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  1. Bump and price drop. Free normal delivery (signed/sd at cost)
  2. Selling x40 slicked US Mercury dimes, slightly worn condition. £1.70 each plus post. Only selling together at the moment. Let me know if any questions.
  3. These will surely be £30+ even if buying from EU?
  4. Selling x4 silver bars all factory sealed. x2 mid states recycling and refinery, x1 silvertown, x1 US liberty £25.30 each plus postage at cost. Only selling together thanks
  5. Hi selling x1 buffalo/maple/krug no capsules good condition £24.50 per coin selling together post at cost thanks
  6. Hi i have x2 Coat of Arms 2019 in Capsules good condition £55 plus post at cost. thanks
  7. I agree i used to pay alot but You pay such huge premium and then have the hassle and costs of selling doesnt make it worthwhile so now i buy silver etf, 10oz bars or Gold. No more generic or premium coins
  8. Hi guys selling 10x 1oz coins, bullion condition : X3 phillies, x1 maple, x1 buffalo all minimal scratches x5 private US mint 2 will come with capsules, can try and dig out some more. £24 per coin plus postage at cost edit: looking to sell together let me know if you need more pictures
  9. Hi does anyone have any 10oz silver bars for sale, close to spot as possible? not concerned about the brand or condition thanks
  10. Hi does anyone have x5 2020 Brits for a reasonable price? thanks
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