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  1. A warm to the forum from a somewhat chilly south of the country.
  2. Mine was just a basic 1974 full sovereign. I shall apologise for the lack of a picture, but i don't have it immediately to hand. I do however very much still own it. It is part of my pension and would probably be the very last piece i would sell. I'm hoping that i'll never need to sell that particular one and it can be passed down.
  3. I'm afraid i've seen more than enough bad reviews about their lack of customer service, not just here either, so safely say i will never order from them. The way i see it, they are\were only cheaper if you actually get your stuff! It only takes one order missing, or a damaged proof to totally wipe out any savings you might make. I will happily pay a little more and use a dealer who i trust.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I cant speak for everyone, but I'm a bullion guy and that's a bullion coin. It wouldn't put me off buying it. I have a few coins that are a little beat up and a 10oz bar that's seen a bit of action. Still has it's intrinsic weight value though.
  5. Cant see it dropping that low in the next few weeks, was more thinking of the OP being able to save a little more money and thus make the jump to 1 oz. Would help dodge some of the premium on the smaller fractional gold too. But I'm talking purely from the perspective of a bullion kind of guy.
  6. Lots of nice options out there if you can hang fire for just a little bit longer and go for the 1 oz. As has been mentioned, it's a fair chunk to liquidate in one go, but they are easy to sell to bullion dealers or on here if you want to price it somewhere round spot (unless it's got significant collectability). I picked up a 2020 kangaroo just before xmas and it's a lovely thing. If you want to stay British, then the 2021 QB Greyhound of Richmond is still pretty good value, or how about the older style Britannia's (1987 - 2012?
  7. They should weigh 1kg (1000g) or extremely close to it (fractions of a gram). I don't have mine to hand to weight, but all the certificates they come with say 1000g on them as the weight. If you have doubts whether they weigh the correct amount, i would walk away. Bear in mind there will be a small amount of error in your scales unless you have them calibrated.
  8. GBStacking

    advice please

    ATS have always been very helpful when i have dealt with them and have been happy to answer any questions i have had prior to buying. I'm not sure how things are customer service wise at the moment as i should imagine a lot of them aren't in the office so don't have direct access to the coin. But I'm sure they wont mind if you drop them a mail. If you have doubts, i would advise not buying, but i certainly don't think ATS would be out to intentionally mislead anyone.
  9. Have been having exactly the same thoughts myself as i picked up a 1oz gold Kangaroo just before Xmas but most of my gold is back from when i could get it at £1000 per oz. I've put the kangaroo in the long term retirement stack so I'm pretty sure inflation will have off set the price I'm paying now so am not losing too much sleep over it. If gold drops to £1200 or below, i will also view this as a buying opportunity, pretty much all my efforts are going into gold this year, at least till the secondary silver market stabilises a bit and unless the GSR changes a fair bit, I'm still content
  10. Didn't see a 2020 in the list, so thought I'd contribute
  11. Thank you all for the warm welcome
  12. Hi All Just wanted to say hello! Been stacking for a couple of years. I've been aware of The Silver Forum for a while through BYB's videos and thought it was probably about time i signed up, so here i am. 😀
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