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  1. Spark268

    Fed up with eBay

    i don't know if you can tell fake gold by just looking at it, but the bars look quite brassy to me. the bidding has gone up to £50. w.r.t. managed payments: they could have given sellers a slightly better deal and waive/reduce the payment processing fees!
  2. Good luck with your search
  3. I thought you only dabled in latin american coins i got 10 Ruble chevronet, dated 1981, that i posted way back in Jan....
  4. Equities are being held up due to options expiry tmrw, so should see fireworks after... Absolute bloodbath elsewhere, palladium down 10%
  5. gold: price moves more or less in real time silver: it tracks small moves in real time, but less so for drastic drops such as today 😕
  6. I'm not sure how effective this would be, there's far too much capital out there, and whilst paying interest on it might sponge it, paying increasing amounts of interest on an ever ballooning amount of capital might end badly. Back in my day, capital was used for productive purposes, but that's a foreign concept these days. it would choke the housing markets and cause widespread devastation. Remember that the global economy was put on hold for a good year, something that has not happened before. Remove the effects of the government stimulus and the 'money illusion' and it would be clear
  7. I've had the same with my Plusnet broadband. Most telecoms implemented RPI linkage to their prices, which makes them an under-appreciated inflation hedge compared to inflation linked government bonds.
  8. the non-precious commodities do look overbought in the short term, and many including timber & copper have pulled back according to the headlines. we need the precious ones to catch up!
  9. a bit of volatility has returned after a period of calm, red across the board. The volatility looks set to continue, and hopefully the fall in silver/gold will be offset by a rising dollar...
  10. Hi folks, Unfortunately, I have a monthly shortfall when it comes to paying the rent (death by a thousand cuts 😕), and I share with you my collection of half-sovereigns reluctantly for sale. There's 7 in total, I'm looking to sell no more than 2-3 and am likely to close the sale then - however I've listed them all in case there is a specific interest to collectors. The prices undercut what is out there, and specifically the specific years listed below. Prices & condition notes: The coins are generally in good condition and do not appear to be circulated. I've specified
  11. ahh the syrian fakes 😛 Interesting article ! on the other side of the coin, pun fully intended, wasn't there prolonged periods of time where these fakes were worth more than the real thing ?
  12. haha the original point was the nominal values of coinage does hint towards to equality in the values of gold and platinum, particularly when you look at times when these coins where legal tender...e.g. 19th century Russia had Platinum and Gold rubles (i think the where worth the same, if not platinum slightly more). Its only very recently that there's a substantial discount of platinum versus gold.
  13. I wonder how much silver there actually is versus that of gold; through recent history silver has been used up in a lot of industrial applications and has not been worth enough for it to be used as a store of wealth compared to gold. There may be 8-12 ounces of silver for each oz gold in the ground, but above ground there's likely to be less AND definitely not close to the >64-1 to one ratio as implied by the price. Besides the ETF, there are no large stockpiles of silver as there is with gold. There's only so much times you can raid your grandmother's candlestick set. There's no
  14. Spark268

    Fed up with eBay

    i think when the seller gets paid is based of the value of the item, status of the seller, method of posting etc . Some sellers live completely "off-grid" and in eBay, so may run a positive balance of funds anyway through regular sales. Despite having the merits of a wide audience, eBay is not generally practical for dealing in bullion.
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