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  1. Thanks BYB, will have to keep my eyes peeled 👍
  2. Me too! I think it stands up as a ‘stand alone’ coin too, but really like the designs of the Queen’s Beasts coins ☺️
  3. Hi all, Have been following the threads of the Proof versions (gold & silver) with interest, and was wondering if anyone knew when the RM is likely to release a 2oz bullion version? 🤔 Have been looking at the possibility of obtaining a full set of 10 x 2oz silver bullion, and would be nice to know if the completer would be available in a 2oz bullion version as well? Cheers, Bob
  4. That would be great, thanks 👍 Still a bit of a financial newbie, so could be very useful...
  5. Interesting and informative videos, thanks @Tn21 👍
  6. Thank you for all the replies - plenty of food for thought... Looks like I’ll be squirrelling away as much as possible to get my first piece of gold before deciding what to do, as @Alex944 says, I may change my mind after getting it! 😏 Will be on the lookout for a half sovereign or 1/10th gold coin soon I hope 🤞 - I did own a quarter sovereign once many years ago, so shouldn’t be too disappointed with the size of these coins! 😂 Cheers, Bob
  7. ... so does buying small amounts of silver, but it’s my only option at the minute- and as for quantity? about 100th of ounces you mentioned 🤦🏻 - but it’s money I’ve saved, which wouldn’t have happened if I’d have just put the cash aside 👍
  8. Not when you’re self employed and only recently started a business... 😏 hence only being able to buy the odd silver coin when I can
  9. 😁👍 Nice one! Have only recently been buying, so hoping I'd get my money's worth! 🤔 And it's not like I can afford much gold, but we have to start somewhere 😏 Bob
  10. Yep, I’ll have to do some calculations and check what I paid etc - good call, thanks 👍
  11. Hi @Bigmarc That was my first thought, but adds an extra step - just thinking ‘keeping it simple’ 🙂 May have to do that if there’s no takers! 😂 Bob
  12. That’s great, thank you Evende! Might be interesting working out what to list though, as it’s not like I have all one year etc...🤔 Do you know if it’s possible to list the interest in swapping - and what I’d like to have, then work out the finer details with any interested parties? For example, I wouldn’t know how many Britannia’s it would take to exchange for a half sovereign... but I guess that’s down to the person with the gold coin to decide...? Cheers, Bob
  13. Hi all, Been a forum member for a little while now, and have some silver Britannias (& thanks to the forum members who have helped with that 😁👍) ... however, the shiny yellow stuff has been calling 😏 Have accumulated my silver in small amounts, as it’s intended to be a way of saving some cash without the temptation to spend it, but gold has always been out of reach taking in to account that method of building my savings. So the thought occurred that I might be able to trade some of my silver for gold - we’re only taking a half sovereign or a 1/10th Brit or similar - and I wo
  14. As the title says, looking for a 2018 1oz Silver Oriental Border Britannia please. What do you have? Thanks, Bob
  15. Thanks DJ, that was kinda my thought as well...
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