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  1. Well, that's me, potentially, not eating for the rest of the month. 😩
  2. You should see what happens when a northerner ends up in a southern pub...! "Will sir be requiring a beverage of the alcoholic sort?" "Aye, gan'non, hinny!" "Sir will be pleased to learn that the bill has come in cheaper than normal, as this is his first visitation to the establishment." "Proper beltas!" *Swings from bottle.* "The bill is £15." *Starts to return beer back to bottle with the aid of raspberry kisses.*
  3. *Inhales deep breath and enters northerner mode* I would buy a nice haircut for $30 - $30?! Wor lass isn't happy unless it's £300! Nails n' al that patter! I would buy a tank of gas for $60 - $60? Is petrol that cheap still? Does that mean we don't need to use red diesel? And I have bought a night out for $90 - $90? Feed the whole bloody tribe a week for that, wor kiddah! I would buy a TV cable package for $120/month - $120? Free if ya gan to the pub! And I have bought a pair of shoes for $150 - $150? They made of bloody silver, like? And I need to pay my cellular bill of $180 - $180? Wor man! Pay for the whole year in one pop, like? I would buy car insurance for $200/month - $200? Car is worth less than that! And I have bought groceries for $400 - $400? That's a weekend's worth of Newc'y broon dog! And I need to pay my credit card of $700 - $700? They let you have credit cards? And I want to buy a new snowblower for $1000 - $1,000? Ye want'a bloow wor snow aroound? Wor lass doesn't wear knickers till it's up to her crotch, man! I would rent a nice place for $1500/month - $1,500/month? Ye ranting oot the whole of tha toon, like? And I have bought a nice diamond ring for $3000 - $3,000? Ye, man! Give her a Gregg's pasty, more useful than some rock. And I need to pay off my student loan of $7000 - $7,000? Wor educashun was right beltas, divn't think it cost a single poond! (I'm also going to put a sensible grumble in here about this figure being far below what it is- bloody swines!) And I want to buy a vacation getaway for $20,000 - $20,000? Ye gannin on Air Force One, like? Gan'ta the beach, get yerself some fish n' chip's, like - proper jolly! And I should have my savings account at $50,000 - $50,000? How's'at, like? Wor only get minimum wage, like! I'll be deed afor then! I would buy a washer and dryer for $3000 - $3,000? Wor, lad, you divn't need ta buy the hawl laundry building! And I have bought artwork for $5000 - $5,000? What you want'ya Mona Lisa for? Get ya'self a Newcastle mug, quality! Not that Sunderland s****! And I need to pay off my car loan of $10,000 - $10,000? How man, I divn't think ya need the escort services of the Queen, just use wor trusty steed, got a few years left in him! And I want to buy a new truck for $90,000 - $90,000? Wor, man, sounds like the dealer ripped you off on that one! And I should have a portfolio worth $500,000 $500,000? Giz'us a fiver, kiddah! If ya have that much, you got some spare! And I am going to pay $1,000,000 for a modest house… $1,000,000? You can'n't buy up the Duke of Northumberlands land! He'll send the goons n' burley men roond! But I wouldn’t buy silver for $30 an ounce. - If your patter wur water, we'd al be drunn'in! Overpriced? The silver, or everything else? (I appreciate that some people will somehow manage to take the above sarcasm personally. As a side note, surely someone from the crypto community wants to come stumbling into this thread, like a drunk, vomit all over the place, order another round, and walk out, while whispering "Told you Bitcoin was the right investment".)
  4. The Royal Mint might get bad press sometimes, but they truly nailed it on this one. My new favourite item (Sorry, Temptation of the Succubus range!).
  5. Imagine being the one who has a shareable £5 coupon code to go ontop of the current selling price - could end up as a sticky situation. Sorry, I'll get my coat and show myself out.
  6. The last one to sell on the forum was for £2,475.00, by Arshimo - to augment what others have said above.
  7. The "Today I received" section of the forum will be filled up with images of members making French Onion soups! Could even end up as a contest where Lawrence then has to judge which one looks the best - you can tell that I've been forced to watch British Bakeoff.
  8. Does this mean that, like Starbucks/Costa/Nero/Etc. coffee, if we buy 11 Soverigns, and get our card stamped, that we get a free bag of onions from Chards when we purchse the 12th Soverign?
  9. I'll take 5No. of the 2021 Proof-like 2021 Chronos, if you still have them available.
  10. The postie dropped her off about an hour ago. For anyone wondering, yes, I can confirm that it had a fantastic, chocolate centre. Very delicious, and I discarded the foil wrapper in the recycling bin like a good citizen. Sadly, the bin I put it in was lost in a tragic boating accident. What are the odds? Many thanks to @James32; a true gent and scholar!
  11. Lyrinn

    Best silver memes

    Well, I was told to start turning out memes... @HerefordBullyun @James32
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