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  1. Serious question to Mr Chard..... Lets assume, because you are in the UK, someone placed an order for 900,000 Silver Brits, would it be a challenge to obtain or is it simply a special order to RM, or you contact every dealer/contact to try and get the stock etc?
  2. I’m more interested in where Miles Franklin found 900,000 Silver Eagles. Isn’t there supposed to be a shortage of those with Mint issues etc 🤔 $50 Mill is pocket money for a Billionaire and also, would the bank have had same payment issue if this person was buying a property or a mega yacht ! All seems off to me....
  3. Cant remember the last time I used a cheque, dont even have the book anymore, shredded it eons ago. As an aside, Is it still the same that one can pay online for road tax but they send a cheque for a refund 😬
  4. Dont think there will be any left to buy at that price 🤪
  5. From the Zerohedge page...... Biden, G7 will ban Russian Gold The association for Swiss refiners, which dominate the industry, denied that its members bought gold from Russia after trade data indicated the nation’s bullion had entered the country. This is gonna be good for a tamp to £1200.... /s
  6. Yep same here, and maybe, those once youngsters, back in the 40/50’s with no gas central heating or double glazing and minimal if any, roof insulation, survived to be pensioners today, also had to contend with interest rates up to 15% back in the mid 70’s...
  7. Only need one of each, so if anyone has any for sale please PM me.
  8. They only say the amount they think they can get away with / cannot hide anymore.....
  9. Not sure if relevant, but my local motorway signs saying no diesel in service areas and both my local Sainsburys and Asda Supermarket Petrol Stations closed with no fuel available today....
  10. As per Stacktastic above, inflation on inflation !! The monthly cost of your plan will go up from your April 2022 bill. As set out in the terms of your agreement with us, this increase is the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of 5.4% (as published in January 2022) to support the rise in our running costs and keep up with increased demand, plus an additional 3.9% to continue essential investment in our network as we expand coverage.
  11. Atkinsons 1oz Gold Yale and they ship internationally.....
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