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  1. I actually kind of like these as a set but not enough to buy one...though I did briefly have the qold quarter in my basket as I would like some kind of jubilee coin. These launches piss me off, why must it be a great big secret until the queue forms? It would be nice to see the designs and think before having to spend a fortune rather than being made to decide on a whim as flippers try to snatch it all. Maybe best just get a couple of sovereigns as my jubilee coins
  2. Well that was unexpected, who is buying that???
  3. Hmmm, I really didn't expect that.....the una bar is stunning that looks bad, totally agree with the earlier post saying it looks like a c**p trinket from a Greek souvenir shop. At least it frees up the cash to get the little john coin I've been putting off buying.
  4. So....any word on if this is still happening?
  5. Well that's excellent news, shame prices are so high just now. I do believe these have some potential as collectibles, you just don't see the una bars come up for sale which I find odd and surely an indication they were bought solely by people who liked them rather than speculators.
  6. I just noticed the mint have some queens beasts quarter and full ounce coins for sale, white horse and lion of mortimer full, unicorn and falcon quarters if anyone is after these
  7. Let's hope this form continues, it's a bummer feeling like it's too expensive to buy right now as there are a couple of bits I want, however It's nice to see an asset I own actually appreciating
  8. Well I got a spotty reverse proof through. You know the biggest problem? If you want to collect a series it's basically impossible and you are financially buggered if you change your mind! If you get several coins in to a collection or like the gothic crowns it's a two parter and one of the later pieces is damaged and can't be replaced you are screwed. You can't return the coins that they actually provided in an acceptable condition but the value of them is negatively affected by the mints failure at a later date. I started collecting the reverse frosted sets of these as they are cheap considering they are quite limited edition even though I totally swore off mint proofs. I'm not even slightly surprised to see my c**p coin and all the others appearing. Well, I suppose they've only had an extra couple of months to mint these...
  9. I hope that's just a damaged capsule making it look that rough
  10. I can't seem to leave trading feedback however this deal with @Darr3nG went through really easy after a very fair trade offer from him. Top bloke, very easy to deal with
  11. I confess to having no knowledge of economics but I understand people and public sentiment. Right now we are seeing growing hardship in the uk (though that is of course all relevant to your view on hardship) and a groundswell of anger towards older generations who are being branded boomer, tory scum etc. Would it be appealing to this growing group to demonise anyone holding gold? Absolutely, it would be a perfect outlet for their discontent sticking it to those they see as the wealthy few. I doubt they would differentiate between the rich sitting on kilos and the working man (like most of us here) who has saved hard to put a few ounces away for a rainy day. If that is the way governments choose to play this it would be too easy to manipulate these idiots with a few reddit posts and a couple of memes. On the brighter side perhaps if this experiment by Russia starts to work and gold becomes the new petrodollar we may see our government forced to follow suit and a subsequent worldwide scramble for gold accompanied by big hikes in value. Either way is, I think, possible and equally likely. I think the lows could be horrendous and the highs could be amazing. But I don't know, I'm just spitballing on a gut feeling and I'd be very interested in the view of people who know more than me.
  12. I'm no economist but it seems like if Russia goes on a gold standard then that could change everything especially if it becomes an oil currency. However I do have concerns that should Russia do this there would be a concerted effort to hammer down gold prices and there may even be a rise in sentiment that having gold is seen as bad form or unpatriotic etc... its an easy target for public sentiment and cheap headlines, definitely something I can see the likes of the sun getting behind. It's an easy win isn't it, your average person doesn't hold the stuff so they have no problem with an anti gold sentiment. By not supporting gold you will be a patriot and there's nothing people like more than being told they are 'doing their bit' by not changing their behaviour at all. Just a half formed thought I guess but it's the nagging doubt in my mind that's keeping me from buying too much
  13. So pleased! The gold una bar is my favourite item in my (admittedly modest) collection, I will definitely be on this, I can't believe it's taken this long for them to get around to this. Shame gold price is so damn high, I've been avoiding buying but I'll make an exception for this Would they do a proof version? 🤔 I think the una bar was nice enough to warrant it and if this is as good a design then why not? They do proofs of everything else
  14. Hi, sorry for the delay, I work nights. @Darr3nG got it via PM, thanks for everyone's interest
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