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  1. The coin arrived today, even better than I imagined. Thanks
  2. Hi, I’ll take one with capsule if there’s any left please
  3. Could you add me to waiting list please. I have some forlorn hope there may be one left…
  4. Hi, I’d like 5 coins please if you still have any left
  5. Hi Could I have 10 please also do you have any that would fit a 1oz Una & The Lion bar? pm'd as well Regards E
  6. Hi, I'm wondered if anyone can clarify the situation buying gold coins from EU country, will I get hit with import charges etc or is there a way around it. How can you ensure that you are buying them for investment purposes only. It's not worded great but after reading stuff on govt site left me even more confused. Any advice gratefully accepted.
  7. Hi BYB, I received my bar today, absolutely delighted with it. Thank you for doing this and the work you do. Great packaging etc, I was on a wee break, just i case you think it was late. 😂 Regards Eric
  8. Can you put me on the waiting list pls if I’m lucky enough to get one could I get 226 if possible as wife’s birthday & present. I know your up to eyes in it but don’t worry if not possible 👍👏
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