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  1. Getting my usual pedantic bit out of the way first: It says Cameroun, not Cameroon. But that is good information from ChrisSilver. I often wonder whether anyone in Tristan da Cunha has ever seen any of the plethora of "TDC" coins issued in its name (or initials). Similar applies to Palau, Ascension, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, and a host of others. 😎
  2. Just about all the information you might need about gold sovereigns can be found here: https://goldsovereigns.co.uk/information.html or on the numerous links. It might save you from having to buy a copy of Marsh, or a Spink Catalogue. Also, unlike postage, it is free! 😎
  3. If you have to ask the question, then the answer is almort certainly "no"! 😎
  4. This page, and its links should all the information you are after, and more: https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=crownsindx.html 😎
  5. I also read that in a few places, probably all copied from one source. I suspect it is incorrect. I thought that they were kilo bars, but have been trying to verify from a reliable source, in between trying to do some real work! 😎
  6. I did finish watching it at weekend, quite entertaining! 😎
  7. No, of course not. I did show my response to all three comments separately, so, to yours: Cancel your order and buy from Chards? I couldn't have said it better myself! My last comment started naming you in the third person "@MJCOIN had a great suggestion", but was directed at the third poster. I am sorry if I failed to make that clearer. You may not have noticed it at the time, but there was a long Topic thread at the time: This was a later one, but referring to the earlier robda post: This was his original post and Topic: I tend to ignore robda's posts, but every now and again, he seems to be unable to resist a rather negative tangential remark. I think we have have a few pleasant interractions on TSF, and long may it continue. 😎
  8. This is a very late response, but: Nowadays master hubs are otfen laser scanned, and this scan "feeds" the engraving or die-cutting machine. The main difference is that previous methods used a mechanical pantograph, which probably still achieves better results and a higher fidelity copy. 😎
  9. Yes indeed, and well spotted. I think though that HMRC would need to be extremely avaricious to try to extort CGT on underweight specimens, but I suppose that is not saying much! 😎
  10. Sometimes direct RM customers will get their coins earlier than via dealers. It must be easier for them to ship 10 consignments totalling perhaps 1000 coins, than 1000 separate packages containing one coin per package. @MJCOIN had a great suggestion, but I guess you stilll bear a grudge against @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer and me, for correcting your half truths about us a few years back.
  11. Quite right, the UK's best coin and bullion dealer should have the best website!
  12. Banksia? yes I read up on it some years ago. The flowers do look rather phallic. I would say "green gold" is more jargon than technically correct. I did Niton test 2005 Australian Perth Mint sovereigns, proof and bullion, some time ago, and published the results here on TSF, but faile to find them in a 30 second search. I can remember that my tests showed zero copper, and 8.33% silver. 😎
  13. There is in Microsoft Teams. There is also an "i" in blind, which is somewhat counter-intuitive. We also have blinds in our windows, which almost brings us back neatly to where I came in! 😎
  14. One of our 3 old "heritage sites" is indeed https://taxfreegold.co.uk/ I still use it to check some facts. It was created in December 1999, and was never designed for use on mobile phones. To upgrade it would almost certainly require a complete re-write. Our new site was designed to work on mobile devices, and it uses one shopping basket, whereas our old sites needed one for each, which was inconvenient for customers. They also had no search facility (or at least not worth using), but used old fashioned hard-coded links and navigation, which still work well for anyone capable of thinking logically, but usually require more clicks. I do occasionally view websites on my mobile phone, but I dislike the experience. You have just given me an idea though: We should add some "free postage" pages to our old websites! Easier? Sure. Buying via Amazon is often easier, but when you realise that merchants are typically paying Amazon about 15% commission on their sales, then I would always check elsewhere unless is was a very small purchase. Atkinsons? I guess that you can hardly notice the poor quality of their photos when using a mobile phone. Even on a large desktop monitor, it can be difficult to tell which of the coins are genuine, and which are fake. Newbies have a lot to learn! 😎
  15. You beat me to it by about 20 minutes! 😎
  16. Wrong! I presume you mean our main Chards.co.uk one. It gets incremental improvements almost every day, most of which are probably not easily noticeable. Upgrades are slightly different. Being semantic, it depends what you class as an upgrade. I do think we could upgrade it by including more of the information we used to, and still do have, on our heritage sites. Some it is has been ported over, but not always perfectly, and without many of the links our old sites had. The new site is so advanced compared with the old ones, that I am not able to add new pages, or edit existing ones, despite the fact that I used to hand-code many pages on our old sites. I am not sure that counts as an upgrade. As a side note, we are just in the closing stages of settling a legal case we started against a web developer company, whose managing director managed to convince us that they could and would supply a high quality e-commerce website with a search facility which "would rock". Perhaps we were naive, but he was a very convincing liar salesman. I will not name them, as their latest offer includes a proposal for an NDA (Non disclosure agreement), against which I have a strong ethical dislike. In the background we are working on the development of our completely re-written "back-end". It is entirely possible that, when it is rolled out, nobody will notice the difference! 😎
  17. Yes, if taken just as a headline, but the fact is that we do get asked that very question, along with other variations on it. Our staff have to spend time assuring people we are not like Harvey Ross, and that our prices are not "too good to be true"! 😎
  18. To save me looking them up, were any of them elected? If so, were the elections free and fair, rigged, or dubious? I don't think any of them could be classed as "benevolent dictatorships" which are generally considered to the the best form of government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benevolent_dictatorship 😎
  19. What, that it's the first coloured Β£2 coin since last year? We are still only in February!
  20. Has King Charles been on a diet in preparation for his Coronation? 😎
  21. That is a good question, and interesting, but there is a very quick, simple, and even better answer: https://taxfreegold.co.uk/whatisinvestmentgold.html What is Investment Gold? For the purpose of the new VAT exemption, "Investment Gold" is defined as: (a) Gold of a purity not less than 995 thousandths that is in the form of a bar, or a wafer, of a weight accepted by the bullion markets; (b) A gold coin minted after 1800 that- is of a purity of not less than 900 thousandths, is, or has been, legal tender in its country of origin, and is of a description of coin that is normally sold at a price that does not exceed 180% of the open market value of the gold contained in the coin; or (c) A gold coin of a description specified in Notice 701/21A Investment gold coins. 😎
  22. I was wondering about the 130% tax rate. If hat had ever applied to me, I would have left the country. "UK political cycles are such that we don't have the stability for that to occur." There are a few reasons, or contributory factors: We have a left and a right in UK political parties, with nothing much in the middle, whereas most big decisions / policies would be better somewhere in the centre of opinions. This will probably continue to get worse. Most people with limited intelligence can only follow one concept at a time. There was some research published about this a few months ago, but it is almost obvious. Political parties and other influencers use this to polarise their audiences in their preferred direction. Four years is probably too short a term for any government to plan for. It might be better if only half or a third were subject to an election at any time, as it would ensure some continuity. Changing a country's government every four years is a stupid way to run a country. It would be a stupid way to run a business, so why do we do it with governments? 😎
  23. I read that too quickly the first time, and thought it was about a portrait by Banksy! I wonder if his first name is Robin? 😎
  24. I don't know, but they may all ask the source of your money / wealth. But, yes if you tried doing it using cash, except for the neighbourhood loan shark! 😎
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