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  1. I doubt that much will happen on the day itself. Surely any forward looking bank would have adjusted their positions in gold in the weeks and months ahead of the date and not just leave it to be done at the last minute, on the day? If that is the case, then we must be seeing/feeling any effects at the moment, I think the day itself will be a damp squib for it's affects on the price of gold.
  2. I cannot say I have ever used them, but there is this: https://www.sharpspixley.com/safe-deposit-boxes which may be a bit cheaper for some sizes. The trouble (for me at least) is they are in London and I am not.
  3. Hi, It is not possible to tell whether we are at the start or end of a bull run in gold, or any other type of asset. The possibility of inflation is well known and the efficient market hypothesis ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Efficient-market_hypothesis ) says this will already be reflected in the price. (i.e lots have people have already bought gold in anticipation, driving the price up, to relect the fears about inflation.) Sorry if this doesn't help much, but my startegy is to not worry to much about the current price, but just make slow and steady investments over a long peri
  4. A charge-back was what I thought of too. Just speak to your credit card company.
  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  6. Thank you. And so true, I think I realised that when I had that first coin in my hand!
  7. Hi, So I am new new to precious metals and the forums. I purchased a 2020 sovereign at the tail end of last year from Chards and a 2021 sovereign from Atkinsons this year. That so far is my entire stack. As my name suggests I am looking to add to it in a slow and steady fashion. My idea is to go for new sovereigns or Britannia's, as funds permit. However, I was surprised how visceral the feeling of holding even a small lump of gold was. So, although in theory I am a stacker, I do know I could easily get distracted by any beautiful gold coins. I have a lot to learn though be
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