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  1. Yes indeed. And once they have got rid of the civil servants they will still want the work doing, so outsource it to their chums for a far higher price than any money saved.
  2. Unless you are looking to buy.
  3. I'm getting the urge to dip my toe back in and make a purchase, not least as as I don't have a 2022 sovereign yet. The gold price in USD looks more resonable lately, I just wish GBP sterling would stop going down making it more expensive.
  4. It is always difficult to time the market. I would maybe go for a few 1oz bars spread out over the next few months, for a pound cost averaging affect. That way you can also pick a Pamp, Una and the Lion, etc., bars or whatever takes your fancy.
  5. Thanks, the article was an interesting read. I read a book many years ago, but forget it's title. It was about how owning gold was banned in communist Russia. There was one exception, that was wedding rings, so reportedly one man invested his savings in buying 18ct gold mens wedding rings. I think he did ok with his life savings when the USSR imploded, unlike other Russians. Even if it is not true, it is still a nice storey.
  6. Terrible news. I don't care about the price of gold at this moment. 😟
  7. As a relative newbie here who is still learning I have stuck to buying new coins. I wouldn't mind the modern sovereigns, if they weren't so pink, so prefer the 24 carat Britannias.
  8. Ah, got carried away in my editting down of the longer conversation, my apolgies @LawrenceChard. Exactly as @sovereignsteve says it does show they know how. @DeepSpace also says too: "Ironically, if they did ditch the 'Pink' gold sovereigns they would probably become highly desirable and skyrocket in price. " - The more I think about that the funnier it gets. I may send the Royal Mint an email asking for them to change them to their original gold colour. @Foster88 thanks for the advice, I do follow that line of thinking.
  9. Oh yes they can! Just look at the new FA Cup Gold Proof: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/celebrate-150-years-of-the-fa-cup/fa-cup-2022-gold-proof-coin/ It says on there that the alloy is:- Inner: 22 carat yellow gold. Outer: 22 carat red gold So they really can do it when they want to! And doesn't the inner look much better than the outer. There can be no doubt as it is all done on one photo where colour correction and lighting will not change from one coin to the next. And I don't like the pink ones either. I was going to get one 2022 soverign, since I decided to get one a year in the very short time I have been stacking, otherwise I stick to Britannias. Just not sure if it is worth getting a few more in place of a Britannia due to the 2022 design. It is a bit of a dilemma. Can I ask what other people would advise please?
  10. I have bought from a couple of dealers online. They know my name and address, since they have to post the coins to me. One dealer did a soft search on my credit record. (I use clearscore and Credit Karma, so I got to see it), which I thought was interesting, if somewhat pointless. I paid with a my own debit card registered at my address they were posting the coins to, so just assume they must be doing over the top Know Your Customer/anti money laundering checks. I really don't think it is anything to worry about, I will never exceed either £5k in a single transaction, nor £10k in a year, not even close. Although I suppose the records of my purchases could be supplied to HMRC/The Government if the criteria ever changed. I also own a leaky rowing boat, but have no plans of going down to the depths of the English Channel with it, if there is a nasty boating accident.
  11. .... and I thought it was because I had just saved up enough to pull the trigger on a purchase tomorrow. 😁 Then again, if I do buy, I am sure it will go down the next day. 🤣 It is a test of my faith in the wisdom of pound cost averaging. 👨‍🎓
  12. So true. Their analyst need to pump it up,just like other do. It pays to be cynical.
  13. Tortoise


    I signed into @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer website about a week ago and it was good to see that had set up Two Factor Authentication, making their website much harder to hack. I use https://authy.com , if anyone is interested, it seems better than Google authenticator, and set it up no problem at all. My congratulations to @LawrenceChard and the team for that. I wish the other couple of dealers I have used did the same.
  14. Thanks @LawrenceChard I don't particularly like sovereigns, they are too pink to me, I prefer Britannias. So I was just going to get one, plus perhaps a larger one (a double) to see this year's design. I might hold off on the double until much later if there is a chance of a quintuple.
  15. Thanks, I was confused by this. If rates go upwards, it makes bonds relatively more attractive, becuase they pay a higher rate of interest, but gold doesn't pay anything. I thought that meant gold ought to go down, being relatively less attractive after the rate rise, hence why I am confused about it going up today. It is a good job I am not a professional investor and stick to tracker funds and a bit of bullion. I'd lose my shirt if I had a lot to invest.
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