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  1. Similar website issues as others - ordered and nothing after the verification.... but the money has been taken. Will give them a buzz tomorrow! haha thanks for this deal - even though my budget was already well and truly spent this month! 🙄
  2. I never considered breaking it down into bracelets. That's a nice idea as I can still keep a piece of it then. Yeh sure, will keep this thread up to date with what I end up doing. Cheers for your input - really interesting thought! 🤔
  3. Wow surprised to hear that 9ct carries more value than 22ct, goes to show my ignorance. Must be the UK hallmark which gives it the higher value then?
  4. Haha it’s very soft gold and has been bashed about it as I’ve worn it almost every day
  5. My pit bulls name is Daisy 😆
  6. That's great thanks, I've had a quick look around and a Belcher looks a good description. (Thanks to @Nugget too). Now the question about it's worth - as I think the scrap value is well under what someone would pay for it as an item of jewellery.
  7. Hi all, any jewellery experts out there? I would go to a Gold shop but, you know, nowhere's open... I've owned this chain around 20 years ago. It's 22k gold, weighs 28.5 grams and measures 22 inches. It would be good to find out two things: What style of chain is it? I can't find a similar chain style on the tinterweb anywhere... It's not a rope, spiga, wheat, curb... Roughly how much is it worth? (And I mean in terms of wearing it as a piece of jewellery, not scrap) Thanks in advance
  8. @MANJSK can I ask where you got those coin trays from please? Look really smart 👍
  9. Such an itchy feeling holding your finger over the buy button... 🙄
  10. This might be quite boring for a lot of people, but I'm excited about it so I don't care 😜 Lol My first sovereign - what a lovely coin dated 1913. Love it and I think I now have sov fever 🤩
  11. The spot price has just gone up a pound, I can't afford to now! 🤣
  12. I know what you mean, however I think that fiver I've saved will go towards my large cod and chips later for fish and chip Friday 🤣
  13. That's a good deal - and won't be around for long I think 👍
  14. @ChrisSilver - not sure if you want to delete this thread, my guess is they have gone awol and off the grid...
  15. I think you've got to be in it for the long game. And unlike bitcoin @Nugget you've got that lovely 2021 brit to hold and admire. Love the way they've done the padlock-to-trident security measure. They'll be offering personalisations of that soon, made to order with your initials instead of the trident 😄
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