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  1. Silver Angel Pouring on the forum, recently made me a custom silver heart with the Bride and Groom names engraved on the front and the wedding date on the back. It was great and something personal to them.
  2. They should make it out Californium not Platinum... The element, particularly Californium 252, is also a valuable trading commodity. In fact, it’s considered as the most expensive chemical because each gram costs a cool $27 million! Californium
  3. I’d probably do something along the lines Lawrence mentioned. Cut off just the 100% copper only part and keep separate, then melt the whole remaining bonded silver/copper actual contact and then send that melted product off for assay, rather than melt the whole thing which would result in a higher copper content.
  4. Only two things to know... You aint buying no physical silver for the price showing at the top of this page, currently £16.39..... You wont be selling your physical silver for the price showing at the top of this page, currently £16.39..... Have a great weekend.
  5. Well, here is a quick update... I decided to send it off for conservation and grading and NGC graded it as PF70 Ultra Cameo 😳. Talk about absolutely gobsmacked!! I am still in shock and how this purchase initially came about and how it has progressed. Thank you to all who assisted.
  6. Wish I could afford 35kg, but looks like one of the UK apes on WSS will be hoping for $30 silver soon given this Chards purchase...
  7. Could buy bars instead of RM coins, but could then be subject CGT if in UK.
  8. Just an observation for today..... 2021 31 Aug - European CPI (Y/Y Aug) 3% 31 Aug - Gold - £1316 2020 31 Aug - European CPI (Y/Y Aug) -0.2% 31 Aug - Gold - £1470
  9. Hmmmm, PSLV has been sitting at 150,928,244oz, since July 16, not one ounce added, given all the Silversqueeze Apes supposedly buying the dip. So maybe there are no 400oz bars to be had at current prices or there has been no buying of PSLV.
  10. Probably the quality of the blanks. My guess would be each version Lion, Bull, Horse etc, are done in a batches and then the die changed for the next one and as blanks are used up are replaced with another batch of different blanks. Hopefully, someone who works in production could give a better insight.
  11. The Platinum Standard linky below. Fuel cell info from page 24 The Platinum Standard 2019 edit - Implats have been developing Fuel Cell applications in South Africa for a while now Implats Fuel Cell Road Map
  12. Andrew McGuire gives some techy insight on his perception of the smackdown for anyone that may be interested. Live from The Vault
  13. Yeah, have seen quick V shaped recoveries in the past from that type of drop, but this doesn’t seem to be happening and price is very slow to pick up in the paper market, maybe paper buyers are getting out/wary due to maybe Basel III. So, hypothetically (at the moment), lets say Basel III makes the paper market “difficult” and participation declines, I guess physical pricing will transit away from futures and will be priced using a mechanism more like the Shanghai Gold Exchange?
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