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  1. Thanks for the info, if you ever want to sell one, let me know
  2. Those baby kooks look awesome, do you mind me asking where you sourced them?
  3. Really pleased with this from @StBeesSilver, many thanks
  4. Thanks for the info @Clockpuncher, will keep an eye open & bide my time then
  5. These look awesome, anyone know where there's any 1/10 available in UK, most sites seem to be sold out already? Is there a limited mintage on these or is it just a case of waiting for more stock? Thanks in advance for any info
  6. Super fast delivery of this piece, really pleased with it, thanks @StBeesSilver
  7. Please may I have 2 coins plus the double capsule? Thanks
  8. Mine arrived this morning, stunning Many thanks @BackyardBullion & also to Mrs BackyardBullion!
  9. Hi all, I got an email from the Royal Mint with a link to the 2nd Bond coin - on sale 07.09.20 at 9am if anyone's after one http://content.royalmint.com/?IHDLirh8mqzTqvm2-EmLpBmI96AFtSNeI Good luck all
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