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  1. Did the Germans ever get their gold back from America?
  2. Just scammers doing their usual trick's. This Covid situation seems to be benefiting those who rip people off. just puting this out to the forum but can you decide to sell to an user with ;arge feedback? Say over a Thousand with a positive rating of 95 percent plus.
  3. John79

    A New Gold Standard?

    Throughout human History it was around 15/1 I believe so not too far out on Ratio's . With all the Debt/Spending/ economic turmoil I wouldn't put a fiat price on anything that has no counter party risk. I'm very worried for the next 10 Years and the future of our societies during this time. I'm just glad I did a bit of stacking so I have some protection for my family, if your were going to change the World economic system this would be the time to do it with most of the world in lock down.
  4. John79

    A New Gold Standard?

    Could a solution be a combination of Precious Metals? Perhaps along with a bundle of Crypto's?
  5. Hello All, My name is John and I am new to the Forum. I have been stacking Silver and a little Gold for around two Years. Interest in all types of Fine Silver as well as circulated Silver/Gold Coins. Hope to be here for a long time. Regards, John.
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