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  1. Got my coin yesterday, first time I ever bought from them. Very surprised how good the presentation of everything for the coin came in considering it was only a bullion coin. Any special sovs come in the future from them, may have to consider buying from them again, especially if I can get it at the low pre order price again
  2. Manage to get this off Harrington & Byrne on the pre order, finally arrived today.
  3. Got a couple of 1g bars courtesy of @BullionMan89
  4. Always a surprise to get post on a sunday, a new type 2 silver eagle courtesy of @Fadeingstar
  5. Yeah, I pm'd this morning. These coins seem to have been on this post for quite a while. Wonder where they are...
  6. I've always heard about giving of gold in the Indian culture but yeah 1g bar at a wedding may be a little cheeky 😉
  7. Sounds like your niece is going to be in a good place when shes 21
  8. Hopefully my Sister (mother to my niece) will see the value of this and hopefully makes sure her daughter will learn the value of this. Hopefully it will help, the fact me and my sister were never really well off growing up. This should, hopefully get my niece in the right frame of mind and make good financial decisions growing up. But I can still always get her a lil gift she can play with too that won't the bank 😉
  9. Are they of a similar price to a 1g gold bar? I'll probably mix it up a bit in the future.
  10. Yeah, I have a niece who is 5 and I'm thinking of getting her a 1g Gold bar on birthdays and christmas, hopefully she will get the bug and realise the importance of this rather than being wasteful and buyinh needless things. Wish I had an uncle that would have given me a 1g gold bar every christmas lol
  11. Do people give gold as gifts? I'm looking to start this early for family members, instead of them wasting money they can have something to start out their journey. To start off I have chosen to give 1g gold bars Would be great to hear everyones thoughts on this and if they do a similar thing
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