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  1. I'm pretty new to stacking myself, I had started during the pandemic as I wanted to see an alternative to stocks etc. I started out with silver 1oz Brits, I also got a few from other countries just to see what they were like. Then I ventured into sovs and I've pretty much stuck with those in case I ever needed to sell. I got 1/10 gold from various countries like eagles, maples etc I only got one of each just to see what they were like. So as a relatively new stacker myself I would say go with the Sovs, as mentioned before these are easier to liquidate if ever needed. Like you I try to buy as and when I can, at the beginning I was a little addicted to this so I've learnt to slow down and buy only when I can.
  2. As far as I know the amount of Sovs equates to around £7k, the only people aware of the coins would be myself, the other party (father) and the bullion dealer from where these were purchased. Is the IHT threshold £325k? If so I feel the estate would fall under this amount as he currenlty rents, I'm currently holding these as safe keeping for him.
  3. More as passing but say if I was to receive the sovereigns prior to passing and then sell them would this need to be declared as sovs are capital gains tax exempt?
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I was just wondering if I was to inherit Sovereigns and other silver, gold coins, mainly british coins. Does anyone know if I would have to declare these on a self assesment if I was to look to sell these down the line. I know Sovs are capital gains tax free, but if i was to inheirt and sell these would I have to declare it? If there is already a post on this can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks again all
  5. Got myself a 2002 sovereign courtesy of @modofantasma
  6. Just out of interest at the coin fairs, do they generally just take card as payment or can you use cash too?
  7. got myself another 1g gold bar courtesy of @Bigchilli
  8. Got my coin yesterday, first time I ever bought from them. Very surprised how good the presentation of everything for the coin came in considering it was only a bullion coin. Any special sovs come in the future from them, may have to consider buying from them again, especially if I can get it at the low pre order price again
  9. Manage to get this off Harrington & Byrne on the pre order, finally arrived today.
  10. Got a couple of 1g bars courtesy of @BullionMan89
  11. Always a surprise to get post on a sunday, a new type 2 silver eagle courtesy of @Fadeingstar
  12. I've always heard about giving of gold in the Indian culture but yeah 1g bar at a wedding may be a little cheeky 😉
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