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  1. Bit of a nightmare for the forum. What do you do? Do you send the original invoice to the buyer (risk is that it gets lost in the post with the PMs)? Take a copy and send a physical copy to the buyer by post (then the buyer doesn't have the original, unless you send it afterwards as a letter)? Scan the invoice and send that electronic copy to the buyer after receipt of good (still means it isn't the original)? Decide to only sell to a dealer from now on? Continue with the risk and hope that it doesn't come to this situation? Open a sole trader company and use that to produce invoices with (tax man will love you)? Sadly, all of my bullion was lost at sea or is made of chocolate wrapped in tin foil.
  2. I've decided to do the decent thing and undercut @James32 (I know, I know, hold your applause for my most generous altruism - I shall bravely take one for the team here). £44.99/oz is my modest and fair price; @HerefordBullyun, can I interest your good self in some 1oz 2020 Britannia's? I'll do you a special deal, just for you: £44.69/oz; what an incredible bargain!
  3. Death: "Knock, knock" Lyrinn: "Who's there?" Death: "Banana" Lyrinn: "Banana who?" Death: "Knock, knock" Lyrinn: "Who's there?" Death: "Banana" Lyrinn: "Banana who?" Death: "Knock, knock" Lyrinn: "Serious, who's there?!" Death: "Orange" Lyrinn: "Orange who?" Death: "ORANGE YOU GLAD I DIDN'T SAY BANANA?!" Lyrinn: "Help, help, I'm dying of cringeworthy dad jokes!" Death: "Convenient timing..."
  4. Don't you think that gold is going to go down with the rising exchange rate of the Pound verses the Dollar? Regardless, I think that, in the spirit of things, you and @HerefordBullyun should bet a 2oz silver coin each. Maybe something like - just picking completely from random here - a Queen's Beasts 2022 White Greyhound of Richmond?
  5. Has anyone seen @Paul today? Did he already get on the rocket? Is he part way to the moon already? Paul! Paaaaaaaaul! PAAAAAAAAAAAAUL! £20/oz by the end of the day/week, oracle (@Paul)?
  6. I can confirm that when I last purchased from @James32, I was expecting a set of instructions on how to open my package - and it even came with multiple layers. I guess you could say that it proved to be a cheap evening, because I was kept entertained just trying to get in. I actually thought that I had somehow ended up in the Crystal Maze and was expecting @HerefordBullyun to come bursting through my front door at any moment to tell me that we had to go and play a game of darts while dancing over a lake of lava, chugging kegs of ale, all while singing karaoke. Hmm, I could be mixing part of that story up with memories from Saturday night at the pub...
  7. If we vote Nigel in as PM and demand that he appoint you as Chancellor, would this be okay?
  8. I am told that my art has excellent narration, memorable characters, heart-warming plot and is family friendly content worth viewing. In so far as how they would fit into the election cycle, I am sure we could find a way. Maybe I could do something like a "Miss Chards" pageant show - or has someone already beaten me to that kind of idea before...?
  9. I will gladly accept this position - though the hours seem a bit unreasonable on a Friday. 16:00 to 16:05 would have to be a negotiation point - I would like to follow the example set out by the members in the House of Lords. My first act will be to insist that every Friday is fancy dress day - not home clothes, we're talking full commitment here. Next will be to offer free postage on all orders. Lastly, an aggressive marketing campaign on TSF, where I will insist on having a Chards photo calendar made up of Naughty Boy Step members censored using only coinage - we can fully censor faces with the company logo so as not to cause concerns of doxxing (and also to not offend the viewer too badly). Remember TSF members, vote Lyrinn this Chards election cycle!
  10. It makes no logical sense to me - I just consult the Oracle.
  11. £1,500/oz by the end of the day? What say you, mighty Oracle, while on your noble steed? @Paul
  12. If you had used gold Britannia's, I would have said @James32
  13. Thanks to @PowerCoin for this one. Very clean lines on this one. Though I don't think it knocked my Freya coin off its pedestal as my all time favourite coin, I would say that XXI mint definitely a mint to watch out for going forwards.
  14. It's good to see a new face on The Silver "I recently suffered a boating accident" Forum. Another tragic story, or epic saga/ballad, surely awaits to be regaled. Yorkshire has connection to those ruffian Vikings, so, no doubt, lost at sea after a raid on the eastern coast. Also, northern? Yorkshire? Goodness grief, I say, but I must protest. Sounds a rather a jolly bit like the midlands to me, wot!
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