it turns out Silver is mostly a gateway to Gold! 🤦🏻

And if anyone on the forum offers you a Sovereign - just Say No! …. and send them to me instead 😅



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Welcome aboard mucker, glad to have you with us. Pretty much everything you need to get started has been covered above. All these members are some of the cream of the crop and their advice is sound. There's many more from where they've come from so go forth and get involved with some of the threads and meet some great and knowledgeable people who will be happy to help. Follow their advice until you find your stride and what suites you and your goals. New crew members are always welcome 🍻

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On 07/08/2022 at 21:54, Scootermuppet said:

(the coins that is, not the dodgy content in the Nether Regions of the forum 😏)


I feel personally attacked . . .

The Sovereign is the quintessentially British coin.  It has a German queen on the front, an Italian waiter on the back, and half of them were made in Australia.


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