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  1. Thanks! 😁 always good to hear! Fingers crossed that the other things I've mentioned are minor issues...
  2. Thanks James - That's what I was thinking too... but being my first proof, I don't have anything to compare with and yes, we'll hopefully get some more feedback from the more seasoned Proof folks 👍
  3. Morning all, finally got chance to get some close up images of my 1oz Panther - after someone mentioning there may be milk spotting when I posted the pics still in the capsule on a previous post, I wanted to take it out and photograph it 'naked' (ooh err missus!🤭) So, here's a few pictures - would appreciate your thoughts, as you lot are far more knowledgable than I when it comes to proofs (This is my first one)... Things I have noticed: Reverse - the fields don't look completely 'flat' to me? you can see this by looking at the darker areas around the rim in picture 1 - has a slight ripple maybe? only visible at certain angles, looks ok at first inspection. The edge - I felt a 'catch' on the top edge of the rim while handling the coin for the pictures (picture 2) and you can see it reflecting some light? Obverse - again, the fields look a little textured, rather than flat mirror finish? Just wanted to check if any of these are reasons for concern or even a return? Or am I panicking without reason? 🤔 Just to give some context, I'm not intending to get it graded, just want to add to my 'PM based' savings account to sell when needed later in life 😊 I welcome your thoughts / comments. Cheers, Bob
  4. You’re welcome @Arbkev - it’s likely to become a regular monthly visit for me, nice to have something to look forward to, even if I don’t always get a chance to buy anything!😁 Apparently, every quarter there’s a larger one, in a bigger room, next one is December by all accounts… Might see you there, Bob PS - Forgot to mention, there are Banknotes too for those who enjoy those 👍
  5. Well, quite an enjoyable visit as far as I was concerned, room was pretty full with dealers tables, and there was something for everyone, from what looked like Roman coins and maybe earlier (to my untrained eye) through the ages to modern day decimal, silver and gold, proofs and bullion. There seemed to be plenty of visitors, but it wasn’t so crowded that I felt ‘twitchy’ - I wore a mask, though it wasn’t compulsory - and access wasn’t too bad around the various tables. All the dealers I spoke to seemed very pleasant, even when they found out I didn’t have a huge budget! 😂 and extremely knowledgable in their chosen fields - although I did spot a ‘rare piedfort’ 2oz Silver bullion coin on one stand 🤭! Prices varied between tables, certainly for the kind of things I was looking at (50p’s and 1oz silver mostly] so was worth a mooch on each one. Plenty of sovereigns there too, from eye-wateringly expensive proofs and such, to bullion at the going rates. Spotted a couple of interesting items (to me) and thought “I’ve enough time to collect my friend and come back and get those, as the opening times said a 3:30pm finish and I only live around 15 minutes from the venue - sadly, friend couldn’t make it, so had a bite to eat and headed back - only to find a half empty hall and the rest of the dealers packing up 😲 (this was just before 2pm) so the advertised finish time of 3:30pm seems dependent on how brisk the trade is after lunch I’d guess… At least I saved the money I was going to spend on the things I’d seen ☺️ - will add it to next months budget and try again - the Fairs are on the second Sunday of the month, so the next will be 14th November at the Motorcycle Museum, near the NEC. I’d recommend arriving at the official start of 9:30am …and not nipping home for some lunch before making your purchases! 🤣🤣 Incidentally, the Cafe at the Motorcycle Museum is open to the public, so refreshments can be had on-site - Please Note: they only take cards, and I believe there is no cash machine on the Museum site either! Might see you there in November ☺️ Bob
  6. That was pretty much the outcome of my conversation I’m afraid. But at least calling them meant I managed to get my 1oz silver proof & 2 Bunc £5 coins, would have been in the same boat otherwise. Might be worth kicking up a bit of a fuss (politely, obviously ☺️) when you call, you can tell them you’ve spoken to several others with the same issue and see if there’s any chance of still getting a 1/4 ounce one? Fingers crossed for you. Bob
  7. Something very similar… 1st order has vanished into the ether, no sign of it on RM system, even customer services couldn’t see it - but money is showing as a hold on my bank account. Did a duplicate telephone order while on the phone to them, that arrived yesterday, but no record of it on my RM account as of yet 🤷 The customer services guy did say they had been having issues with payment on the website, but he wasn’t getting into specifics… Will be monitoring the return of the held funds next week, and to see if the 1st order appears in my RM account.
  8. I certainly will 👍 with my limited knowledge of coins in general, I’m not sure I’d spot a bargain if it fell on my foot though! 🤭😂 if there’s anyone there selling 50p’s I may be able to judge the prices, but numismatic coins I wouldn’t have a clue.. 🤦🏻 I imagine there will be a fair selection generally, looks like there should be around 30 dealers there by all accounts, and no doubt a few bargains to be had whatever your tastes. I’ll do a quick overview when I get back.
  9. Holy Moley! 😳 definitely not opening them now! 😂 …and there’s the solution! - Cheers @GrahamDiamond 😁👍 love this forum! ☺️
  10. Probably not a bad idea, have seen mention of some of them becoming quite valuable over time. And would be a shame to have that happen and miss out because I’d opened it! 🤦🏻 Not fussed if they don’t though, will be nice just to have a complete collection of the Royal Tudor Beasts in 5 years 🙂
  11. Probably just my dodgy photography! But worth a check, thanks for the heads up 👍 Will drop a post on here with some ‘naked’ pics of the coin once I get a chance to set the camera up and photograph it out of the capsule - these photos were just from the phone.
  12. Hi all, Not sure if this would be the right place to post this…? But I did find mention of it in this part of the forum from a search. Just wondering if anyone from the forum is thinking of going to this event? I’m in the lucky position of being around 15 minutes away from the venue, so will be going to have a mooch around first thing 🙂 May we’ll be back on the afternoon as well, as a friend wants to go but is away until around lunchtime - and as far as I know, once you’ve paid for entry, you can re-enter later? Be nice to put a real face to some of the names here on the forum 😁 Cheers, Bob (note to forum Mods - please feel free to deposit this post in an alternative section if necessary - Thanks! 👍)
  13. Thanks @Alz111 I may not bother, as I’m sure there will be many YouTube videos with people showing the packaging, so will probably leave them intact for now, but good to know 👍 Might even get an unpackaged one from one of the internet retailers too, and start a £5 coin branch of the collection 😊 though lord knows the 50p ones have multiplied like crazy! 😂
  14. Oooooh that IS stunning… … out of my league at present, but maybe one day 🙂👍 I’m chuffed with my 1oz silver though, was worth all the hassle with invisible accounts and held payments - providing I get the money for the first order back that is! 😳
  15. … and here’s the bunc £5 ones. Nice packaging too, again not had any in the RM packaging before, although I do have some bunc 50p coins, just the coins, not packaged up. Anyone else collect 50p’s? 🤔 Another newbie question I’m afraid - is it better to leave them sealed rather than removing from the outer film packet to view the packaging? 🤔 ….Blimey, this collecting lark is far more complicated than stacking bullion! 😂😂
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