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  1. will you sell these individually?
  2. I'm new to the scene, so I'm kind of just looking around to buy the few bits and bobs here and there. I suppose when you buy on a monthly basis, the ups and downs will balance what you have paid for in the longer run. I guess it just depends on what your individual strategy is
  3. I'm not a coin collector, I would rather that go to someone who would appreciate it more than I would. If I had the full set of coins I may have put in a cheeky bid 😉 Good luck though
  4. does anyone know if the standard QB completer 1oz silver ever pops up on here? I'm not after the proof version of the coin.
  5. Posting on this thread and then this video pops up on my feed today 😐 courtesy of @BackyardBullion Warning - Be VERY Careful Buying & Talking about Gold & Silver - Take Personal Security Seriously!!!
  6. Ok, just let me know what are in the monster boxes once you've had a chance to have a look. I'm in no rush to buy things at the moment, I've already done too much of a spree of late lol
  7. Just as I am new to the scene everything goes sky high lol
  8. Just got these from @Scootermuppet great coins to add to my new collection of coins.
  9. If people want to see the fine take aways of britain you should check out Rate My Takeaway on youtube. Now that is a breath of fresh air on the platform. Be warned it's highly addictive!
  10. I'm ok for the minute but will keep you in mind
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