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  1. Will the sotd be released at midnight or opening time ?
  2. £375 for a proof sovereign. Great price!
  3. That I am Sir. I fear you have started something though! I may have to do a date run on the Orleans Morgan’s now. Lovely coin.
  4. Fair play to you mate. Sorry if I came across rude. Thanks again for the great coin!
  5. Always a bit of a slap to see a massive reduction after buying some. Patience has been taught
  6. Should have waited it seems! but for what it is worth I am very happy with the one I got!
  7. How are Australians able to order from the RM but when I go to the Perth mint website it says not available in my country ? Or am I missing something ?
  8. I pm'd you regarding these. Are you open to offers ? Thanks
  9. Lots of private sellers also use that claiming ''it's only bullion' True, but we all know the desirability of a scratched up Britannia vs a mint one. The fact is, some people enjoy collecting these, if it was purely bullion, why bother with nice designs and different coins at all! These are lovely, where can they be purchased ?
  10. It’s more than the proof of the same year but horses for courses.
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