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  1. Makes you wonder if RM has outsourced production to a company in China.
  2. Only if buying in person at Chards...Lawrence is quite particular with his sales.
  3. G'Day and welcome mate...dive on in and enjoy the forum. A ton or two of great info to digest re all things precious metals. The "Head Boy" head is pretty relaxed....but buying precious metals can be addictive. 😅.....enjoy the slippery slop that is stacking.
  4. Interesting discussion topic BYB....If for the sake of the argument a Govt needed large volumes of gold to shore up their financial system (old or new), then the logistics piece you note is key. The cost to either go door to door or set up buy back centres would be massive, take time and PO the public......much easier if you live in a country that is a gold producer for the Govt to nationalise the gold mines...faster and you only PO a smaller group of local and international shareholders......that said if your country is not a large producer of gold, then old mate from the Govt may come after ya gold .....😬
  5. First Republic Bank was a controlled demolition. 95% of the shareholders were institutional and the stock was shorted to buggery the last 2 months by Wall St making the short sellers near USD1bn since the end of Feb.
  6. Subject to where the relo's are located can also determine which may be best to buy from. Plus 1 re jultorsk's list as I purchased from all three with no issue, but would rank then from a "best price" basis : Bullion Now ABC Ainslie Add to the list, Bullion List (inner Sydney) Bullion Money (western Sydney) Have dealt with both also and would again.
  7. Our paid lackeys in the press are doing a wonderful job of undermining public confidence in the smaller banks and driving those customers and their money to us.
  8. Excellent sales post layout / presentation ....10/10
  9. Not if you are an overseas buyer....Int'l postage of GBP15.00 is GBP5.00+ more than what Royal Mail charges to send multiple sovs via post from the UK to Aust, pls other UK dealers don't charge me a "international admin fee" of GBP12.00...higher now I believe.... Thus if you are UK buyer, Chards is good value but for us stackers / buyers of sovs outside of the UK, then Chards is not cheap......also harder for non UK buyer to transact with as credit card purchases are not allow (and I understand Chards rational for not accepting credit cards), thus it's a bank transfers and that take more time and adds to the cost....Other UK dealers allow credit card / Paypal purchases and that streamlines the whole purchase process. I get it that the UK is Chards main market not the rest of the world thus they gear their pricing and cost structure to the UK market where the volume is....and outside the UK, well, shame it costs so much, Chards do have a decent product range and stock.... Now to go buy some sov's from XXX and YYY.
  10. That's what Charles said to Camilla 😆
  11. Grow a beard like Paul Kruger and see if you really cross over.😃
  12. Congrats to astute collector who paid USD375.00 (+15% buyers comm).
  13. It's still on the list and old mate is jabbering away hard right now....still a ways till he gets to this "rare collectable" 😉
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