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  1. If I am correct he already stated his theory multiple times (we might not agree but he did this several times) and stated a timeframe of 2 years (Continuous slow crash) to arrive to this 400. so take out the popcorn, wait and watch the movie.
  2. For the modern silver bullion, let’s not forget about the minimum Cost of making, selling, distributing them. we always speak about % but the make a silver or gold coin the fix amount it cost to produce etc are the same. Only the metal is different. so a 2% of an ounce of gold is 28 pounds. Way much than the premium on modern silver. The cost are more or less the same. now, these costs are going down with older pieces which circulation already flattened out the production and promotion costs. Hole this helps a bit well at least that is what I understand of it.
  3. What surprise me is the demand for gold in jewelry. It equals the amount of gold declared by China.
  4. Could explain why I can’t find it now. i should probably wait then for the newest edition. thanks for your help
  5. Amazon has cancelled my order after 3 months waiting for it. if anyone know a place to order it.
  6. Did I miss something on the 2014 sov? don’t see anything special bout it but I m a newbie.
  7. I started buying silver and gold as a way to spend without spending. Simple as that 😄
  8. You don’t get a lot of issues with eBay transactions. BUT should you have one, eBay will mostly take the buyers side of not always. cost should be around the same I suppose.
  9. Hello I would definitely go for coin cabinet. they are specialist and you will avoid any trouble. The last auction had a 70 on the coin cabinet. I see them nearly every time... and they fetch above the 1000 mark.
  10. 1 Full set left. for the gold one I will take back-order for those who want them. best !
  11. They are sold out (even if they where 100000 editions) but they can be sourced again on the French market. (Not your tIpical coin dealer has these as they are bought by regular families.) pm for more details if you want me to search for them.
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