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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    PAMP Swiss (gold and silver) bars, kilo Lunar 3 coins, 10 oz Kookaburra coins
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    SA The Big Five soon

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  1. I have ordered a 10 oz together with 3 plastic capsules, hoping that RM would make a JC reinterpretation of 3G in a year or two, and then a Royal Crown... So, one could stack those for weight but once a year take them out from hiding and just admire them.
  2. Limited production, unique design, large premium... shouldn't be just bullion... not when Perth can make a 10oz Kookaburra (also bullion) as perfect as any other colectible. And they put them in capsules that are so tight, you know for sure that dealers haven't handled them.
  3. Never sold anything, not here nor someplace else ... but then I would have to start somewhere at one point, 'cause otherwise I'm just spending. Is it difficult to ship in UK from EU? If that would be my first sell, then building reputation and experience would be my main profit.
  4. Thank you all for the advice and positive thoughts.
  5. Behind the lion, I can see one hair line when tilting the coin against a light source. So, no need for a magnification glass to know that I've made a big mistake. 😥
  6. Was lucky enough to get the 2oz Una and the Lion directly from RM, when it was launched. But then, I was stupid enough (frustrated by how dirty the coin arrived from RM) to give it a gentle wipe with a soft cloth. I was (still am) new to owning proof coins, didn't consider reselling it at the time, but now I've missed the Three Graces and can't complete the set anymore. So, how much have I lost by touching it?
  7. The 10oz is no longer listed (available) on metalmarket.eu site.
  8. Just placed an (first) order with them. Item is on pre-order, so it will take a while until I'll find. Edit: Payment receipt confirmation received within hours.
  9. Just ordered the 10oz from the Polish web site.
  10. Because it was merged by the admin. I missed the initial topic and opened a new one.
  11. It's not yet in stock. You can register to receive notification. I'm waiting for it to pop out on GS.BE and ship it together with the items I have in vault.
  12. Silver 1oz 35.000 worldwide, 30.000 intl. in plastic covering Silver 10oz 6.100 worldwide, 5.000 intl. in plastic covering Silver 100oz 1.200 worldwide, 1.002 int. Gold 1oz 4.000 worldwide, 3.000 intl. in Certipack From metalmarket.eu
  13. Have you seen these already? Apparently silver comes in 3 sizes: 1oz, 10oz and 100oz.
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