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  1. Excellent, in my eyes. Much better than the silver.
  2. I like it, but only a little... no I don't like it at all 😂 I'm collecting the silver kilo, so I'll get it, but the design of the gold is much nicer.
  3. The 10oz Kook. Coin is stunning, and the quality of Perth products is great.
  4. I'd say: buy the dip, and even if you don't believe in that, at least wait for premiums to go back to normal... Swiss refineries resumed activity last week.
  5. Managed to buy a 1oz PAMP (from GoldAvenue), but now there are delays with the shipping because of Covid.
  6. Apparently I've missed the memo. Indeed, looks like it's not valid anymore.
  7. Yes, I was very happy with them. You only place the order on EM, and you'll receive two separate invoices... but other than that it feels very smooth. Don't forget to use the discount code from BYB, which gives you 50% off shipping cost. I think it's "BYB50%OFF" and you'll need to add this after you select the shipping option, not before.
  8. You don't have to take it out to measure lenght and width (approximate). The best indicator should be thickness though.
  9. Found these measurements: Manufacturer: Perth Mint Weight: 20 grams (0.64 oz) Purity: 999,9 (24 carat) Width: 18.2mm Height: 31.6mm Thickness: 2.2mm Yours look very fat☹ PS: Try to measure the bar, not card.
  10. First of all that price is too high for a generic bullion coin. With the latest price drop, it's currently €17.82 on EuropeanMint. You're not paying VAT when buying from them (or other few places), but still the premium on silver is higher compared with gold.
  11. I think it's the first year for the 10oz size.
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