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  1. A dealer would add 3-6% on spot. I am looking for a 2.5g bar message me if selling.
  2. yep, they sold it as a low grade sov for spot price so can't really complain!
  3. £12 transaction fee each time for buys/sell, wheres freetrade is free. Also with funds on HL the cap is higher, £45 is only for ETF's/shares. If you buy and hold long term with limited trading each month, HL might be ok as you get a good service and app. But for most there are much cheaper alternatives and HL are one of the most expensive out there now
  4. So far only watched bix weir from the recommendations, will go through them all this weekend and give feedback!
  5. Freetrade and XO are the ones I use for Equities. HL are a rip off.
  6. where is all this QE going, all Americans have been getting 1-2k a month and banks no longer give any return so everyone piles in the market. I can't see the Ponzi crashing anytime soon so better to get on the gravy train with some good stop losses!
  7. silvernewbie

    HGM 2oz nuggets

    knowing HGM quality will be poor. Just got a sov which has INK marks on one side (pic in another thread). Similar things happened before, don't know why I still bought it
  8. there would have to be some special request, so the chances of them ever having to are tiny! If this is a concern for you, buy privately to not leave a trail
  9. I bought a bu sov with some ink! Any way to clean it off?
  10. Hi are there any good youtube channels which talk about Gold, mining stocks, silver etc? i currently follow mike maloney, peter schiff, kitco and silver stackers. are there any others? I dont mean ones which review and discuss specific coins but wider macro economic PM news
  11. Still too expensive with postage for bog standard philies these will come down in the coming months
  12. these already include vat? https://www.chards.co.uk/1oz-silver-coin/1-ounce-silver-bullion-coin-secondary-market/2870
  13. do you have any coming on under the vat exemption scheme?
  14. its a good price but with postage it would have to be part of a group order!
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