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  1. No income tax No VAT No money back No guarantee Black or white Rich or poor Nice cheap PM's to your doooooooooor
  2. Quick!!!, leave before you get hooked, you will end up spending your life savings on shiny metal Welcome to the forum 🤪
  3. Received my @DrDave patented mobile coin rig today, my first attempt with it and already producing great results with this 1859 half sovereign My thanks to Dave, great bit of kit that takes up hardly any space. For this picture I literally just popped it onto the desk and shone my lamp into the diffuser, this was literally the first shot at 2.9% zoom using a crappy old ibone
  4. Greetings fellow stacker
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum, and the best hobby/past-time on the world, stacking PM's
  6. Yes that would be too good to be true, and also taint all their other auctions As to the one day deals, I often use one or three day auctions, seems to make zero difference to the achieved price from using 7 or 10 day listings
  7. Looks fine to me, that is an auction listing so end price likely to be considerably higher They have previous feedback for gold sales and no negative feedback - what is it that concerns you about this listing/seller?
  8. I would not be concerned on a Victoria, the lightest I have is 3.93 and I have a few at 3.94-3.96,
  9. Was just typing this almost word for word when "BullionMan89 has replied" popped up
  10. 5x 2022 Sovereigns @ £372ea +SD post 5x 2012 Sovereigns @ £385ea +SD post UK only, payment by BT or PPF&F AOOG
  11. Only paid members can add profile pictures and backgrounds, or add straplines
  12. Atkinsons are in Sutton Coldfield which would be closer than the Birmingham dealers, most dealers will let you post to them when selling so location should not really be an issue You can of course post on here but given you have no feedback expect to have to accept payment on delivery, so recommend if you do sell on here make sure your only selling to established members with a reasonable feedback score. It is not uncommon for new sellers to have to do this, if you make a few sales to get feedback you can start to ask for payment up-front.
  13. Means the coin is the highest state of preservation, as good a condition as was when minted - a very abused term in the coin world unfortunately
  14. Depends where your buying them: https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/quarter-gold-britannia
  15. I would go for a double sovereign, a sovereign and a 1/4oz Brit
  16. Yes please do @Deus if you do go down that road, especially if you go on to get it graded.
  17. @Alun is your man for custom cases, here is one of his latest posts
  18. Absolutely, I will send you my address for postage Seriously though - It looks an ideal candidate for conservation, so I would want the price of that taken into account of what I paid. @GoldDiggerDave can likely buff out those few marks
  19. Looks like they are updating their website as the user interface has changed
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