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  1. Proof Coin and Limited Mintage with associated premium I guess. Includes VAT but extra £9 for SD. But you did only ask where you could buy 1/4oz Platinum for less than £600 😉
  2. RM 2018 and 2019 1/4 oz at £550 in stock today 👍 RM 1/4 Britannia Platinum Proof 2019 RM 1/4 Britannia Platinum Proof 2018
  3. For those that missed the 1/4oz Silver Proof Set and wish to take the plunge. Chards currently have it in stock..... Chards - QB Silver 1/4oz Proof Set
  4. Hi and welcome, love that Viking cast 👍
  5. That is one way of looking at it. My take is that on 16 July at 4am there was a sell off, Gold was round £1319 but it only got it down to £1310 and its bounced back up, which would’ve been prior to yesterday. Silver got hit big time though and still is (smaller market?). Was the plan to hit both Gold and Silver, who knows 🤔 I just think something is struggling to get Gold where they want it (down) to deflect the huge inflation issue. Will Silver drag Gold down or will Gold lift Silver? We wait and see. I know nothing 🤪 and there are some very knowledgeable people who may have a more definitive outlook.
  6. What about liquidating and use the funds to buy Platinum via Bullionvault (VAT Free), then just pull out what you need to buy physical when you get here? Always a third party risk but....
  7. Agreed Kimchi 👍 and if the liars cant hide it and have to reveal a controlled elevated inflation % number, the actual real inflation will be multiples higher. Like Paul said above: Keep on stacking everyone.
  8. Fixed it now with a bit of editing 👍
  9. Just a heads up.... After purchasing an item from RM I got an email from Feefo for a “Review your recent experience with The Royal Mint”... As I had issues with quality control, I responded accordingly with notes about disappointment and quality control etc. Minimum rating was set at 1* (Bad) and I subsequently rated all previous question accordingly, however when the next question came up about what I liked about the coin, I was honest and rated the particular coin design as 5* On checking the comments after completion, Feefo’s website listed my review as 5* based on just one comment !!!!!! 🤬. Please make sure if you do a review, make everything 1* to reflect your actual comments if service has been poor.
  10. Absolutely no-one fully declares how much gold they have.... 🤫
  11. Excellent history on that piece, very interesting.
  12. Just for info, from Pamp... “All mine doré and scrap material can be refined up to '999.99' (five-nines) purity, to meet specific industrial needs such as electronics and fine jewelry manufacture” Pamp Refinery However, as a caveat, I also believe it is also how the silver is processed during the coin minting/pressing and not just the silver grade quality. As an example RCM Maples are 999.9 and are/were notoriously bad for milk spotting. Anyone got bars with Milk Spotting? RM Striking Standards After striking, each coin is inspected for imperfections hmmmm....
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