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  1. Yes they are reliable but the quality of Coins is sometimes poor. If buying for weight shouldnt matter
  2. Thanks these are unfortunately all US sites so custom charges! Added 0 minutes later... Hopefully! Is £1.50 per Roosevelt dime a good deal? Its what it sells for on ebay
  3. Hi does anyone have any US constitutional silver for sale close to spot? thanks
  4. Where is the best place to buy constitutional silver/dime rolls etc?
  5. Selling x5 BU private US minted silver coins £18.60 per oz selling together Post at cost. Will also swap for a 10oz silver bar (+ cash)
  6. Obviously i wont be going anywhere for a while. Plus there are ways around that eg wear your Gold and dont carry gift boxes/receipts back
  7. Thanks i think if its too costly in the UK this is almost definatly the best option. Iv bought stuff from dubai and Asia but never India, but its a good shout and funny you mention Jaipur as i have a business contact there who iv always wanted to visit!
  8. Would rather have something to wear than Gold locked up in storage which never gets seen. Plus i have too much in coins now. But agreed from an investment point of view i will lose out, hence trying to buy with the lowest premium
  9. Thanks for the suggestion will see what they offer when ready
  10. H+B used to be much cheaper than others, but now they are in line with Chard etc. Personally I would only buy from them if it was £20 cheaper due to the junk mail they send
  11. Lol if i wanted to buy tat maybe
  12. Hi guys by the end of the year i should have 120-150g of Gold in coins and would like to have a 22ct Gold curb chain made from this weight. I am wondering the best way to do this, would a UK jeweller take the weight of the chain in coins and just charge the labour fee of making the chain? The fact some coins are 24ct and chain is 22ct would i lose it, as i know the uk asian jewellers (22ct) work out prices based on spot which is 24ct so they make money this way Or is it just better to sell the Gold at spot (or slightly above) somewhere like here and go to dubai/singapore/hk where making costs are low? If anyone has any UK contacts for Goldsmiths who offer such a service for reasonable costs i would appreciate it, as the Asian jewellers are a rip off in the UK. thanks
  13. I should have added it happened in Costa Rica! tbh iv travelled all over the world walking in remote red light districts at 3am and never had an issue. South America is known for these types of crimes and they apparently can tell when something is pure gold. Currently saving up for a 120g 22ct chain
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