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  1. Cracking deal - if I didn't already have one I would be all over this.
  2. Personally I would go for a diversified portfolio - so a bit of everything 🙂
  3. Will Silver fall to under £16? 👀
  4. Sorry to hear about your RCM bullion. Sounds like it's a never ending battle with the milk spots and just bad luck if you get them. I know with the Silver cleaning cloth I have from talktown does improve things (albeit temporary) but you do have to accept the micro scratches.
  5. I'd like to say yes, although I've only tried on small spots. When I get hold of something old and milky I'll take some before and afters 😎
  6. I agree. I use the TownTalk silver polishing cloth and does a great job. I think I'll try out some of that Silver dip by Goddards if you are recommending
  7. When it's too good to be true...it generally is! 🙃 I picked this up for £30 inc postage on eBay thinking I got a bargain. It was identical to the coin listed here and liked the mintage was as low as 3000 - https://www.jmbullion.com/2016-somalian-elephant-silver-coin-gilded/ Magnet test stuck to the coin with all its might!! I've started a refund request which has been accepted by the seller. Maybe the next find will be real bullion 😅
  8. I would love to know if that worked!?
  9. I'll keep an eye on this next polish and let you know how I get on
  10. Cheers. No not silly money, £31 - so no extra hair lost there! I think I've figured out what it is...the symbol at the bottom of the certificate is taken from the logo from these guys - https://www.westminstercollection.com/ So it's simply a certificate from a 3rd party - as you say 🙂
  11. Is there any way of removing the milk spots? I've given mine a good scrub with the TownTalk Silver cloth and does a pretty good job
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