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  1. another sov to add to my ongoing collection courtesy of @Goldfinga
  2. Got my first 1/4 gold Britannia today courtesy of @Tn21 just need to get a 1/2 and 1oz to complete a little britannia collection
  3. would you split these up? if you were to sell the libertad how much would you do it for?
  4. Hi I know this has been withdrawn did you have the 0.1 royal arms still available?
  5. Hi do you still have the 1/10 gold eagle?
  6. Got this gem from @Fadeingstar manage to get my first geiger bar
  7. Thanks for your comment, The legendary @BackyardBullion commented on a thread I created. Just wanted to say love your vids man and that's what got me here in the first place. 🤙
  8. I know people tend to buy in times of uncertainty like the pandemic but I was just wondering if Christmas time or other holidays create a big spike in the purchasing of precious metals?
  9. Just out of interest where else do you list items?
  10. Do you have a store where you do tests on coins or are you a private collector? Just out of interest really. Never really sure where is a good place to test coins in the uk. Do you know if the shops generally charge a fee for testing coins?
  11. Sounds like pawn shops have a bit of a hit and miss approach when it comes to pricing 😂
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