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  1. I was obviously having a laugh, but if I could I would. I'm renting and I can't install a log burner, my plan is to buy anything I can afford within the next 12 to 18 months and the first item to cover will be to install an old school wood fired cooker, then I'd be happy to go out collecting wood, I've got a friend that has pallets to throw away, I don't mind paying to rent a Luton van or similar a day and do a couple of loads, then clean the stove a couple of times per year, a lot cheaper than using gas.
  2. So, what you are saying is that I should stack sticks instead of silver? Makes sense to be honest, considering the price of gas these days.
  3. If you don't like some of the stuff she's done, mate, join the club, however, it is false to say that she created debt as during her leadership the national debt went down, end of. You can't debate facts. This said, we're going off topic.
  4. This is false, you might hate Thatcher, but she did not increase the nation's debt that kept going down in her years. It was first under Major in '92 that the debt started rising again, briefly, towards the end started coming down again and it wasn't until Brown in 2009 that truly spiked, mostly thanks to the creative financing of Blair that created PFI and increased the spending in a way that put the windfall on successive governments.
  5. "Speaking in the House of Commons, the chancellor announced tens of billions of pounds of increased spending and tax cuts in the mini-budget on Friday." So, borrowing? We need to cut spending for crying out loud, burn the Quangos. To be fair, I've always supported a flat tax, highest earners pay more by virtue of earning more. Call it 20%, you earn 40k and you pay 8k, if you earn 250k you pay 50k. Yes, you are left with more, because you earned more. Charging them more is unfair and doesn't promote production.
  6. The moment that folks default on their mortgages bank will have cheap house in their possession as they are partly paid, and banks are already getting in the housing markets. This leads to keeping prices high so that banks that are financed through bailouts can purchase what we can't. Banks are already becoming big players in the housing market. https://www.reallymoving.com/blog/october-2021/what-does-banks-buying-properties-to-rent-out-mean-for-first-time-buyers
  7. Well, the upwards spiral is for the aforementioned motives, we have a huge influx of foreign population that needs to be housed, this creates a shortage in the market and when demand outstrips the offer prices skyrocket, is economy 101. There is also the case for inflation, but again, even if presented with devaluation, houses would still remain high in comparison to incomes as they'd drop in the same manner while maintaining the rate. Now, it could be well possible for the market to stop raising if we stopped inflation and immigration, but most certainly would not go down unless one of two things occur, either we build large quantities of housing, or we drastically reduce population. As long housing is not built and population rises, the prices will sky rocket even more. If you could foresee a case in which housing is not built, population rises and prices drop without government intervention, please, do share with us.
  8. I was watching earlier an interview to a woman that robbed her bank at gun point because they wouldn't let withdraw her money, this is in Libanon, where they are experiencing high inflation. Done a quick google search and come up with this article. https://www.indiatimes.com/trending/human-interest/lebanese-woman-holds-bank-at-gunpoint-to-withdraw-money-579701.html
  9. I don't believe that properties will tank, I don't see any rationale and none was offered. For properties to tank you would need to have a drop in demand or a massive spike in supply, neither are going to happen as houses are not being built quick enough and the government keeps allowing illegal mass immigration for which they require a gynormous number of properties. The only scenario in which we would see housing prices tank goes straight into conspiracy realm and is linked to vaccines and mortality, but I would say that this is really way off topic.
  10. There was a party that never got elected but campaign for nearly 3 decades for Brexit, and pushed it through. There are local areas where councils are being controlled by local entities not affiliated to the mainstream parties. The "if you don't vote for the main parties, your vote is lost", is all part of the agenda, if you think that your vote doesn't matter and you stop voting, there is no longer a need to convince you to vote for them, and they can rely and the few local activists. But yeah, we're vastly off topic, we should go back to bash Silver and propose to @katyc, the first few pages were rather amusing 🤣
  11. Indeed, because the state is doing a great job protecting those rights, with protesters being jailed for holding up a placard. When the state turns tyrannical, we have no protection from it.
  12. Meh, 2 days later would have been a nice birthday present for me, I'm going to complain to them for installing the 4th Reich on the wrong date.
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