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  1. I am looking a 1975 HONG KONG ROYAL VISIT G$1000 Raw in box or PF69, PF70 Please DM me if you have one to offer
  2. Hi Admin, I undertand you all working very hard. Is it possible to reveal the rest of the gift exchange as well? Otherwise, it is difficult to get the gift out before Christmas as Royal Mail Signed for delivery is not very stable at the moment. Thank you.
  3. Royal Mint 2020 VE Day 75th Anniversary Strike on the Day Gold NGC- MS70 Matte £925 Posted
  4. I have 1/4oz Proof Greyhound & 1/4oz Proof White Horse Both PF70 in NGC Special Label looking for swap for 1/4oz Proof White lion or 1/4oz Falcon in the same grade. Alternatively I have ungraded 1/4oz Proof Greyhound to swap for ungraded 1/4oz Proof White lion and 1/4oz Proof Falcon. Drop me a DM if you have anything to offer.
  5. Please drop me a DM, if you have one to offer with a price. Thanks in advance.
  6. I sold mine in April on ebay for more. Can try on ebay when you have £1 promotion offer.
  7. Hi I have a 2007 Double Sovereign NGC PF69. If you are interested
  8. Nice coin. I have one of those just sent for grading. Good luck on selling
  9. Final Reduction to £1500 Posted. Will Withdrawn on Thursday if no takers
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