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  1. As well as the fact that the Swiss have the natural defence of the Alps and still has Conscription of its population. Over 75 percent of Swiss have a weapon of some sort which could mean Millions of people having an ability to kill you if you invaded their country. As you said the amount of Dirt they have on foreign leaders and their hidden money would negate any chance of an invasion is probably the biggest deterrent. Bullion Vault is allocated isn't it?
  2. Hello, I've used them a few times, their prices are up there with Europa Bullion and Auragentum and sometimes even beating them. The staff are pleasant when you need help on something. The downsides are that you have to wait usually 1/2 weeks before they ship so it can take up to 3 weeks for your Coins etc to arrive. Europa Bullion nearly ships on the same day after payment arrives. They have to source some Coins and that is why there is a delay according to a rep I was speaking to. Silver to Go is connected to them as well. Don't forget the 20 Percent VAT as well if your in Scotland. Regards, John.
  3. Its more a question to yourself or anyone on the thread as to why someone would more likely steal a £30 Coin than say a £30 book? On the few occasions that its occurred I've never been compelled to tell the RM worker. I guess its privacy and perhaps a worry than someone might come to your house. PM even at a small scale are seen as different by some people. That's just my view of course.
  4. Thanks Billy for the detailed advice. If you were selling one Silver Coin at First class signed post and in your local Post office they worker asked you as they are obliged to what is in the Package. Would you say a Silver Coin?
  5. Hello all, I mostly sell on Ebay and was looking in the coming weeks to sell on the Forum. What advice on postage would members have RM, UPS etc. Would members advise going to the RM Depot or their local Post Office? I know 90 percent plus of RM workers are honest but that Dispatches programme left an impression on me. Any advice on this or anything else would be welcome. All the Best, John.
  6. You pay a bit more on Ebay due to 13 percent Ebay/Paypal fees for the seller although you can also get a bargain from time to time. Silver squeeze would also play a role either Real or Contrived.
  7. I think myself and many on this Forum will be hoping for that as well. Certainly you wouldn't have 3 d Party Risk as you do with SLV or even in a Bullion Vault.
  8. Fair enough but they would have a reason to increase demand or they could be looking out for their customer's or both. We will know within a month or so, it has shitstorm potential for sure.
  9. Do you know for sure that 20 percent is going to be put on orders from GS.be or European Mint?
  10. I don't think so, I believe Pure Asset is not trading but am open to correction. No shops that I know of and only one guy who deal's mostly in Morgan Dollars/Half crowns at the Market in Belfast. I have never seen any Bullion for sale but that may have changed.
  11. Hello, I had a look on their website and the initial prices looked very good you would need to see how much Tax is put on at the end when buying though. I know many forum members use European Mint which they think highly off. Also closing to your home is Goldsilver.be which has mixed review on Customer Service here but has a wide selection at very reasonably prices. Lastly many Forum members and Forum Sponsors offer great deals. Good Luck John.
  12. Yep and that is just the published debt is the Trillions lost by the Pentagon amongst others accounted in that Figure? Having said that a good reserve of PM would help and the UK/Ireland is so poor in this regard.
  13. Thats why it's going to be particularly brutal if the Currency Fails in the UK/Ireland IMHO. The people have no Money outside of the system and the Govt `reserves are awful in the UK and shameful in Ireland.
  14. Don't know anyone in my circle of family or friends who stack. Thats not a bad thing at the moment as it allows myself to stack more,I would hope that in the future if even 3-5 got into it the price changes could be huge.
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