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  1. Thanks seems way to much hassle and not beneficial for the buyer to buy from the uk. Free trade is getting harder!
  2. Apparently silver coins are not subject to vat in netherlands only bars. But i dont know the ins and outs
  3. Thanks so without mismarking it it appears it could be subject to customs and not fully insurable
  4. Hi i am looking to send 35oz of silver from the uk to netherlands via PO and have never posted to the EU. does anyone know whether you can insure up to 1k, postage cost and if the other person would have to pay vat, i imagine this would depend on their local rules? thanks @Auggie
  5. Sure, i dont know about postage costs and insurance will have to research 5 sold
  6. Cheers yep surprised not seen much this cheap, selling for less than i paid! In no rush will just keep bumping till they meet their match 😛
  7. REDUCED: Only £25 oz minimum 5 wont find cheaper anywhere!
  8. Bump- selling individually now..minimum of 5
  9. Can you not make a few journeys and carry the coins on you in a tube. I have never had issues with tubes of silver in my luggage
  10. Hi have 2 brand new tubes of 1oz Asahi coins, coins in good condition no toning etc. 20 coins per tube. *WILLING TO NOW SPLIT, WILL SELL MINIMUM OF 5 COINS*. 35 remaining £25oz Free SD if taking both tubes otherwise at cost Thanks
  11. Selling 2 coin cases for up to 205 coins each (45mm). One is boxed and sealed, one has been opened but never used. Each comes with 4/5 different size coin trays and further can be purchased online depending on your coin sizes will do for £30 posted normal or extra for tracked. Also free collection in london or bromley
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