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  1. More like HIT by a runaway train! 😂 Won't stop me getting the 2 coin reverse proof though! 🤣
  2. You're welcome! 😁 ... and you've got the hang of it! 😁 I like the fact that buying Precious Metals fills the 'Retail Therapy' need we seem to have - but the things that you buy end up storing your wealth... and are nice to look at too 😊 I've spent money on all kinds of stuff over the years, but this is the first time I've had much to show for it 👍
  3. All good points from @Orpster - I have come to view Gold (mostly Sovereigns and some 1/10oz Brits) as a way of saving money / preserving wealth that isn't as easy as cash to Spaff on trivial stuff 😂, and Silver from RM as something to buy the things I like the look of without tying up a large amount of cash (compared to the Gold versions of the same coins) Basically, if you like it - buy it! It's your stack after all. I started by stacking Silver Brits, as they were affordable in small numbers as and when I had some free funds to save, but as time went on and I was able to allocate more funds to PM's I've switched mostly to Gold - again, starting with smaller fractions (i.e. 1/10oz Brits) then selling some of those to upgrade to larger coins, Sovereigns in my case. Still have a couple of tubes of 1oz Silver Brits , but will likely sell and use the funds for more Gold at some stage... I may decide to sell a few Sovereigns in the future to get the odd 1oz Gold coin, as they do look impressive 😁 but Sovereigns seem to be the ideal medium to store wealth in 'manageable' chunks, both from a buying and selling point of view... and they sure do go quickly when priced sensibly here on the Forum! 😊 Hope that's useful, Bob
  4. Noice! 😁 And many Happy Returns! 🥳 🍻
  5. Wonder how many dopey kids have tried running through that wall...? 🤭
  6. Who knows? Flippin' law unto themselves the RM... Tsk! 🙄
  7. Very novel! 🙂 2oz Gold could be good - if they don't mint too many... Would want a 50p of some description, to keep the collection going, and a 1/4 oz gold might be nice, if they're not stupidly priced...🤔
  8. 🤔 my guess would be 9am on Monday the 12th September...? 🤷‍♂️
  9. Diversification is the key I’d say - ISA, PM’s , a SIPP and an Emergency Fund are all good ideas. Dont have a lot of cash personally, but I see PM’s as cash in a different form - mostly to stop me spending it with abandon! 😂
  10. Ooh nice! 😁👍 I’d like one of the 100oz Una & the Lion bars, but out of my budget 🤷🏻‍♂️😕
  11. Yeah, it did seems a bit … subdued? One of the usually well stocked dealers hadn’t brought any Gold with them at all ! 😲 I was looking for Gillick Sovereigns and there were some there, managed to find a reasonably priced one, but not as good as I remember it in last months. Maybe the time of year? Lots of people on holiday I guess…
  12. It’s a great place, as I’m sure you’ll find out… I’ve gotten so much from the forum, and saved a bundle on some items from the For Sale section - and even got started with selling a few items too - handy for when it comes time to cash out 🙂 Enjoy! 👍
  13. I meant the Staff… probably Lawrence judging by his profile pic 🤭 😂
  14. Welcome! 😁👋 … and if you should find Chards on your doorstep… just drop them back round to the shop - I’m sure they’ll be very grateful 😏😉
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