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  1. that's true about dogecoin, but i disagree with premiums falling as prices rise, they usually work in the same direction as more and more people are drawn in!
  2. agreed with this assessment. The main argument for silver and gold is the security from holding it physically. That's why silv premiums are still around 40%. The paper price is just that - and it might as well be the dogecoin price.
  3. Well, that makes us all feel better Bully! Thanks for offering your services into the hairdressing market at half price. Because of this option, the official inflation rate has fallen by 30% - despite the potential of everyone sporting dodgy haircuts
  4. not necessarily, only more negative government bond yields are gold positive. negative junk yield is bad for gold because it means that money is chasing c**p, not quality. the euro junk market is small anyway, and dominated by niche investors who dont normally compare junk yields with sovereign prices Negative junk yields though, that is something ! That means if you lend 100euros to a company that is facing bankruptcy, you only get back 99euros if the company doesnt go under. That's a lose lose bet !
  5. It's likely. Having a talent, depending on which one it is, could be worth the talent in gold or silver
  6. well even if trades broadly horizontal over the next decade, gold will be within +/- 200 of the average price, there will be times when its >20% cheaper than another. That's not opinion, its a fact. In the time frames you quote, the movement is more extreme at around +/- 500%. To predict 0% volatility over a decade is overly simplistic. In a longer term than the three decades your 'analysis' covers, the trend is sufficiently upwards.
  7. In the main that's correct. In the short term there's always times to buy, hold and sell. Currently it's buy given its recent underperformce relative to other assets and indicators of inflation. Premiums are low aswell, which is not always the case.
  8. She looks like a younger version of Liz Hurley, not that Liz Hurley has aged badly or anything 😁
  9. The answer to this is simple, it's called home country bias/tax advantages etc. In the US, eagles would we prefered to foreign coins. In the UK, there's usually a slight premium on sovereigns and Britannias. In Germany its kaiserreichs and France its gold francs etc. This home country bias is more prevalent amogst the lay person and new stackers due to recognisability, familiarity, harking back to a more simpler, glorified past in our respective countries (Napoleon etc) and also the tax advantages. You are obviously more experienced and know bullion silver is silver. But coins/rounds are not pure bullion. For eagles, there was a surge in domestic demand causing large premiums, this has bled into premiums for eagles on the international market, but to a lesser extent. It's also a nice coin as already mentioned. These will come down as demand for ASE's abates, the secondary market regurgitates, and they will be available for a dime a dozen (above manufactured spot) as they were in 2018. I'm not sure if the same principle applies to kooks and maples, as their mints have been spamming the international markets at various times. Smaller countries will also be more open to foreign coins generally. Here in the UK we are a more refined bunch, with good premiums for both domestic and foreign coins 😉
  10. Looks like there is short covering across the board. Equities looking toppy at the moment, so falls here could cause short covering in the PGM complex- more dip buying opportunities.
  11. well done to the TSF community to getting this removed !
  12. even the car is fake 'replica'. Looks like the eBay user is trying to exploit his 100% feedback record to list 30 or so fakes which all end around the same time an hopes to make a way with the money.
  13. Spark268

    ATS bullion

    i like ATS, i had bought from them in 2018 and was happy with their service and their no-nonsense website. I'm glad that it worked out !
  14. get a ps4 and stick a sheet of white cardboard on each side
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