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  1. there's no harm in being diversified, but the mania surrounding cryptos is astoundingly high and that dampens the investment case for now. Agreed that Tesla is linked to crypto, as with all other over-hyped and overpriced stocks - take a look at the ARK or Buzz ETFs. The lockdown has converted many millennials, for example, to meme stocks and to cryptos and all at the same time. This one way traffic builds up the price which begets further price rises and so on. I'm sure that they will find better things to do when the lockdown ends, and the one way traffic will be in reverse.
  2. the WSS/WSB crowd is being investigated by the CFTC for market manipulation in the Silver market, according to Roman Manly's latest article over at bullion star. Apparently, all the Physical/SLV memes will be poured over by the regulators 🙄
  3. it could be worse i suppose, you could have invested in Tesla or Bitcoin a few weeks back
  4. nah, 1000 comes to about 16%, which considering vat of 20% is below spot of sorts
  5. agreed - each EV has 50g of silver, >45kg copper. Everything electronic requires high conductivity metal for connections such as copper, or even better gold/silver.
  6. the £1 fee promotion is great but they only give it to people who don't sell often. The 13% fees are too high when it comes to bullion.
  7. There's a few good 1oz Platinum Britannia for £1000 deals in the trading section
  8. the silver market was in deficit last year, so basically every ounce bought is adding to the squeeze
  9. it'll be like this for all minted coins soon. the US mint is shutting down for April.
  10. hehe, i do recall about planning on sailing a boat to bring some oil back from the States, taking a few 400oz bars of gold with me
  11. as mentioned elsewhere, the Geiger counter trust is a good fund that holds a variety of uranium based stocks. Now back to the topic, looks like there's a dip buying opportunity in gold, in time for pay day
  12. i would wager very little, as the eldery are more likely to use dentures, which due to size and weight constraints are unlikely to contain gold. Can you imagine the power of the adhesive required - ouch !
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