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  1. Hi All, New to Stacking, and recently joined the forum to start my stack. I've chosen Silver Britannia's for their CGT benefits, and it would seem that milk spotted ones might be the way to go as they seem cheaper than the excellent condition ones. (Please feel free to correct my assumptions via PM if I've got that wrong). Initially, I won't be able to buy large quantities of coins in one go, but hopefully in the future! So if you have a spare milk spotted Silver Britannia you would part with, do let me know and we can take it from there. Thanks in advance, Bob
  2. Hi, completely new to this! But if you still have it, I'm interested in the Yale of Beaufort please? Thanks, Bob
  3. Aah right, never thought of that! 🤦‍♂️ Looks like I'd better sign up so I can get a wanted post up & see the current ones... Thanks again Mike 👍
  4. Thanks Mike - I was starting to come to that conclusion myself tbh! 🙂 Judging by the adverts I *could* see, are most of them likely to be for multiple coins at a time? I'm not going to be able to afford to buy a lot in one go...
  5. That's what I thought... but if no more group orders? slightly confused now... 🤔
  6. Just my luck! 🤦‍♂️ any other reasonably priced ways to buy...? or have I really missed the boat completely...
  7. Thank you! - I'm resisting buying on the likes of eBay, or paying dealers inflated prices for now... guess I'll have to wait for one of the famous Group Buys 😁
  8. Hello all, Recently discover Stacking - never knew it was a thing 🤔 so spent some time watching Youtube and reading up (Hi to @BackyardBullion by the way - yours was the first channel I discovered 😁 ) so thought I'd join the forum and find out more... Then spotted all the hoo-haa over WSB and their shenanigans! what a time to start... Well, not too concerned, as I've recently decided to take control of my financial future, so not a short term thing (well, fairly short term, as I'm no spring chicken) and decided that having some of my portfolio in Silver & maybe Gold eventu
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