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  1. Do something different....roll video tape, fire up the blow torch and melt the edges off. Post on YT...would be a shoe in for 000's of views and might even generate enough views and ad $ to cover the cost of the original purchase 😄....Do it with some care and the coin should be fine.
  2. With Russia running down it's USD reserves and bolstering other assets and currencies it wouldn't be the biggest issue for them. Russia would cut deals with Euro and Asian countries to trade in a neutral currency day Euro's and that'd be that. Putin can also opt to push the crypto wagon and become the first large nation to settle international trade in whatever crypto currency (BTC for example) and really put the screws on the USD. Biden's threats are like the "Boogeyman" under the bed....the kiddies believe in him and are scared, but the adults know it's all BS.
  3. Oddjob

    The Gold Standard

    The French under de Gaulle in the mid 1960's had started telling the US they wanted to convert their US foreign currency holdings into physical gold....Some euro countries followed suit and so started the drain on the US gold reserves. Combined with money printing to finance the Vietnam war, the increased depletion of US gold reserves, the economic situation was getting worse in the early 1970's and that's when Tricky pulled the pin on the Gold Window and converted to full FIAT and did a deal with House of Saud to price oil in USD to maintain the USD as the reserve currency of the world. That when inflation became an ongoing issue for the US.
  4. Good old Aussie charm.... On a serious note, Perth Mint do ship to the UK...https://www.perthmint.com/customer-care/faqs/#3148 If you are having issues buying online, email them and see what they say. Failing that, set up an account with Bullion Now (in Melbourne). https://bullionnow.com.au/ / or email sales@bullionnow.com.au (attn: Michael) Bullion Now (BN) ship to UK, their prices and product range are good. BN get stocks of most Perth Mint products and are pretty much inline with Perth Mint prices. I'd be pretty sure too that if you bought from BN, you'd get it a darn sight quicker than if you bought through Perth Mint.
  5. ........Not always but he did today....Lucky me. A 1959 sov also arrived today courtesy of one of the Business Gold members of TSF . A couple of tiny dings (under mag glass) but in pretty good condition for it's age. Even came is solid screw top capsule. Very happy with the whole package and also from UK to Sydney in circa 10 days via Royal Mail and Aust Post. 👍👍
  6. More English spare parts just arrived. Given H&B refuse to take my cash, RM gets the dosh. Ordered these 7 Jan...to hand from UK to Aust in circa 1.5 weeks...not bad. Very happy with the quality and blister packs are solid and well made. Now for a few more of the various 2022 sov range to acquire. I think some 1/4's and doubles might the go next. 😃 Lord help me when the 5 quid one hits the shelves.
  7. G'Day and welcome. Love the back story and confession of self awareness as you dropped down that rabbit hole....Enjoy the forum. Great info and members here. Site sponsors worth checking out as apart of any future stack increase plans.
  8. I suspect to try and discourage sneaky re-sellers from copying RM's pics from their website for their own use. One could always play silly buggers with RM and complain that their advertising / web site pics does not accurately represent the product "Your web site shows a rose gold sovereign and I got a gold looking one blah blah blah...I want the rose coloured soveriegn you advertised"..😆.....just for sh$ts and giggles of course.
  9. Oddjob

    Royal mint account.

    Royal Mint getting smashed by Covid absenteeism, poor IT that keeps spitting the dummy or just bone lazy in general (all three combined is also an option 😀)??
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