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  1. So why Platinum? They could stamp a $Trillion on any coin..... Unless they view that Pt may regain its price position above gold. Pt certainly a lot rarer than gold, but then other ium’s are even more rare.
  2. Dont know if this is same coin as yours, but a year ago Royal Mint had this for sale.....
  3. Pt 50p on ebay, only one I’ve ever seen.... Platinum 50p PR69
  4. 1/4oz Pt Pandas also made, if you can find them...
  5. 2005 - Average price $444.74 2004 - Average price was $409.72 http://www.nma.org/pdf/gold/his_gold_prices.pdf No good with the truck though, there may not be any left to buy by then.
  6. Looks like BYB’s old one was back on ebay. Didnt look like it sold at first but relisted and maybe moved on. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COA-001-Britannia-2020-UK-1-4-oz-Proof-Platinum-quarter-ounce-coin-not-gold-/274355041499?hash=item3fe0d5b4db%3Ag%3Amb8AAOSwocterq5H&nma=true&si=LPujZa%2BPOMjyCSTm%2FNk3ET0CCoc%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  7. The interesting thing for me was just how disgustingly sweet some things are after cutting out sugar for a reasonable period and after tasting again, I didnt want it any more.
  8. @ Hereford “and good fat stripper, when drunk“ sounds like a Sat night out where I am 😂
  9. Wouldnt say I was a biker, but yeah ride a bike. Havent been out yet, but probably will do by weekend. Bikes been washed and polished to the point the paint is coming off
  10. I think there is more to this than transportation. There are grounded planes everywhere and probably airline companies that would be grateful to be able to just fly the thing whatever was in it. Cargo planes are still flying, and passenger airlines have taken cargo where they can, but are they flying commodities at a price dictated to by a paper market that has disconnected to a certain extent from the physical side? My take is, it is the delivery/insurance cost, not a shortage of transportation per se. The cost of the delivery/insurance could be outweighing the cost to transport the metal. This cost cannot easily be passed on to the buyer. Forget retail selling. I wonder what price does a refiner sell to the LBMA. It cant be the paper price because LBMA are selling at that and they need their profit. This is like Bairds selling to Chards, both need to make a profit and its achievable because the premiums reflect the costs. But can that be done when dealing with LBMA / Worldwide Distribution Companies who are in turn supplying mints/retailers are they on paper price contracts? Lets guess that just 1 Metric Tonne is required to be delivered. 1 metric tonne is 32,150oz, at a current rate $1712 oz = $55,040,800 Lets say the normal delivery/insurance is 5% - $2,752,040 Now because of the current situation, delivery/insurance is now 15% That is $8,256,120. So the cost of the gold is now, $63,296,120 ($1968oz) So can the refinery absorb the $5,504,080 additional delivery/insurance cost of this to keep a delivery date? At our Silver Forum individual buyer level, we have seen changes of delivery terms and along with costs of shipping rising (ie GS.be £25) etc to the point of some of us saying shipping cost is too high to buy, is the same happening in the tonnage arena? Lots of questions regarding this, way above my understanding, so any more info, much appreciated.
  11. +10 on that video... quality 👍
  12. Good stuff there Shinus 73. Am going to try this tomorrow, might just be at my level of cooking ability lol
  13. Interesting that just before the dump the price was going up, maybe an entity was getting super nervous it was going up further and like you said dumped shorts. Maybe they just don’t have as much funding to throw at it these days...
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