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  1. I think the sky's the limit on the plain edge especially for a set. Today's results were surprising but probably what the market needed because the value of these coins has been shockingly low recently. Hopefully people here have picked up some bargains from the mass ebay sell off and get hold of the portrait
  2. Fair enough, I was a little confused by your reaction but I can see why the constant bemoaning of flipping is tiresome. To an extent I agree we are probably all flippers in the long term with something so I'm certainly not against making a profit, it's just dissapointing to see people here denied a chance to own something that would have meaning to them while seeing items on ebay within minutes of the sale ending. I may have been a tad snarky at the end though which was possibly uncalled for and did get me a telling off which was fair enough
  3. Tough one isn't it? Flippers push the prices up which is great if you have the coin but they stop a lot of real collectors getting the coin initially. I do agree with you in a lot of ways but I would say the flipper culture actually hurts long term prices. Una coins don't come up for sale often because they were bought by collectors to hold which has made them valuable, I think that at least in the short term flippers have hurt the market for this coin by flooding the market. I think the 2022 soverign proofs suffered from the same problem, it had everything needed to succeed but realistically price wise it has floundered in spit of a quick sell out. On the plus side the *******s doing this probably bought a bunch of jubilee coins and will get burned on them
  4. I think if this set is a bummer then the mint are ****ed because this was the most anticipated coin of the year. I think a lot of these coins have fallen into the hands of flippers rather than collectors which has caused an initial flood of the used market...Still at a very good profit mind
  5. I feel like some people may be overthinking it, I don't think the single coins are overly valuable on their own especially the quartered arms as its a 2 part coin. I think if I could only have one it would be the Victoria head as they will be much more limited in availability due to most people buying continuations. I think expectations have been through the roof to the point we see an instant 100% profit as an abject failure. That said maybe I'm wrong but at least if I'm left bag holding it will be with some very pretty coins
  6. I think more speculators have joined the market recently and there has been more awareness of profits realised on editions like the great engravers. I suspect there are a lot of people currently jumping on anything limited edition the mint release because of this, combine it with the jubilee and you have a scramble. Can't say I was too excited by this release and passed.
  7. I actually really like it, though now you point out the urn I can't unsee it!
  8. Yeah, I like the gold 5 pound but can't say I'd shell out for the set as I'm not really over excited by the prospect of the Birmingham commonwealth games or any of the others.
  9. Yeah, I really like that, very unique looking.
  10. Wonder if the Prince William 40th birthday coin will get 100 pages on here 🤣
  11. This is one of the most bizarre things I've ever heard, people who rely on their wages do what they are told. This is really cynical putting the blame on an employee, I don't see that ending well. Still, gives us time to discuss our 2023 portraits....
  12. Word of warning So I got pissed off waiting for my return...honestly the whole experience has just soured the whole thing for me and started reaching out to see if anybody wanted my 5 coin set. I called the mint today to see how long it would be for my replacement to arrive and was told that it has been refunded and the money was in my mint account! Now I filled in the return form saying I wanted a replacement, when I spoke to them a few weeks ago I again confirmed I wanted a replacement, I even got the email to say my replacement was delayed...what the hell is going on at the Mint? Between this and my experience with the phantom gold gothic crown I'm totally pissed off with them. Customer services are lovely people on the phone but it does seem that they are actually pretty useless at their job. So yeah, now I have to wait and see if they **** up sending money to my bank account 🙄 At the end of the day I no longer really wanted the coins so **** it but if you are promised a replacement just remember that promise means absolutely nothing.
  13. Interesting, not as much of a premium as perhaps expected. Does it seem like these have been neglected due to wallet fatigue between this and the gothic crown (which isn't really setting the Heather on fire either)? Is it that these are perhaps not as popular as expected? Maybe collectors only really want the double and the five pound coin as they are the rarest? Or maybe just everyone is more focused on Xmas and the hopeful quick flippers have been getting burned, can't afford to hold and are actually driving prices down?
  14. There's currently a few 3 graces on ebay going for under a grand you may want to check out. I'm quite tempted because, and I know this may not be popular, I think it's the best looking coin of the lot.
  15. If you try to carpetbag me by offering 15% we're going to have a problem buddy 😄
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