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  1. I see that I'm going to need to make use of the industrial strength/grade bleach on my eyes after browsing the forums today.
  2. 20.9T? I am convinced that TSF members, combined, have more gold than Afghanistan in that case.
  3. I only got into precious metals because Chris Silver hired me as a private investigator to try and solve the forum's greatest mystery; no, nothing unimportant like the meaning of life. I am trying to establish, for the history books, if the legendary "I am the captain of this boat!" @sixgun and "wor lad, divvin' howk ya sneck!" @HawkHybrid are actually the same person. My investigations are leading me down into the depths of a rabbit hole, filled with twisted warrens and a labyrinth of endless pathways that change direction with every step I take. If only there was some sort of crayon-eating, flourscent-light-rainbow-farting, ex-marine with a face (as I believe he once eloquently described it) "like John Prescott arse" to be my guide. Alas; the mystery continues and the precious metal pile (which definately keeps being lost in a series of unfortunate boating accidents) only gets bigger.
  4. Guys, we're all missing the golden opportunity to be had here. Step 1) Open a boating business that will safely transport previous metals. Step 2) All UK forum members agree to take hold of the precious metals that our fellow EU forum members have in their stacks; transactions to be sent in the post. A small fee, of course. Step 3) Declare that two, terrible accidents occured to all EU forum members. First, the metal was lost in the post by the Royal Mail (very likely). Second, there was a terrible boating accident (also very likely, it never stops raining in the British Isles and that's just summer); whatever metal wasn't lost in the post was lost in the boating accident. This also included the entire stack that the UK forum member had (we were just trying to be environmentally friendly and ship it all at once to make Greta Thunderbirds-are-go proud!). Step 4) All EU forum members need to immediately tell their governments about what happened in Step 3. Something like: *Roll eyes* "Sacre bleu, those bloody Brits and their tea sipping ways; at it again, don't you know, Merkel!" All UK forum members need to tell HMRC that the EU is to blame for sending over so much precious metal that it caused the terrible boating accident by capsizing the boats. *Roll eyes* "Sacre bleu, those bloody European mainlanders and their coffee-sipping ways; at it again, don't you know, Boris!"
  5. Lyrinn

    Gold Wedding Rings

    https://www.glamira.co.uk/ I have found to be okay. My advice, wait till they have one of their 10% sales on. Think you have to spend £500 as a minimum though, then you also get a necklace too. Quite a few design choices to; easy to get lost! As anyone else will say here, look around/shop around.
  6. And here is Tyche and Fortuna. Again @PowerCoin. Again, the detail is incredible. I am still in the market for the Athena and Minerva coin from the same series. *Very unsubtle coughing.*
  7. Bellona; Goddess of War. Thanks to @PowerCoinfor this one. The 3D is hard to really capture via stills, but the depth of detail is incredible. The Mint of Poland always seems to go just that tiny bit further, in my experience.
  8. If we're talking purely "what would you do if someone gave you £50,000 to spend on numastics?" I'd be perfectly happy with spending £45,000 of it on coins and then paying £5,000 to get @LawrenceChard to personally drop them off up here in the true north; Blackpool - like Manchester - is in the midlands to me. I would insist on him wearing a pirate hat and having a toy parrot on his shoulder, when making the delivery, though. Also, all the coins would have to be loose, 1oz silver coins in caps; no tube, no boxes. Because why not do something eccentic? Also, I personally find the idea funny that someone would have to sit and cap that many loose coins for one delivery. I suspect that Lawrence would even do it himself!
  9. Have you tried placing the coins in an iron container, like an old drain pipe? Something with thick walls (circa 5mm). Just seal the top and bottom with iron plates and bury it about 24" below the ground. Failing that, wrap it in aluminium, stick it in the freezer - it's the Christmas turkey, gov, honest.
  10. I fear that, in a year where all talk has been on a bug known as Covid-19, I accidently picked up another one. The silver bug; collector's edition. I'll be honest, I really liked this design for Euryale, but I'm not a fan of the other rounds in the series.
  11. Lyrinn

    Best silver memes

    Remains me of the old saying "Proper grammar is important, my boy. It's the difference between "Helping my uncle, Jack, off a horse." and "helping my uncle jack off a horse"."
  12. Lyrinn

    Bit of advice

    My PM journey was similar to this. I stumbled over TSF last year after using Bullion By Post for my first gold Brits and Chards for Sovs; only to subsequently stumble over Niue Mint and Mennica Polska coins; only to then realise how much I liked the collectable coins and that I now have a problem of loving gold and silver coins with crazy premiums. I fear that I was very rapidly proselytized from mortgage overpayments to physcial coins and bars. Oh well... ape gonna ape.
  13. Lyrinn

    Best silver memes

    The eternal struggle. Often followed by trying to convince one's self that it was definately done for the sole purposes of being an investment.
  14. Lyrinn

    Best silver memes

    The, wait, why did I proselytize my wife into becoming a silver ape (?) ending.
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