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  1. Observe Lettering: ELIZABETH II BAILIWICK OF GUERNSEY 2001 Reverse Queen Victoria Lettering: QUEEN VICTORIA 1837-1901• 25 POUNDS 1/4 oz gold coin 24ct £400 posted
  2. 1974 - 1oz Kugerrand £1515 Posted
  3. The answer is the auction house own the 1819 Sovereign as well as some old proof sovereign. Most of their common coins do not have a reserve. As it is 0% BP auction same as TCC. So seller do not want to sell their coins at lose, due to lack of audience. That is why quite a few coins did not sell in Auction 1&2.
  4. I found the same problem. When I was the first bidder on a coin, and the system automatic bidding against me. I have spoken to the co-owner of the auction, and suggest to start the auction price at the reserve, if they are cerntain coins have reserve price. Let us see if there is any improvement in their 3rd auction, I believe they are trying to find the best way work out for both sellers and buyers.
  5. 2008 £2 Two Pound Gold Coin: The Olympiad London 1908. 22ct £700 posted £695 posted
  6. 1997 Half Ounce Gold Austrian Philharmonic £730 posted
  7. 1990 Half Proof Sovereign - Low mintage year £200 + post
  8. 2008 £2 Two Pound Gold Coin: The Olympiad London 1908 ---- £710 2002 Half Proof Sovereign ----- £190 £710 + Postage only 5% over spot price
  9. I have a 2004&2005 half proof set with Box and COA in FDC Condition
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