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  1. Everyone should have a double and 5 quid sov in their life...🙂
  2. Richie made many dry and very funny comments during this time in the commentary box, alas the above comment cannot be attributed to Richie, rather your own Brian Johnston but some say it was never said and just a joke tagged to Brian that became cricketing folk law
  3. G'Day and welcome. Dive on into TSF and enjoy what it has to offer. A ton of great info and members to help. First tip.....and first rule of stacking......"Don't tell anyone you are a stacker" 😉
  4. G'Day and welcome.
  5. That spike could be short lived if the US equities market continues its retreat and margin loan holders have to liquidate assets like gold to cover the calls. All will be revealed in about 12 hours...
  6. i wouldn't put it past RM to do a SOTD come 2 June 2023 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of QEII's coronation.
  7. G'Day and welcome.
  8. G'Day and welcome.
  9. G'Day and welcome. It's a treasure trove of information on PM's....dive on in...and welcome to world of PM stacking. Your rational and process for stacking...I like.
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